YIKES!! Strange fluid coming from breast...anyone??

kickypantsApril 29, 2007

YIKES! Its a day or so before my period and as usual I have tender breasts. So I put quite a bit of pressure on one of them and a tiny drop of grey-green-clearish liquid oozed out of the nipple!!! EEEWWW. It doesn't smell (like an infection might). There is definately no blood in it. The other one is fine. Has ANYONE ever had this happen?? I'm not just getting over nursing...my daughter is almost 6.

I know this may not be menopausal (although I do believe that I'm showing some signs at times), but I'm thinking that the majority of people on this forum would be women. Freaking out a bit...any ideas?

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My sister used to have this occasionally, I am pretty sure it was nothing. But if you have ANY doubt, please call your dr. Safe then sorry. Really !

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Get to your doctor immediately, it could be a sign of something very serious or nothing at all. Don't take any chances.

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The last two times I had my mammogram tests, just when the plates squeezed on my breast (yowch) , a drop of liquid came out of my right nipple. The technician said it happens frequiently. Both mammos were totally normal,according to the written reports.

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I have had that happen before. It was a long time ago, I thought it was because I was on synthyroid, or that was what I was told, and I can't even remember who told me.

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As an RN I can tell you that any discharge from nipple should be evaluated by a doctor, not this forum!

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Just go to the doctor. It's nearly always a normal fluctuation in hormones, however, you are going to worry about it until you see a doctor. Right? So, just go to the doctor. You will sleep better at night knowing it's OK.

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