Estrace vaginal cream

breadbaker1April 16, 2010

Hello, I just started using Estrace cream. My OBGYN thought it might do me some good because of recurrent cystitis problems. I've been in menopause now for 7 years (54yrs old now). No hot flashes, no symptoms at all other than the cystitis and severe burning that just started. My question is about Estrace cream side effects. It's giving me a terrible headache and the dizzies. Is this typical and most importantly will it go away after a while? I'm so sensitive to drugs. Thank you in advance for any comments.

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I get headaches unless I use progesterone cream along with estrogen. I get the cream from You do not need a prescription. I use the cream 25 days and off 5 days. I am on higher dose estrace, so I do get my period. Others use the progesterone cream every day and do not get a period. I would ask your doctor to be sure, but progesterone cream seems to be safe when used as directed. I hope this helps.

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It can also be a disease. I was having problems, every doc said atrophy and I agreed. Finally my step daughter told me to go to her gyn and I did. She knew right away it was a disease. She said she has patients 5yrs old with the same problem. She prescribed clobetasol ointment and no more discomfort. The problem can not be cured, you just treat the symptoms.

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