Aches when getting out of bed, or after sitting

phyldeluxApril 12, 2008

I have been wondering if the following is a symptom of menonpause. I am hunched over when I get up in the morning for about 30 seconds. I walk like I am 100 years old. By the way, I am a very young 52! Also, my legs and ache when I get up after sitting for a while. I keep searching the Internet, but I haven't found a ddefinitive answer yet. I feel my symptoms are too vague for a medical professional. A doctor would have to start putting me through "G-d only knows how many and what kind of tests!" I need to hear from others wh share my symptoms. I am definnitely in menopause. I have had the blood test to confirm and on top of that, I have about 20 hot flashes a day. I just need to know for sure that these aches are related to menopause, not "G-d forbid" bone cancer or something!

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When I get out of bed, I have pain in my knees, ankles, and the bottoms of my heels. It goes away in about 5 minutes, so I live with it. I assume it's some kind of arthritis.

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I want to share with you about an auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. One of the main symptoms is not being able to stand up when you get out of bed. Feeling like you're 100 is right on. I know, I have it. I'm 54 and was diagnosed 5 years ago. I am also in surgical menopause. There is a blood test that you must be positive for: HLA-B27. However, only about 20% of people HLA-B27 positve actually get the disease. Twice as many men get it as women.

Please check out these symptoms. If there is any chance you feel this way please see a rheumatologist.

From Mayo Clinic:
Your condition may change over time, with symptoms getting worse, improving or completely stopping at any point. Early signs and symptoms may include pain and stiffness in your lower back and hips which is often worse in the morning, at night and after periods of inactivity. Over time, the pain and stiffness may progress up your spine and to other joints, such as those in your hips, shoulders, knees and feet.

In advanced stages, the following signs and symptoms may develop:

Restricted expansion of your chest
Chronic stooping
Stiff, inflexible spine
Loss of appetite
Weight loss
Eye inflammation (iritis)
Bowel inflammation

Please check out this link:

If I can answer any other questions, please feel free to email me at:


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I so understand what you are saying. I am 49, and in December I was declared post-menopausal after one year with no periods - blood test confirmed this as well.
I too feel like I'm ancient overnight: everything seems to ache/hurt with varying intensity, bones and muscles included. Upon awakening I have trouble walking. My feet hurt when I walk, my back hurts, I currently am having a bout with sciatica, and I also have some weird gastric thing going on, but with vague symptoms that are difficult to describe. I am also depressed a lot because of this, and it seems that so much appears black these days and crying is the norm. Thank God spring is here and the beginning of the gardening season - it's the only thing that I still seem to have interest in, but I am afraid even that will be taken away from me. I have to take it slow and easy out there this year, as last summer I was already feeling easily overwhelmed, and the smallest thing would set me off either screeching like a woman possessed at DH or dissolving into tears. I feel like my body has been hijacked by some evil force - so depressing. - Anna

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Hi Phyldelux - The studying that I've done shows that more than half of all menopausal and postmenopausal women experience varying degrees of joint pain. Muscles respond to hormonal changes by feeling sore and cranky. Sleep loss can make you ache. This too can be related to immune system effects mostly caused by fluctuating hormone levels. Getting plenty of rest, using herbal aids, eating nutritious foods and avoiding toxins are seeming to help me tremendously.

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Thank you all for responding. I'm going to see a

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Please let me know what you find out. Here is my email address:

Good luck!

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i couldn't help myself from replying because i found a solution. hope it works for you. have to start with:

i'm 48 and i suffer from dysmenorrhea. one day i just kept googling until i thought something looked interesting. that search resulted in a fish oil supplement study (dosing), then a fish oil quality study (consistency), and a final link from that study to a listing (bad, good, better, best). answer: walgreen's finest "one-per-day omega 3 fish oil" - 1200mg one-day dose "softgel". one every night on an empty stomach (i can't swallow that sucker, so i pop it with the short end of a seam ripper and squish!). then ramp up to 2-3 horse pills of this before, during, and after period (for a total of 10days).

here's the thing - the first morning after i took the very first dose (long before my period), i woke up pain-free. i say "pain-free" because i swear i needed a new mattress (and was totally pissed that ikea no longer carried the evje latex mattress). bent over and stiff was how i went to the bathroom every friggin' morning for 2years (?) and i thought it was the mattress (bj's). well, pessimist that i am, i had to make sure that was all i took the next night, just to be sure. i don't remember when i stopped stretching just to wake up, but now i can do that again. and no more painful heels.

okay, it also reduces leg cramping during my period and the abdominal pain has also decreased, but it think i'm gonna go with novasure on this issue.

so, fwiw, i really don't think this (fish oil) will kill any of you to just try it. for the value alone, don't get any other brand, please. and try to get it when it's bogof (this week!). and don't bother with the fsa/hsa from work, just pay for it out-of-pocket. thanks for reading and good luck.

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I, too, have been told I have AS (just an off-hand remark by an orthopedist whom I visited when the back pain got really bad about 7 years ago....he said my discs were nice and fat and "you must have ankylosis or spondylitis or something like that". Then he walked out of the nice.) I researched it and it sounds like what I have. I'm not much on doctors, so I haven't been to a rheumatologist, because, from what I read on the internet, there's not much they can do for it anyway. Am I correct in assuming this, or have there been new developments in treatment? What do they do for you, and have you found any relief from the unrelenting pain? I have had this for about 25 years.

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Hi Louannie,

Yes there is something that can be done to manage the disease. I can't believe a doctor would say that and not follow up. I'll add him to my list of stupid doctors. I don't have much good to say about orthopedics when it comes to auto-immune diseases like AS. AS can cause a host of other problems. Do you test positive for the HLA-B27?

I do Enbrel Injections and take methotrexate. The Enbrel manages the pain and the methotrexate slows down the progression of the disease.

Because of the medication, I live virtually pain free. You wouldn't even know I have the disease. I do get stiff, but not too bad.

Please see a rheumatologist. It's so important to manage this disease.

I'm going to send you a pm.


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Oh, well, see, I just don't want to go that far, the injections and the methotrexate...I'm more scared of the cure than the disease, I guess you'd say. :)

If it started being seriously debilitating, I suppose I would do what I had to, but for now I just keep going, deal with the pain, and pray for healing.

As for testing positive for HLA-B27, I've never followed up the comment with a visit to a rheumatologist. I just researched it, thought, "Yep, that sounds like it", and then went on.

I don't know how to get a pm....I really don't come here much, I just came because of the Estroven thread which came up on a Google search, and ended up looking around a little bit. :)

To the poster about the fish oil....I take fish oil, 1000 mg per day, and I can't tell that it helps the pain from the inflammation any, but I keep taking it anyway because it's good for your heart.

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I understand you fear...but with this disease if you get worse it may not be able to get fixed. These drugs prevent it from getting worse. Life is too short to live it in pain.

Click on the link next to your name that says (my page) and it should take you to you messages.

Please take care of yourself. If we don't, who will?

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Oh boy, can I relate to this topic (hence, my username)! I feel like I'm 96 years old, not 56. Mostly when I get up in the morning, but really, all day long. I had hip bursitis before meno came along about February of this year, but now, I swear, every joint and muscle in my body hurts! I've researched and researched and have decided it's probably menopausal arthritis. And my calves hurt when I get up in the morning now! It's like all of my muscles and ligiments freeze up overnight and I can hardly walk from the bed to the bathroom. Thank God for hot showers!

Right now I'm trying liquid AND pill form Glucosamine with condroitin, Devil's Claw, Boswellia root, fish oil softgels, you name it, I've tried it. I gave Sam-e a try and I think I might actually go back and give that another round. It also helps with depression. You can do google searches on all of these things if you want more info.

Sorry I don't have any answers, but I just wanted to let everyone know that they're not alone. I'm just praying for the day I'll wake up and it will all be gone. Hey, the hot flashes and finger tingling is gone, I can hope the rest of it will leave me too! :-)

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Dear Folks,

I just found this site while searching for "menopause" "sweating" and "muscle cramps" and I was surprised to find people posting about my other symptoms which have been labeled as "Fibromyalgia" by my family doctor whom I have a very high regard for however I keep thinking it's not fibro but something else because when I did searches for Fibromyalgia symptoms they were not as similar as all of the postings on this page which sounds identical to ALL of my symptoms!

What I found strange if not coincidental is the fact that we are all GARDENERS! I wonder if there is a correlation to our symptoms to gardening which was the only relief I found to my depressing state!!! But, could this be causing my symptoms or yours? I do not use gloves when I garden or mulch. How about you? I also have pressure treated fencing in my yard. My stiffness and soreness became a far more debilitating problem 5-6 years ago when I moved to my little cottage and began gardening on a much larger scale than before and for a lengthier period of time. I avoided the sun prior to 10 years ago too but I stopped getting a rash from the sun so I began to garden.

I believe my symptoms started around the age of 39 which is when I "started" gardening. I had a much smaller property and garden back then and one of the symptoms I had was pain in my arm muscles when putting curlers in my hair! It was also when I had major back surgery and I began to get stiff muscles upon waking up in the morning. When I moved to my cottage with a larger garden the Fibromyalgia type symptoms royally kicked in and I stopped menstruating at the age of 44. I am now 49 and feeling like I'm 99.

My neck hurts, bottom of my feet, calves, ham string, arm muscles, back pain, sciatica, eyes and my brain is affected too. I can't remember things that are current or past very well. This is not old age I'm a very young 49 . I used to be always happy even when things weren't going very well but after major stress causers for the past 10+ years I am just constantly depressed, no libido, no desire, no happiness...just pain and stiffness every day.

I am excited upon finding these postings and I urge anyone reading or posting to this site to please keep returning and maybe posting other symptoms and ideas as to what might be causing this. For all we know it could be China related...lead in our products, etc. Maybe "WE" can figure out what is causing us young 40-50+ year old folks to feel like we are in our 90's. My Mom NEVER complained like this.

In my next posting I'm going to post a link to a new thread that I'm going to start in which we could compare notes or symptoms in an orderly question and answer type of way and enable posters to add any additional symptoms or possible causes. I think most of you will like the format of the new page I'm going to start. It's going to be very interactive and hopefully very useful. I'm also going to do a little more research so please, please, please, check back in a couple of days for a new posting link and let's see if "WE" can find a cause or a cure!


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Actually, I'm not a gardener. I found this site while researching all of the aches, pains and other maladies that hit me after I stopped taking the pill. So I don't think it's related to gardening at all. There's another site I visit and it's not related to gardening and they all have the same things going on. It's just these stupid hormones!

As for Fibromyalgia, my theory is that this is what doctors tell you when they have no other answer for you. I used to have a great respect for doctors (and still do as far as their training and such), but I don't think they have all the answers - especially where menopause is concerned. They're just as baffled as we are about what's going on with our bodies.

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Yep,I am 39 this has to be perimenopause.. for me anyways, this is NUTS,, I have a hard time using my hands for about the first 3 hrs I am up. drop things, cant count out change, writing is impossible,Stiff in hips.Joints all ache.Neck stiff, I tried different pillows, beds thinking it was that, and heaven forbid if I sit longer than an hr, I feel mummified!And burning upper thighs I thought it was RA, went to the doc and Rheumatoid Factor is 5 NORMAL!!!!!!!!!. Go figure its MENI again!!!!!!Feel like I need to hang out a sign like in the hurricanes.. GO AWAY MENOPAUSE!!!!!

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I've been having bad pains in my neck, and down my spine. I have osteoporosis, so I don't know if it's related. My right hip is bothering me.

I'm 53, in menopause and on HRT, Boniva and cholesterol medicine.

I also have a tingling feeling in my upper left thigh. Don't know what that's about.

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Cheerful1, I too have the spine pain and tingling in thighs and right hip pain. I can only tell you what my DR told me yesterday I have SHINGLES!. Its called PREDOME!

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One of our neighbors was a woman in her upper 90s. She took multiple brisk walks *every day*, including to the grocery store which is about a mile down the street.

Someone asked her why she does it. Her answer: "If I don't, I won't be able to move." Instead of using her aches and pains as an excuse to not walk, she walked to alleviate her aches and pains.

The way we eat (healthy foods vs. processed/fast-food) and get daily activity/exercise can make a world of difference.

Read the book Younger Next Year.

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Posted by iam49goingon99: " What I found strange if not coincidental is the fact that we are all GARDENERS! I wonder if there is a correlation to our symptoms to gardening which was the only relief I found to my depressing state! But, could this be causing my symptoms or yours? I do not use gloves when I garden or mulch. How about you?"

It is already known that infectious arthritis (bacterial, viral, fungal) can be contracted from soil or plants. Infection by certain worms and parasites found in soil can also cause joint and muscle pain.

My symptoms started after I started gardening. I never wore gloves. I often had cuts or scratches on my hands from gardening while I worked. I also have another theory about my pain and that is that they also started right after I had some major dental surgery work done and the dentist infected me with something while the work was being done.

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Phyldelux, that sounds just like me. Same age as well. Before menopause kicked in this time last year I was well on my way to getting my degree in IT - I only had a months work to go. Then menopause kicked in. I think if it had just been the mental slowness I would have coped. But, I also got the physical problems of hot flushes, 'crawling' sensations over my skin PLUS what you described - the pains in my lower leg area. It seems to be more like the tendons/muscles rather than the bone. If I push on my achilles tendon (at any time) its really sore. Its at its worse when I first get up and after sitting for awhile then lessens after about 10 minutes but it never goes away completely. I stopped going for morning walks as I thought it would be aggravating the problem but it made no difference so I've resumed - its still painful to walk but not getting any worse.
It seems to be directly related to meno as thats when I first noticed it. I hope it goes away when meno is over (whenever that may be!). Has anyone had this? and (a) is there a way to lessen the pain? (b) does it eventually go away?

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Are you taking any medications?...Like Cholesterol meds? They can cause muscle weakness and pain.

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I'm also having a lot of muscle and joint pain--feet, hands, neck, shoulders, hips. I'm 52, not yet in menopause (it's only been two months since my last period), but I do believe the aches and pains are hormone fluctuation related. I'm going to weigh in on the meds/no meds discussion above between Louannie and njw. I watched my mother, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and was on methotrexate and several other drugs, manage her pain but suffer horribly from the side effects of the drugs--shingles, open wounds that couldn't be closed, etc. She died a very old woman at the young age of 79, and spent most of the last ten years sitting in doctor's offices dealing with the side effects of aggresive RA medications. Life is short and pain sucks, but it is true that the cure can sometimes be worse than the disease.

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I am 61 years old and have chronic pain and stiffness in every joint in my body. It feels like I have bursitis and tendonitis everywhere. I have TMJ symptoms. I have had hot flashes for many years. I have seen many doctors and had numerous blood tests, MRI's, bone scan, X-rays. Nothing shows as abnormal except I have osteoarthritis, stenosis and scoliosis. The last doctor I saw, a neurologist, said I had fibromyalgia. I agree I have many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but I am not convinced that is the problem. I've tried anti-inflammatories, steroids, accupuncture and now am doing chair yoga and meditation. The yoga and meditation seem to help the most. I'm taking Lexapro so that I don't cry every day. I'm also taking calcium, magnesium and fish oil to see if that might make a difference. I have been a very active person but now am limited in what I can do. Where has my life gone? I'm too young to feel this old yet.

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Ellen - I feel the same way - where has my body suddenly gone. I am on the cusp of making the Synthroid decision, but am scared of side-effects such as osteoporosis. I used to be an avid walker, but then the pain stopped me, and then I gained weight, and then meno - and now thyroid diagnosis. Sigh. Can the cure be worse than the disease? Doctors are hard to come by and I don't want to lose the one I have, but she poo-poos natural therapies bigtime....what to do....

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I do what my Mom did. Before I get out of bed, I lay on my back pulled each leg up to my chest several times, then both of them. You don't have to do more than 3 or 4 times. It makes a world of difference to me.

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Yoga will cure all of this pain. Get into a daily basic yoga class, and work your way up to more intense yoga classes. They have them at your local ymca, rec center, church, etc. You can even buy yoga on dvd if you cannot leave your house.

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Aching joints in the morning is often related to an "inflammatory" type of arthritis, versus a mechanical (osteoarthritis). I too, have ankylosing spondylitis, but this is not a very common disease. What is common, according to my gynecologist, is that many women have aches and pains in menopause. We start to age rather quickly.

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I am 53 and do alot of standing on my job. I have had surgery for a torn tendon and plantar fasciitis on my right foot. I still have pain after this surgery. I fight it every day. Anytime I take a short break and sit I get up walking like a very old woman. My feet and hips hurt so bad. I can't sleep well for aching all over. I am giving the glucosamine a trial period of 3 months. Hope it helps. I would love to feel like exercising again.

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I too, have the same problems. My hips, knees, arms and elbows feel soar and hurt. I don't know what's wrong. Im 54 years old, no period any more, a few hot flashes/night sweats, nothing intolerable. What can I do? I can't sleep at night because most of the time anywhere I try to lay hurts or seems soar.

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It's amazing to find so many with the same symptoms. The bones in my feet feel like they are breaking when I try to walk after just 5 minutes of sitting. If I had to get up and run fast in an emergency I would fall flat on my face. I have been diagnosed with hip bursitis and now it feels like the poisen has settled in my feet. The Ankylosing Spondylitis gene along with the autoimmune gene runs rampant in my family, but I havn't been tested, like others I wonder what would be the point you have it or you don't. My 30 yr old nephew took the embrel and other new drugs and now suffers from deabilitating sycosis's. No one will ever know if it was from the pain or the drugs. I have take Cortizone Shots for my Bursitis, which seems to help everything temporarily (3 months max) but the shots are not recommended for extended use. I too love to garden, but symptoms started during a period when I was working too much to garden. I sometimes will take a Vicadin just to be able to work in my garden, I pay for it afterwards, but it is just to depressing to not do the things you love or feel you need to do all the time. I feel like people think I just like to whine all the time and it is so embarrasing to get up from the table at a restaurant and try to walk out without looking like an old lady, I am only 58.

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I've been having the stiffness after sitting mostly in my legs for the past couple of months. I'm 52, & in menopause induced by chemo for breast cancer. (Was not menopausal prior to chemo last year.) Have been taking Tamoxifen for 9 months & wondering if this has anything to do w/stiffness...? Anyone in similar situation???

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Anna--If you have hypothyroidism and do not take your prescribed Synthroid, you're asking for a lot of trouble. The thyroid regulates your body.

I first started feeling like I was 100 years old when I was in my early thirties or 40s. Can't recall how old I was then. Turned out to be hypothyroidism.

But now, I have aches and pains again--when I get out of the car, I'm stiff. When I get out of a chair after sitting for awhile, I'm stiff. This has been going on for a couple of years. I'm overweight, so thought it was because of that. It's not my thyroid. That's regulated.

But I have spine issues, neck issues, heel spurs (which causes pain in my arches, amongst other things), arthritic changes .... But haven't had x-rays in years so wonder if my spine has worsened. Quite likely.

I used to get massages but haven't in years. Right now, that sounds wonderful. Never get deep tissue massage. The massage should not cause pain while you're getting the massage--you'll just tense up more.

I wish there was something I could do about these muscles aches. People stare at me when I get out of a car--that's how stiff I am. After about 30 seconds, I can walk more easily.

I take Ibuprofen daily. Not good for me, I'm sure.

Oh, and I don't garden.

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I had what I thought was a sciatic nerve problems. It first started(1996) with a numb left leg when driving long distances. Then around 2003 I couldn't sleep on my sides any longer because of shooting pain down my legs. In 2005 I started menopause. I am now 60 (2011) and it seemed to start with getting out of bed in the morning but now it happens if I sit for even 5 minutes. I noticed the other day that I had been up running around all evening and I still had the same pain sensations. My joint pain is below my waist in my hips and knees. Recently I was on a cruise and I saw an acupuncturist. He didn't think it was a sciatic problem, he thought my flexibility was an issue. I don't know if that will help me but I am going to try to find one in the Wash DC area to give it a try. I too believe it has to do with menopause. I am not a gardener. I used to do pilates faithfully and am trying to get back into it. The acupuncturist recommended yoga. Good luck everyone. If you find something that works let me know. Diana

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I am 55 and am having these same symptoms. I am surprised to find so many women my age with the same complaints. I did a search for leg stiffness after sitting and happened to find this thread on one of my favorite gardening sites. I ride horses but have had so much weakness in my legs that it has become almost impossible to climb up in the saddle without a mounting block. Stairs have become very difficult too, both up and down. I never had any injuries to cause this but have weakness, pain and stiffness. Recent knee x-rays were fine. This has been coming on for over 5 years and is getting much worse lately. It does not feel like bones or joints but more overall deep muscle pain. Reading this does give me hope that it might go away.

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Well, in a way its nice to know I'm not alone here.!! Wow.
Fibromyaglia was diagnosed just last week ! ( i dont think it is that.).......... pah, given pregabalin and not working, previously taken Amatryptiline, with tramadol and ibuprofen.... nope,still in pain, in fact the discomfort is getting worse.
So much so that a normal sex life has gone by the wayside and even a simple thing like turning over in bed is now almost impossible.! I can only sleep propped up and on my back. I am ONLY 56, NOT 86.... So, why do I feel like this.
I am considering a sex change !! LOL Joking, but men dont seem to suffer with this.
I had a full hystorectomy in 2001,took hrt for about 8 years, came off them.... started noticing stiffness after sitting still.... writing became difficult, holding an iron, curling tongs etc made my hands feel as though they had been blown up with one of those blood pressure machines ?!! Then my feet felt the same... I have been told I have plantar fascyitis... then now I'm told that I have NO arthritis as the blood test said so, O.K. so I take a coctail of pain killers but, it doesnt really stop / ease the symptoms. Fed up of the non stop pain,(and lots of hot flushes) I return to my GP who suggests it to be Fibromyalgia and has given me Pregabalin. I am 1 week in on them, and still in agony. I cannot move in bed when I wake, am in dire agony in my back and hips, need to pee, can't move, cant control so sometimes need to use a pad. I cry with the pain almost every morning. My ribs / chest feels as though Ive had a piano on top of me all night. I just pray it will stop. Elbows, hands fingers feel siezed, feet stiffen up, knees almost lock when I need to stand for any time and then hurt like hell when I do move, stairs are difficult, coming down 1 step with both feet at a time. PLEASE........... MAKE it STOP.

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I'm glad I found this forum. Now I don't feel like I am nuts. I am 58 years old (today) and two and a half years post-menopausal. Up until about 4 years ago I walked 3-5 miles a day (sometimes more), ran 3 1/2 miles a day, did yoga regularly and lifted weights at the gym twice a week. A divorce and a variety of other things forced a lifestyle change but I still wouldn't say I was sedentary, however more than a year ago I started experiencing excrutiating pain in my feet, especially after getting out of bed in the morning. As someone else wrote, if I had needed to run out of the house in an emergency I would have fallen flat on my face. The last few months the foot pain has lessened but now my hips and thighs are in almost constant pain. Is is depressing, especially since I am unable to be as active as I once was. I will be calling a doctor in the AM. Thanks!

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I also am 53 and suffering exactly as you all seem to be. Wow. Are we related? Haha. Menopause must be the culprit. Peri-menopause introduces the aches and soreness, then the real thing later? "Excuse me Im Mr Soremuscle, Ill just sit down over here, very very slowly, not sure if I'll be able to get back up again though".
Even if I sit for just a few minutes I am all sore and stiff when I stand back up again. I am taking fish oil but will be getting some Krill oil as well next week. Dont feel much better yet. I work all night lifting boxes and running up and down a warehouse, and when I go to bed after work, I am moaning like woman in labour. Such a cry baby. But its real. And I wonder what in the hell am I gonna be like at 60? Or 70?

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I have most all of these same symptoms. I am 52 years old and stopped taking Estrostep birth control pills in Feb. 2011. My periods stopped completely. I am not taking hormone replacement therapy but wonder if that would help. I started having some of these symptoms a few years ago but the syptoms have gotton much worse in the last few months. Deep muscle stiffness, pain, lack of flexibility, back pain, neck pain, tight legs, soreness, and recently water retention in my fingers and hands. It is the worst getting out of bed in the morning and I do feel like I am 90 years old. There may be some sciatica or T-band issues, Piriformis and Psoas muscles involved as well as hamstrings and calf muscles. I sometimes get the walking on pins and needle sensation and recently have a great deal of heal pain on my right heel. It really hurts to walk. Walking or not walking (resting) does not seem to improve things. I need to get back to the gym and hate the thought of working out when I am in such pain but not working out seems to have made things worse. The hot flashes occur mostly at night and I do have night sweats. I do sometimes take Magnesium, Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Arnica, Tramadol, Advil or Allieve, baby Aspirin, Vitamin D, A general Vitimin for adults over 50 years but I have not tried Omega 3, Fish oil or flaxseed. I do try to drink a lot of water but I also drink 1 mug of coffee each morning and 1 or 2 glasses of wine 5 to 7 days a week. I am cutting back on the wine and wonder if I need to quit coffee, sugar or dairy. Any suggestions are welcome.

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I, too, am very stiff after sitting for a long time. I found that stretching my 53 year old self helps a lot, so much so that I got a Yoga for Beginners DVD. It has really helped with the soreness and muscle cramps. I have also found that taking an occasional Naproxen when the pain is really bad helps not only the achy joints but my allergies as well. During one particularly bad stretch of soreness, I was taking one Naproxen in the morning and found my allergies, which have gone haywire during perimenopause, calmed down considerably. I felt almost normal again!

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I too am 52 almost 53 years old. Still have periods although skip a month every so often, I think this month may be one. I to have the stiff, fatigued legs, after sitting for a while or after getting up in the morning. I feel like I always need to get up and walk, then it hurts to walk for the first few minutes then I am fine. I am on fish oil and it has helped somewhat. When I get really uncomfortable I take Tylenol. I do have a history of Lymmes Disease and wonder if that also has something to do with it. Both my sister and mother have hypothyroid. I get tested every year and I do not have it.
I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night, I do get night sweats and some day sweats.

Also another strange symptom, I am burping so much and so gasey lately. I really watch what I am eating and how I eat it. I do have GERD.
Back pains, and calf pains and knee pains.

I know what you are all going through and it is no fun!

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I just joined this group because I saw some of the posts on the web. I guess I wanted to share this info because I see that so many are having the same issues as I was having with joint and muscle pain.
I'm 56 years old and female. I had no idea what was causing the pain in my joints and muscles. I attributed it to age and menopause and just kept pressing on through the pain every day.
It's been over a year now that I've been getting worse and worse. Couldn't lift a gal of milk without sever muscle pain or climb the stair without using the hand rail. It got so bad that I almost collapsed going up the step to my home.
I went to the doctor and had my blood tested which revealed a Vitamin D dificency. At the time, I really didn't believe taking a vitamin would do much good for the kind of pain I was having. Until it got so bad that my husband and I did some reasearch and found out that yep...the doctor was right. I should have started on the vitamin D when he told me to. After just the first two weeks of taking Calcium 600 with D twice a day, I can't believe the results. I didn't think it would make such a difference so soon. I have no more pain, I can walk up the stair without using the hand rail now. Even an ankle I had that used to hurt so bad that I kept in a brace is now almost completely pain free. I had no idea a vitamin D deficiency could cause so much pain in the joints and muscles. This is my story and I hope it might help some of you, but please don't be like me and ignore your doctors advice. You have to have your blood tested to find out before you start taking vitamin D. I hope this info helps some of you too.

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I hope to find a solution to my pains as posted here. I started getting pain from getting out of bed in the morning or any kind of sitting whether it's in bed or on a chair. Like one of the posts said, I would fall flat on my face in an emergency. I started having pains as I approached 50 and am 51 years old, pre-menopausal, vitamin D deficient in sunny California, and low in iron. Not much of a gardener and will try some of the suggestions and post if I have any results. Also, never took a birth control pill. Hopefully this info will help narrow down the symptoms and find an answer to this painful condition.

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I feel sorry for you all that seem to feel just like me, but I guess I feel a little better knowing I am not alone in my symptoms:always very healthy & active,one of those people who always looked 10 years younger than I was. When menopause hit, I frequently told people I had aged 10 years in one year. Now, 4 years later, where I used to literally jump out of bed full speed ahead, I can barely walk for a few minutes until "the blood gets going". I ache all the time- feet, legs, knees, other places but not quite as intense. I can't sleep due to the aching; I was an insomniac anyway, probably restless leg syndrome my whole life, but I could deal with that- it's all I have ever known. As bad as they sound, I contemplate the artificial hormones- and until this, wondered why anyone would do such a thing to themselves. I'm figuring this is all major arthritis settling in. I looked up the ankylosing spondylitis disease some of you were talking about, but that doesn't sound like me so much. Started reading about fibromyalgia, & I do have the tender points they talk about, but I have those all over my body, & have for years, so am thinking on this. I'm figuring we all don't have cancer, so that's a good thing. I just watched Madonna do her thing at super bowl half time last week at the age of 53, one year younger than me, & wonder what has happened to myself. All I want to do when my husband retires is to hike...not looking so good! As for gardening, I used to have a quarter acre garden & grew most of our food, even raised chickens & hogs, but weeding killed my back so much I stopped. I know I have an overactive immune system, due to contact dermatitis & such (another reason gardening became problematic- suddenly I became allergic to dirt!), so I figure all of this is auto-immune stuff- my body literally attacking itself!? Don't have health I guess I just have to fight through the pain. Going to try to get into excercising again- while I am active, all is just a physical life routine- farming- but I can tell stretching is some of what my body needs. Easy to put oneself last on the list of "to do"...if anyone finds the answer, let me know!

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Hi Lor57,
I've been coming here for about 3 years and it never ceases to amaze me that there are new ladies posting constantly with the same symptoms as me. I feel really bad for them cos I know how awful I feel at times. We're the same age and like you, I used to be always on the go. Then all of a sudden, menopause hit me like I had driven into a brick wall. I was originally diagnosed with fybromyalgia and then about 4 years ago I got exzema. I have never had skin problems and yet my GP decided it was contact dermatitis and had nothing to do with menopause.I have to add that I also started having really bad hot flashes at the same time. My GP didn't put 2 and 2 together! I havent exercised properly for about 2 and a half years cos I've got no energy yet I know I should try. I also get really bad joint pain in my hips and shoulders if I sleep in the one position for too long. About a year ago I started taking supplements, including Vit D which has taken away some of the joint pain and fish oil helps too. I would say, if you can go down the natural route instead of taking artificial hormones, its probably better for you. However, if you have a GP who cant be bothered with menopause symptoms then he/she will probably quite happily hand them out.I'm sorry I have no definitive answer to all this. I really wish I did cos this has been going on a while and to be honest it makes me incredibly unhappy.The only positive thing that has happened in the past year is the hot flashes have diminished. I would love to have my old self back and I'm damn sure my husband would too! Hope you stay as well as you possibly can.

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Yes i also ache when getting out of bed in the morning and after sitting I ache sometimes all over , although this is easing as time passes, at first I felt like an old lady it all started when i was 36 and would get red hot face and sweat at the back of my neck during the night , sleep is getting better too and I have lost about 14 lb in weight also so this has helped me a lot , I noticed sleep apnea hardly happens now so this seems to going away with menopause .

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I'm SO happy I found this site! I thought I was the only one suffering with this.I just turned 51 on Feb 15. I'm so embarrassed and ashamed of myself for walking and feeling like someone who is 100. For me This started in the Middle of this past December. My Ham strings were hurting like heck.after awhile the pain went away but now both my legs hurt after getting out of bed or sitting it takes awhile before the pain gets better.however I do notice that walking does help. But lets face it I cannot walk 24/7.Also, for the longest time I cannot walk up the stairs without having to HOIST myself up with the aid of the hand rail and also cannot get out of a chair without having difficulty. My mother had this also But never knew why. So I'm a mess I want to be normal. And walk up the stairs like a normal person or get out of a chair like one also.

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I am also glad I found this site! I just turned 38 a month ago. My pain started a few weeks ago, with just a small thumb-sized pain in the middle of my spine when I would stand up after sitting. Since then that pain has gone, but now my legs ache so bad after sitting, no matter how long. My upper thighs ache and burn (outer part only) and the back and sides of my lower legs. It feels like it is in my bones. After I walk or stand awhile (at least 5 minutes) the pain stops. I was taking vitamins including calcium and fish oil, but I ran out last month. I guess I better buy some more. I thought I was going crazy or something. Thank you all for your posts. I have found them to be very helpful.

Kim :)

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Oh, ladies! So glad that I am not rowing this boat alone! I am 53 and in menopause. Haven't had a period in about 1 1/2 years. I ache all over, but really bad after I have been sitting or laying down. Sitting can be as little as 5 mins. I can hardly walk on my feet if I have been sitting or laying down for more than a half hour or so. I take Menoquil, Krill oil (for about 3 years), cinnamon (2 years), calcium w/D (10 years), and Fleximen or Osteo Bi-Flex (whichever one is BOGO and I have a coupon for)(12 years). I have taken the Menoquil for about 1 year, trying to ward off the hot flashes. It has worked to some degree. But the Krill oil and other stuff just doesn't seem to help with the aches and pains end of the spectrum. I am considering HRT just to see if it fixes the symptoms. At least then I will know for sure the cause/cure. Don't plan on staying on the HRT, it would just be to see if it works. I don't have many other symptoms, sleep very well at night, no mood swings, but no sex drive either. Have put on some weight. But, the aches and pains are what are really sucky now. I deliver auto parts for a living, and am noticing that I am achy just getting out of the truck after a short distance. When I have to drive 20-30mins to deliver a part, I sorta got to 'unfold' myself. All this has definitely gotten worse in the last 6 months. I am too young to feel this old!

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Hello to all of you. I too am glad I am not alone but sorry that so many of you are hurting. I just joined tonight because I also have terrible hip pain and lower back pain. I am 50 years old and still have a period every month but I can barely get out of bed in the morning cuz it hurts so bad. My hips hurt on both sides which makes it so difficult to sleep. I sleep with a pillow between my legs and try my best to sleep on my sides because I can not sleep on my back or stomach. I have three herniated disks so sleeping on my back or stomach is out of the question. I have difficulty like many of you walking up a flight of stairs or just getting out of the car or up from a chair. I recently took care of my father who had Alzheimer's disease and died last August and a few years before that I took care of my husband who died of terminal brain cancer at the age of 38. I thought it was all due to that which much of it could be as I lifted too much while caring for them. That is how I got my herniated disks. My Dr said I have bursitis but I plan to see a rheumatologist as it has been quite a few years since I have seen one. It hurts so bad to role from side to side at night. I have a few auto immune diseases and one is hypothyroidism, anti phospholipid disorder, and morphea sclorderma . Well thanks for reading this and I hope you all begin to feel better soon. My mom is 87 and has less pain then I do and is in better shape. She doesn't need to loose weight but i need to drop 20 pounds. However she does work in the garden quite a bit and does have bursitus in one hip. Take care. Lorray

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My hips had been so sore in the morning that it was painful getting out of bed. During the day, I needed to put a lot of weight on my hands to relieve the hip pain when moving from a sitting to standing position. It was difficult to walk, but got better after movement. I was convinced I would need hip replacement.
I've always paid close attention to unusual food cravings and had noticed that I had been craving eggs then also garlic. I researched the common element to see what it was I was craving and discovered it was sulfur. It turns out that sulfur is the main component of cartilage. About that time, I went to a physician to find out if I had arthritis. All results were negative. But the blood profile showed that my usually low cholesterol had skyrocketed from all the eggs I'd been eating for the three previous months. I researched where I could find edible sulfur without using eggs (or garlic). It turns out it can be purchased in the form of MSM, which can be found at any decent vitamin store or online. I bought it in powdered form. It's cheap but tastes terrible. The result is that within the next few weeks all soreness completely disappeared. I strongly suggest you try MSM before undergoing any operation. From my experience, I can say that I felt no difference until somewhere near the last week from a total of around five months taking sulfur. My cartilage was probably shot. But when it was rebuilt, I rapidly went from almost wheelchair bound to being able to walk normally without any pain. It's so normal that I can stand from sitting on the floor just using a light push with my hands then using my leg and hips - thought I would NEVER be able to do that again in my lifetime (I�m 56). I take the MSM regularly, but only once a day now. Times where I slacked off for a couple of weeks, I noticed that the hips start feeling a little sore, so will have to keep up with the sulfur. Sulfur was a miracle for me. I pray it also works for you � but don�t give up on it until you�ve tried it for a minimum of six months. Since MSM is probably more potent than eggs, you may experience rebuilding of cartilage sooner than I did. Good luck to you and let other people know who have this same issue.

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I think I read somewhere that many women manifest the symptoms of RA and fibromyalgia very soon after the onset of menopause. I am 56 and hit menopause (or, rather, it hit me) four years ago. No peri-menopause period. One month I was normal, the next month, no period and hot flashes ever hour of the day and night. A year later I started really noticing the morning stiffness and last year the rhuematoid nodules started showing up on my wrists and feet. Nice.

I don't have the RA factor which means I'm something called seronegative. The pain is not as bad as some but the fatigue is messing up my life. I can't do half of what I used to and I can't run, ice skate or ride horses anymore. It's like I've lost all the power of my body to stay upright. Three of my toes are numb and I can not stand for long anywher.

The doctors try to shove that nasty medication down my throat, but until they can tell me where this disease comes from I'm not taking anything that says "warning, may cause lymphoma, which may lead to death".

Exercise is helping a little. Two hours of cardio and light weights in the morning. All of it low impact. Lots of water. There are foods they recommend, like salmon and soy. As soon as I stop moving I find myself stiff all over so I DON'T STOP MOVING. Eventually, I've read, this will become more serious and then there will be joint damage.

What I want to know is why did this manifest after Menopause. I never had problems before. I've got GERD, high bad cholesterol, RA and now they are doing blood tests for something else. I keep pointing out that hormones MUST have something to do with this, but very little research has been done.

And you can set your watch by my hot flashes. Every hour on the hour. Grrr.

All I can say is stay away from medicine if you can. Exercise as much as you can stand. Eat clean food. Pray.

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This is unreal, I thought it was just me. I'm 56, don't look it and usually don't feel like I'm that age, whatever that means, How are you suppose to feel at any age? lol. Any ways it seems Omega 3's 1200 mgs. and Vitamin D3 I take 4000 IU a day and it's suppose to help with Fibro and joint /muscle pain. I ran out of Omegas about 2 weeks ago and am waiting on them to be delivered any day now. I go to Puritan's Pride website, they usually have buy 2 get 3 free for a very reasonable price.

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Hi everyone, I looked at this site when I was in the process of trying to get a diagnosis for something that began as pain in my left leg on standing up and then progressed to severe pain in both hips, and then in both shoulders. It was particularly bad on standing up or going upstairs, as well as hurting really badly during the night (used to put a pillow between my legs as other posters have mentioned - trying to turn over was horrendous) and was excruciating when I got up on a morning. It was the first time in my life that I had felt old - really old! Further background info is that I am now 52 (was 51 when this started) had just gone through menopause (am on HRT) and already had Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. Also it was also a very stressful time for many other reasons.

After 6 months of really bad pain and seeing several doctors (including so-called rheumatologists) who were all very attentive but basically clueless I was finally recommended an excellent doctor who put me on the road to recovery by diagnosing me with suspected polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR). I had already suspected this having seen it on many websites and realizing that my symptoms were very similar (major joint pain, usually but not always symmetrical, high inflammation markers in tests), but when I questioned previous doctors about it they insisted I was too young (if only!), despite tests that ruled out fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. It is true that PMR is more prevalent in the elderly, but many people, particularly women, get it in their late forties and early fifties. Basically (good) doctors suspect PMR when all the other usual suspects have been ruled out, regardless of age. For a definitive diagnosis, they put you on steroids (usually 12.5 to 15g daily), and if you react favourably within 48 hours you can then say that you definitely have PMR. The doctor will then work with you to start tapering the dosage down to the lowest possible dose at which you are pain free or that the discomfort is manageable. Apparently some doctors try to reduce the dose too quickly and that can cause problems, so beware of that. Usually after a couple of years (PMR usually "burns itself out" after between 1 to 4 years) you can go down to a very low dosage or come off steroids altogether. Some people never get it again, others may have subsequent flair ups with remissions, which can be managed with controlled steroid dosage.

Steroids are of course a very serious form of medication which can work wonderfully well for some people when taken properly, but can cause big problems if not taken absolutely correctly, or for an unlucky few that simply do not get on with them. Some people suffer terribly from the many side effects, but that has not been my case, apart from weight gain which I hope to reverse as soon as I can lower my dose more (slow progress in that respect, but I will just have to take it slowly but surely). When you have been in the kind of pain I was, a bit of weight gain is a small (albeit very annoying) price to pay to be able to move and feel like a normal person. I still have a bit of bursitis which is often present along with PMR, but that also seems to be easing bit by bit.

When I was trawling through websites in search of people with similar experiences it was frustrating that so few came back with stories of being successfully treated and so I swore I would do just that if I managed to get better (or at least be on the way there), so here I am, and I hope it helps :-)

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I am 53. I have worked at a grocery store for 10 years standing on cement. i exercise doing weights, yoga and elliptical and not always consistently. they always say exercise makes you feel better>>>well i feel good the first few days then i am not feeling good then i stop for a few days and on and on.
5 yrs ago i had a cold where i coughed so much and so hard that something pulled in my lower back causing screaming pain. went to er, xray showed nothing. went to a chiropractor for the fist time and was helped. took about a week to get over it. since then almost every time i get a cold or the flu it seems that i have this back issue as well, either during the sickness or after.
everyone is vague as to why this has happened. 2 wks ago i had the flu. and last week i twisted wrong and went into this pain. i have been off work for 6 days.
thank God for chiropractors, that is what has helped me. i think i will be proactive instead of reactive and get regular treatments from the chiropractor. i feel if i had gone to the chiropractor a couple weeks before, this would not have happened, because i knew i wasn't feeling good and thought i could stretch it out or exercise it out.
i also feel pain when i get up after sitting.
in nov. i stopped taking birth control pills after 10 yrs. the dr said i could possibly go thru menopause and not be aware because of the pills. i have not had a period since nov. i also have not had any kind of menopause symptoms.
i do believe that if your spine is in alignment then everything works right. i just want to be pain free at all times so i can work and i can do my gardening, which is hard work because you are bent down, on your knees and pulling weeds that don't want to be pulled!
hope someone has some sort of answer. thank you and God bless you all!!!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Wow! Here i thought i was such an oddball with my aches and pains with no known cause...only to find so many others share my experience. I have had the problem of aching and stiffness, especially when getting up from sitting for any length of time. Ive had this for over 25 years. I am 56 and have been in menopause for 3 years.

The new twist with menopause is I will sometimes get transient body aches with the hot flashes...very much like the aches you get when you have a fever. Does anyone else have those?

I worked w my dear doc for a long time trying to find what it was and never was successful. He thought it was something auto immune as I already had graves disease. The only thing that really worked from Rx meds was steroids...boy did I feel great...but of course he wouldn't let me continue on them.

On my own, I've found that Barlean's flax seed oil is a major help. I have tried others, but if they don't have the brown stuff in it that has to be stirred up from the bottom, (lignans?) it won't help. It has greatly reduced my pain and stiffness, and my feet don't hurt when I get up in the a.m. like they used to. I also take fish oil, but it's really the flax seed oil that helps...and if I run out, I know the difference. I take 1Tbls a day...I take it like a medicine at bed time. Flax seed oil must be cold and kept cold...heat breaks down what you are looking for, so never cook with it. Don't buy it if it's not refrigerated. Some use it like a salad dressing as it has a nutty taste.

Don't know if anyone else has this, but my nerves seem to get hyper sensitive as well...kneeling which should just be uncomfortable can be excruciating. If I bang my toe, instead of just hurting, it really really hurts. When I exercise a lot, instead of being sore the next day, I'll really ache for several days. Then I came across another clue. I had stomach flu with a fever of 102.5. Usual stuff...felt lousy, ached all over, lots of bathroom visits, etc. But the day my fever broke, I was like walking on air! I had so much energy, I was bouncing around, thinking, I feel so great...I must've been sicker than I thought. Then it dawned on me...I had no pain. For the first time in stiffness, achiness, no old lady! Unfortunately, it only lasted a day. But it was wonderful while it lasted.

Most recently I found out I have another disease thought to be autoimmune...lichen sclerosis. Typically occurs in post menopausal women...just something else to deal with.

I have also become a regular meditator...mindfulness meditation. I find this helps a lot both physically and emotionally. Guided meditations are best for new meditators. I recommend the free meditation podcasts from But there are quite a few resources on the net. But the mind.body connection is powerful and meditation can help you deal with all kinds of pain and suffering.

meditation has been shown to reduce the need for pain medication, drugs to treat anxiety and depression. It has been proven to help lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, foster creativity and improve sleep and can help you lose weight. It lowers stress levels, improves your ability to focus, and makes you more empathetic and compassionate. It is free, requires no prescription, and has only pleasant side effects. These benefits have come from as little as a daily 15 min session.

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Ok, same symptoms, same age group, nothing helps.... So I went to the vitamin store to get me some of that good sulfur, MSM. I explained my symptoms to the manager and he maybe I might be protein deficient too. Working 12hr night shift, I'm a nurse, I took my MSM and my 18 gm protein drink and took a nap before work. When I got up, I thought I might be moving a little better, faster. Well now it's been 2 weeks and I can squat down and back up in a blink! I found that you are to have 50 gms of protein a day. On the days I work I probably don't get more than 20 gms. My joints may still ache a little but that "muscle pain" is basically gone. I've been taking at least 1 protein drink per day and while I'm on my work stretch I try to drink 2. Not sure that is the problem for all but in this day of dieting and watching what you eat, I found I was missing a key component!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Thanks Chrissy..I'll be sure to keep a closer watch on my protein intake...

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OMG! I am so happy I found this site. I am having horrible pain, probably in the last year and a half. My legs, feet, hips, back, all of it! I feel like I am 100 for sure. I suffer from plantar fascitis from wearing heels for so long and I am in menopause. Reading your comments make me realize I am not alone. I will definitely try the different remedies I have read. :)

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Hi all, just got to the site as I've been having pains all over my body for best part of a year now. I've ben menopausasal for a couple of years ( hot flushes at exactly 10.30 pm and when waiting in a supermarket queue) but getting less and less. Now, I'm only 52, I get bad pains under my foot, deep in my hip, in my elbow and shoulder, deep in my knee and wandering pains round my ankle! A couple of weeks ago I went to hospital with stomach cramps and they told me later that they'd tested me for RA beause of the other pains it'd mentioned, came back negative. I am,lots of the time, a jobbing gardener, have been for years. Have to take other jobs as the pay and weather put me on the poverty line sometimes but if I'm asked, I'm a gardener. For the last 3-4 weeks I have been in such pain I feel like I am fighting my body to do it but I'm hoping it'll I being foolish?

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I'm 49 on my way up to 50 in November, I had NO clue once you were in Menopause, your body literally went to HELL! I have high cholesterol taking Pravastatin and Tricor, can not get it down under 200, had a brain tumor removed Sept 2009, now am left with seizures, I can't hardly stand in the heat at all, I feel like I'm going to fall out dead, I have these weird head things and I can walk outside and take leaves for 5 or 10 minutes and my upper legs start aching. Making me feel like I'm 85. It's utterly amazing HOW a number can cave your body into. Lol

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Fish oil (and quite a bit of it) has really knocked all of my pain away. On the recommendation of a pharmacist I started taking a "handful" of capsules daily.. between 6 - 8 capsules of high strength fish oil. It really has done absolute wonders ridding me of pain.

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Hi, I'm 59 and have the same pains when I've been sitting for a few minutes. I have to get up and walk around and then I'll feel better. I went out to dinner with my son and he had to help me get up and walk, which was REALLY embarrassing! I'm taking fish oil, vitamin D, estroven, magnesium-calcium-zinc, and...oh, I forget what else. The MSM sounds promising.

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I am amazed at the number of us who suffer the same symptoms and the few that find relief. I will be 51 tomorrow and have been in menopause for 4 years. More but not documented by my physician. I did find some relief for some time taking HRT but then terrible lesions were found in a bad pap-test, so I went off the HRT started a therapy of Olive Leaf and Charcoal capsules, went back and they were gone. So leary about returning to HRT and don't have as strong of a need. My hot flashes are still horrible and aches/pains getting worse, but overall mood has improved and concentration. Still have terrible time remembering things.

My reason for finding this site is because I was searching for answers for a problem I'm having when standing after sleeping and sometimes after sitting. I feel 5000 stinking sensations in my legs that come up from my feet and my legs itch like crazy for about 10 minutes. I'm having those sensations after standing while doing a task also but not as often as when I first rise in the morning. I have suffered for some time with horrible shooting pain in my feet and heels that makes it almost impossible to walk until after I have been on my feet from the bathroom and back. But it hurts terribly while it is there and I walk like a 100 year old woman when I first get up. And yeah, forget folding my legs while sitting, my hips won't hardly go back in place.

I was diagnosed with RA when I was 26 and it runs on both sides of my family. I however, chose to never take the meds for it and was always very active and haven't suffered much with stiffness/joint pain until this recent thing with my legs/hips.

There are so many reasons for fatigue, B vitamin levels, iron, and even Vitamin C. A lack of these in the system can cause fatigue. Stress is also a big factor. Too much sugar intake and too many carbs can also cause us to feel sluggish and tired.

Do I get it right most days, NO, I don't seem to have regulated a good healthy diet or supplement intake. I do need to focus and become consistent with the knowledge I have, though, I get busy and forget about all that or my stomach gets irritated and I have to stop taking everything to get it to calm down. Prilosec and such is not a good answer because long term use of that depletes the body of needed minerals. Cigarette smoking will deplete the body of vitamin C, and caffeine depletes the body of calcium. And from what I've learned, calcium and magnesium need to be taken together for the body to properly absorb calcium. Vitamin D is best absorbed with fat, and hardly anyone tells us of that. BUT, this book that I've added as an upload helps us to better understand all these things combined. Pamela Wartian Smith is at the top of her field with Hormone studies and has some excellent information that all women need to know. The book can be difficult to get through at first (mostly medical terminology) but after that it is more hands on approach in reading.

I'll still be on my search to find an answer to the stinging/tingling sensation that comes up my legs when I first stand because it's driving me nuts. I didn't see anyone here make a reference to that. If any of you have any helpful information for me, I'd appreciate it.

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I can't believe how many other women have this problem. I have EXACTLY the same symptoms as the majority of you all, I am 52. I am totally miserable most of the time.
I have only found ONE THING that has worked, and I can't seem to be able to stick with it, which only adds to my gloomy outlook. I did a diet/cleanse where I got off of ALL grains & sugar. After 10 days I had more energy than I had had in years and the pain and stiffness vanished from my feet and legs, everywhere. My husband and I did it together. Unfortunately I can not seem to get back on that diet just by myself, it is just SO HARD when I am the one cooking for my family and children. I hope this helps some of you. I am really beginning to think that there is something in the grains... GMOs or something, that mixes with the increased hormones to cause this hell. Good luck to you all, may someone come up with an easier solution, I can only pray.

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I almost started crying I was so relieved to hear I'm not alone; I'm scared that I could be like this the rest of my life when I'm only 55 and feel ANCIENT when I get out of bed or when I've been sitting for more than 15 minutes. I have so much more to see and do and like many, I thought it was my bed so I slept in the guest room, or in the lower level or took off the expensive down and feather bedding to see if any of it made a difference in my back and legs. My back got better only because I saw my chiropractor.

I am almost into menopause--11 months without a period, had hot flashes last year.

I have no desire to work out yet I know what's what I need in order to keep limber--I take a Yoga class one night a week which I'm sure will help. I was tracking what I consumed so I could see if there was a corollary but then it seemed like nothing was helping so I stopped, but since one woman mentioned the Protein powder, I have been taking Garden of Life protein powder and Green Powder in my fruit smoothies and some days the pain was less. Now with the ideas of MSM, Vitamin D, Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil ...I'll exhaust my funds just to see if I can find some relief. It's made me much more sympathetic to older people and others that just walk slowly!

I pray constantly for healing or at least for wisdom and discernment to know who to see--why did it take me so long to Google for an answer--I've been in pain for almost a year---hmmm about the same time the periods stopped. Never thought of that until just now.

I pray that all of us find relief and healing without medicine and try to control and manage that pain with proper diet and supplements.

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Well me too. I just searched up stiff and sore after sitting or laying for a while and I found you. I feel like I can walk all day long and have no problems but the minute I sit I feel like the tin man from the wizzard of oz. I am a "young" 49 and mostly through menopause. This whole achey thing just really kicked into overdrive this month. I had gone almost a year without a period but I did get one 3 weeks ago. I also have this arthritis type pain in my left hip that is definitely worse on some days than others. So I just thought I'd list some of the other things about me. When I was younger and got my periods regularly, one of the symptoms letting me know I was about to get my period was hip and upper thigh pain. I also get a rash the first month of summer from sun exposure even though I tan easily. I had seen someone else mention that on here so just throwing that in. I have chronic psoriasis on my elbows that has gotten worse since menopause. My vices include smoking, drinking (mostly beer 2-3 nights a week), and COFFEE. I used to garden but haven't made time for that for about 6 years, haha since my divorce. I guess it was sort of an escape from my ex husband. My neck used to be really stiff but it has gotten better. My left hand gets numb when driving or sewing. I am slightly overweight. I don't take any medicine except alleve when necessary. I do have bad teeth and I hate going to the dentist or doctor and avoid it unless absolutely necessary. As in I haven't been to a dr in a year and a half and a dentist in about 3 or 4 years. I think that's about it.

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I'm joining the group as it sounds like we all have the same issues; & I don't want to miss out on any remedies mentioned. I feel so old and embarrassed when I try to stand up after a meal in a restaurant or after a break at work. I walk like I'm in my 90's until my hips loosen and the pain in my legs & feet diminish. I always pretend I'm waiting for someone else to move but it's really I that can't move. And then I push through the pain to force my body to take steps & move forward, all the time praying my legs don't give out & I fall on my face. I guess I will try fish oil, as taking a handful of ibuprofen isn't hardly helping. Everyone stay strong.

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Wow. So happy to have found all this info.I too suffer from severe aches and pains especially on standing after sleep or sitting. I am a young 49 and after breast cancer in 2012 they decided to remove my ovaries October 2013, put me straight into menopause,20 very hot flushes per day and it went downhill from then.I believe it is the instant loss of estrogen.I can not take HRT as my cancer loves to attach to estrogen.I went to my doctor a few months ago and she asked how she could help me, I said I want my ovaries back. I really do. My left hip hurts the most but both do on standing. I get up from my desk at work and try to walk normally when really it hurts for about 20-30 steps then it seems fine.Same when I get up in the morning, my feet, calves and hips ache for the first 20 steps.My arms, hands and fingers now ache too as does my neck and shoulders. I too am sick of this 90 year old body. My doctor is going to send me for a hip scan, make sure there is no cancer. I saw an Gynaecological Endocrinologist and she is going to start me on a pill as she believes the lack of estrogen is the problem.I will let you know if it works.
As for these damn hot flushes , mine are worse with heat, coffee and sugary foods.
I hear that magnesium may help alot. I've been on it for 2 weeks and sleep so much better,but still ache.
Anyway good luck ladies and I will let you know if this pill I will start is helping..

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This forum has been a Godsend for me!! I'm 53 years old. Menopause started abruptly for me after a parathyroid surgery June 2013. Two days after surgery I started having severe panic/anxiety attacks. Went to the ER two days in a row not knowing what was happening!! Everything was downhill from there. It started with lower back pain, then my feet begin to hurt so bad in the mornings after rising and walking to the bathroom. Also, after sitting for 20 minutes or longer. I'm about 15 lbs overweight. Now I have pain in my right elbow, knees, and most recently my right wrist. My lower back and feet still kill me!!! I feel 83, not 53. I have a 12 year old son still at home. I feel more like his grandmother!! I'm on Buspar for the anxiety and taking Vit. D, calcium, fish oil and magnesium for joint pain. My question is, when does this end? Do our bodies ever adjust to the new hormone levels, or is this our new life!?! I'm miserable but am so glad I found this forum. I read these forums instead of a good book. It helps me stay sane! Thank you and prayers for all of us!

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Gosh, so hard to register for this forum! I am 54 and have all these symptoms. Just had my blood tests back and they are all normal. So is it menopause, it started on holiday last July with a pain in my heel and its just got worse so I can hardly walk when I get out of bed. I'm trying to hide it from my husband but he keeps saying I'm getting more like my mother. Not sure what to do, I'm too young to have this. Mother is 82, and has been walking with a stick for years, just got her a wheelchair last week.

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Wow, ladies!!! It feels so good to not be alone in all of this!! i am 59 and just went in to full menopause at 57. Right after my periods had stopped completely for almost a year, I began to notice much more aching in my legs at night while trying to sleep. Sometimes the pain would keep me from getting back to sleep after waking up to change position in bed. Then, I began to REALLY have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. First one hip and down my leg on that side would hurt so bad upon trying to stand that I would want to scream out! I would hobble in to the bathroom and found that, for some reason, sitting on the toilet would ease the pain after about 10 minutes! Thereafter, I would put on my makeup fully dressed, but with the toilet lid up and sitting on the seat to relieve the pain. Something about sitting in "the hole" like that positioned my legs just right to ease out the pain in minutes. In a few months, BOTH hips would hurt the same way on rising, but the toilet thing still helped. I tried different supplements people recommended to me, including Turmeric, Tart Cherry, Fish Oil, etc... In the last 3 months I have found some relief from still using those and,of course, a multiple vitamin daily, but ALSO adding Glucosamine/Chondrotin&MSM, and Evening Primrose Oil. I have MUCH less stiffness and pain on rising, rather after sitting or overnight. I also take vitD and Calcium daily. I found that trying to talk to my male ob/gyn about these aches was a waste of time and found much more help in recommendations from others who have experienced this.

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I am 57 and haven't had a period in 1-1/2 years, few hot flashes but have put on 15 pounds and inches like crazy in my butt, belly and thighs. I ride my bike about 7 miles a day and do weights and have never had a weight problem. My doctor had me on estrogen cream. I quit taking it thinking that was what made me gain weight. I've been off of it for 3 months and have not lost one pound! Of course the hot flashes are back! I have had sciatica on and off since I was in my late 20's. I am so stiff in the morning especially my lower back. After sitting It takes me awhile to be able to walk up straight. Really embarrassing in public in a restaurant. You would think I was 90! I was told it was arthritis. I tried The Oxeo biflex pills and they gave me gastrointestinal problems. I find if I keep active that it's better and doing stretches. Yoga and Pilates aggravates my lower back too.

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I am very happy i found this site today. I really believed i was nuts and my family and friends did as well. I will be 55 this month, and have almost completed 12 months of no period.
menopause never crossed my mind nor did it my gyn or internist as to why i have been in so much pain. Really? how could these doctors hear all my symptoms and just write RXs for me and tell me to exercise more or not stress out?

I have been put on medications, sent to a chiropractor, physical therapy, exercises and i dont improve at all.
Go figure??

I cannot stand up straight, hunched over, my back, legs, arms everything hurts, im in so much pain. I took off 6 weeks form work because i couldnt take the pain of standing at my job for 10 hours any longer. I realized that the time off really did not help, i still had the pain.

Sleeping is horrible, a pillow between the legs is not helpful, i can't get out of a chair, i can't walk normal. I ache. I have a hard time getting in and out of a car. This is so scary. what happened to me? now it makes sense.

Today after i read your posts, i went to buy some glucosamine, Vit D, calcium and fish oil. I feel very confident from reading your posts and hearing your stories i will get better. Now it makes sense why the last 9 months of this year my life has been so awful and painful. I did not know what i was experiencing. Yes i know my age and i m now im not having periods, but all the muscle pain and weakness i never undertood, nor did my doctors inform me of things to expect.

I have put on weight and cant lose it. And all i do is beat myself up with how miserable i look and feel.

Awesome, thank you all for your help. things will get better now that im aware of what is going on and others experience the same things.

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I'm so glad I found this while googling my symptoms & thinking my body was just wasting away & my bones just detearatting! It will be a year October 2 2014 since I had surgical menopause done. I have had the hot flashes, fatigue, mood swings, forgetfulness, & so on! But the aches in my heals, knees, calves, lower back, & walking & feeling like I'm 100 years old is ridiculous! Especially since I'm only 25! Yes, 25! I have a soon to be 1 year old & soon to be 6 year old, I'm too young too feel so old & no energy or can barely move from all of these problems. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one who has the symptoms & feel like were much too young to feel this damn old.

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Thank you, not for suffering, but for sharing your symptoms. I thought I was going mad, or feeble. Or turning into an hypochondriac.
49 years old, always seemed much younger. In menopause since 2009. Drank & smoked untill a few years ago, never excercised untill 2007. Joined a gym, loved it so much, overdid it. Tore muscles under feet, bursitis in left hip. Muscles always stiff after sitting, but assumed it was from the excercise.
Am still stiff and sore every day, especially after sitting. Have cut down excercise to Tibetan yoga only, still stiff. Will try MSM & vit D as suggested above.

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Wow, I thought it was just me! I'm 58 and crossed the menopause hill about 4 years ago. At first I thought it was my "random aches and pains" and generally not being physically fit enough. Then I figured it had to do with sitting so much and using the computer for work and hobbies all day long. Plus there's the fact that I'm very susceptible to stress.

For me the pain started in my hips and has affected the muscles all down my legs. My husband has circulatory problems from cardiovascular disease, and for him the pain is the reverse.. he's fine walking a short distance, but then his hips muscles get too sore to walk until he rests. For me, as long as I'm moving, it's all fine.Familiar story for you all!

I do need to get on the yoga, but massage therapy has also helped me, particularly with thighs and calves. I've learned how to work on the knots that develop and turn my thighs into something that feels like a washboard. Also, my massage therapist has suggested we do some Thai yoga -- you're dressed in comfy clothes and the therapist guides you through stretches and poses, Basically, an assisted yoga, I guess. We'll see how that goes!

The surprising thing I've found is how much pain in one place will affect other places. Should be obvious! Our parts are all connected.

The weirdest thing is how, when working on a knot in, say, my left thigh, I'll feel the tingles in my RIGHT foot. A couple of massage therapists have tried to explain that to me, but I still don't really understand it,

By the way, I found this page searching for the muscle aches question, but I'm glad I found this site. Now that I'm retired, I'm ready to dabble in gardening. This past summer was too hectic in other ways to do much, so I'm going to re-connect with house plants this winter and prepare for next spring.

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i posted on sept 8th with problems sitting and walking, my groin muscles and my back. i just hurt. I began a supplement regimen of fish oil , glucosamine liquid, krill oil calcium etc. i was determined to fix this problem.
menopause was completed in october but i knew something was wrong with me since the spring. I was progressively getting worse. I took time off of work, I rested, yet nothing helped . The doctor got lumbar spine xrays and per my request a panel of arthritis/ rheumotoid blood work. this all came back negative. this was last week. im still so ticked off with this doctor. He sent me a letter and it stated, everything is fine, If you need anything else call the office. Did he really think that is how you deal with something, ignoring it? I was waiting for him to tell me what is the next step?? he just blew me off. so im done with him. Really? did he think his letter saying everything was fine magically made the pain go away? any thoughts for my next step? im going to try acupuncture and keep on the supps.

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wow! i realized this goes back to '08.
me too.severe chronic pain fatigue,
started for me 3 years ago.i am 54. periods all over the map. i'll have one for 3 days then again 18 days later then nothing for 6 weeks.. ugh!
moods, depressed that.i can't garden anymore. i can barely get a few errands done and tidy up./clean

someone mentioned they couldn't lift the milk.!
t couldn't lift the milk or juice with out my hands and arms screaming..I am a little better now but not all the way there.
fibromyalgia CFS, a gazillion doctors. I had 3 lyme tests.
IDK anymore.
what i need is to get better nutrition consistently.
some days i do not eat enough. i have no appetite.
I use a calorie counter on a good site.
you track your foods. it gives you an idea of the bit min fiber you had during the day. I was amazed how off mine is.
some days i only eat 1200 -15oo calories. i am sure am deficient.

my vit. D was 39 a few years ago and the dr said it was fine. i learned that is not true. especially since summer just ended and we were starting winter in the NE.
I should have been higher.
I have been very lackadaisical now after trying so many things..
getting back on the protein shakes..
just started remembering to take CAL D C Mag zinc.
I think i will get a muti Vit and try to eat more.
i need to eat fruits and veggies but find getting to the store hard and prices high. I think i will get some canned peaches or pears. so when i run out of fresh i at least have fruit. i buy frozen veggies now..

i am sad .
i used to grow and freeze and can my own things.
I made bread all the time. I sewed..
that all stopped and I am trying to get my self back.

I was wondering if it was menopause and i would feel better when it is overâ¦or not?


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Glad to know I'm not alone. Early menopause-age 48. Most of the symptoms others describe. Vitamin D issue really exaggerated the pain. Easy blood test to id the deficiency. My pain really ebbs and flows. I think stress makes it worse as I retired and I get more reprieves. I will try the MSM someone suggested. Meloxicam does work for big flare ups of pain. Stretching really can make a difference. Funny the doctors don't really have answers. At one point I actually thought I had bone cancer and had a bone scan done. Sounds dumb but the pain was everywhere. The vitamin D really gave me significant relief so I could try other things, you should get tested for it and then do the mega doses of vitamin D to get back in the normal range. Do no mega dose on Vitamin D with A added, some supplements compe that way but vitamin A is very toxic for your liver I think in high doses. Also I do find avoiding highly inflammatory foods can help.

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I posted twice now, here is my follow up. I took 5 sessions of accupunture, and it was of no help. Still remain on the supplements, and i still see no improvement. Its been since June i have had the horrible pain of the groin muscles, knees, back, I walked hunched over, i cant get out of a chair, I look and feel like an old woman. I made an appt with a new doctor, a young gyn, who hopefully will listen to me and advise me if hrt is the answer. I really have run out of things to try and as my work associate said to me, is your quality of life poor, then you need to try hrt. yes it is poor. its an effort to do anything anymore. i can't sleep at night with my legs throbbing. this is the last resort now. lets see if hrt will help. i have tried everything else.

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I do appreciate everyone for their posts & Denise, keep at it and be sure to continue letting us know how things work out for you. I seem to be getting worse, as the leg pain keeps me up at night. I work with young 20-somethings & they don't get it. I can't live on Ibuprophen. It's so embarrassing as I try to walk after sitting down for awhile. I just force myself to push through the pain, all the while hoping I don't fall before the pain subsides again. If hormone replacement therapy is the answer, sign me up. This is no way to live.

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It's been slow progress for me, but I do have some progress. One,, I'm sure, is de-toxing from many years of high stress at work (I retired a year ago). My massage therapist switched me to Thai massage, and that has helped too. I also think stretches help... my quads are short and very tight, and my IT bands are tight and sore, and I have latent trigger points at the top of my outer thigh. It's amazing how neuromuscular issues refer pain to other areas! My massage therapist also suggested magnesium -- supplements or diluted in water (they call it magnesium oil even though it's not oil) and applied topically. That seemed to help for short periods.

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Hi everyone-I have just joined Gardenweb and finished reading everyone's posts.Am completely amazed at how many posts there are on this subject. I have just turned 55 yrs. and been through menopause 3 years ago. Also succesfully have made it through breast cancer having chemo and radio therapies in 2012-2013.I have all the same symptoms.Really bad deep aching pain mostly in my legs and ankles and feet before I get out of bed every morning (been like that now about 6 years)To cut a long story short -got diagnosed with fibromyalgia ,but thinking due to symptoms it could be some other kind of myalgia. Have just changed doctors and my new one -a female is much more empathetic. She has said it could be a combination of following -menopause, warfarin (have been on Coumadin now for 9 years and it's lifelong)being overweight(DUE TO NOT BEING ABLE TO EXERCISE DUE TO PAIN-and also on anti depressant)residual dormant Ross River Virus symptoms from 30 years ago that stays dormant in your system, and also I have haemochromotosis where my body cannot rid itself of excess iron (symptoms same as being anaemic)I have regular venosections(blood taken out) every 6 months for this and regular iron levels checked. Haemachromotosis is inherited and is a mutated gene in your DNA .You need to request a blood test for this from your GP.My mother has it -she's 77 but never had to have any treatment for it like me.I tried glucosamine and MSM did not help me much for my pain. I sleep very well because i have used up so much energy during day just trying to get around and do stuff even though my body aches incessantly, but if the pain does wake me up at night it's hell!I am on 150mg Lyrica in morning and 75mg at night also Celebrex 200mg in morning,-when really bad take Paracetamol long acting 1500mg or Ibuprofen -although I shouldn't with the Warfarin.Doc has told me that even the symptoms are common side effects of Warfarin so now she is looking for newer alternatives for Warfarin replacement as pain started a couple years later after commencing it.Also on cholesterol medication Crestor ,Nexium 40mg and Pristiq anti -dep.I am currently started on a herbal remedy called NEUROCELL 2 caps x 3 times daily and that helped a lot.
Google it- got to buy over internet from the USA

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NEURACEL -sorry misspelt it and they also have Neuramend to use in conjunction- a minty smelling rub on cream

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Cried while telling my husband about finding this site. Feels so good to not be alone with this. I am 56 yet feel 98, wondered many times if this pain will be with me for the rest of my life. Scared something serious is wrong. I have been going through menopause for a year now, with no periods. Pain in my legs, feet, back and neck. I also walk stuped over some, getting out and in car is slow and painful. Once I get moving pain is better, walking after sitting can take a minute, first I have to straighten up and try to take those first few steps. I have a twin sister, hard to compare myself with her due to she had a hysterectomy 10 yrs ago, I have not. She is recovering from hip replacement surgery done in dec. I have had similar pain but am the stubborn twin always wanting to find a more natural way to heal myself. I have little faith in doctors and a lot of faith in God. For years now I eat heathly have done 2 26 day detox with my daughter, which during these menopause hit. I take all natural vitamins from health stores, yes there is a big difference! I refuse to even think of HRT, I know the risks involved in that. I have green smoothies daily which helps. But...I can't imagine gardening this spring, which I love to do! Nothing more satisfying than growing your own organic veggies! I used to clean my home daily, now I do well to load the dishwasher and feed and water my dogs. I'm too young to be like this my mom could work circles around me. I feel this isn't living, my head says I need to be doing something yet my body says forget it. So I crochet to feel like I'm doing something. But something's gotta give I want my life back to garden, go camping, work on crafts, clean, go places, shop not just sit and do very little, this is just not me! I have always been a busy person. I've tried everything naturally, guess I just haven't hit on the perfect something, still I pray for relief of this daily body pain. Is this the best I will ever feel? Oh please no! My heart goes out to all of you suffering like this I can't imagine those of you younger than me. But I now feel there is hope and for that I thank all of you.

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Hi sherritwin - your post really hit home with me. I posted on July 22 last year. My situation hasn't changed much. Still feel all the aches and pains, especially in my lower back and feet. The others aches kinda come and go. Like you, I find myself sitting or laying around a lot, thinking about all the things I should be doing but just don't have the energy to do them. Body hurts too much!! I am riding my bike a couple of times a week. Also, stretching occasionally. It seems to help a little. Menopause has completely changed my lifestyle. I'll be 54 in May, and keep wondering if things will ever improve!! So many women talk about the hot flashes ( those seem to be the least of my worries!!) I want to be active again - enjoy life and look forward to grandchildren! I feel like I'm trapped in an old persons body. It amazed me how fast it happened. Praying we all find relief soon!

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gigi, I'm 58 and I do think it's gotten better over the years though i'm not symptom free. I can tell you the month when menopause "hit" - Dec 2006 6 months after my 50th birthday, although my last period was, I think, June of 2010, or maybe it was 2011. I have it written down somewhere. Dec 2006 it was like the bottom fell out. I'd been perimenopausal for almost 10 years, but all of a sudden my skin changed, my hair thinned, "everything" dried out, my eyeglasses prescription changed. it was in March 2009 when the "random aches and pains" turned into the hip pain and it was bad! Now, it's mostly stiffness in my legs. I no longer lay awake feeling twinges in my legs and feet. I still stand up and stretch before I can start moving though. I do think massage has helped. And I do know I sit too much. Once I get moving, I feel ok.

You know, they taught us about puberty, childbirth, etc., but nobody ever said anything about menopause. The stereotype of hot flashes and migraines weren't my experience at all. We should change that!

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My knees were killing me until gyn. doc. put me on synthetic progesterone to try to slow down some bleeding before a D&C. After about a week on the hormone, I realized my knees quit hurting. So, it could be low progesterone. Either try to up your level or live with it. I had to quit taking the pills after the D&C but my knees still don't hurt like they used to.

Hope that sheds some light for you.

DawnTreader5, 51 and peri-meno, with night sweats and hot flashes that start out with sensation of a fear prickle. (Ever take Niacin and get the niacin flush? It's like that.)

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So nice to meet all you ladies. I am only 47 I felt like I was going crazy. I hurt so so bad every morning. I have been on a weight loss journey for three years now so hard to lose weight I have lost 49 pounds but have lost my motivation now my whole body hurts. My legs, hips, back, I to if I sit for to long cant walk. I get up in the am and my back hurts so bad. No hot flashes yet. I had my hysterectomy over 8 years ago. I refuse to take any drugs for the fear of the side effects scare me. I am going to start doing Yoga every morning. Anyone who wants to workout and wants the motivation to do so lets hook up on Facebook I am CoachJudie. I was doing Beachbody for three years and I stopped but love helping people live better lives. I am hurting so bad lately it makes me angry I did three 5ks three years ago six last year and will do six this year. I have to keep going I cant let this pain get the best of me. Thank you ladies for letting me know I am not alone. Makes me feel normal again. Glad I found this link.


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