menopause symptoms

wonder48April 14, 2014

I've been having hot flashes, night sweats, loss of short term memory and weight gain. I'm having trouble achieving orgasm and have never had that problem before. This is depressing! Are there any natural treatments that do NOT use hormones or plant estrogens?

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I don't know if Rhaponic Rhubarb (4mg) extract is considered plant estrogen....but do know it helped me greatly for the night sweats (don't realy have the otjer issues). Heard about it via a newpaper article Q&A and a chiropractor recommended it.

I get mine off and search for best price each time i reorder since companies tend to change price. I use Estrovera brand by Metagenics and have to say....didn't really realize how much it was working until I ran out.

Seems it took about 2 weeks for it to gradually work. And takes about same time to stop working after I quit it, which i did...thinking maybe I didn't need it anymore (since I was hoping I was OVER menopause) started back up again, but had to wait couple weeks for it to kick back in again.

Prior to taking it, I was awake every 2 hrs, sweating to death and in turn, having to 'tinkle'. After taking it, I still got hot but not nearly as often.

Been using it fr over a year now.....and have stopped the night sweats. Am hoping I have got "thru" to the other side, but hate to risk stopping and have it start all over

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