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gracie714January 27, 2013

I had no idea picking a replacement sink was going to be so difficult. I started just wanting to replace what I had since it got chipped. I guess they no longer make what I have (the sink is just 12 years old, so surprising). It is not cast iron, but it looks like it. The underside is like the inside of an oven (cannot think what to call that).

I'm torn now between a Kohler white cast iron smart divide (worried it might be too heavy for the tiled countertop) or a Blanco silgranit single bowl with offset drain in either cafe brown, biscuit or biscotti.

Below is a picture of the tiled counter and backsplash. I will be keeping the chrome faucet. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated. If you have the Blanco colors and can suggest which would look best with what I have that would be great as I can only see them online. It will have to be a top mount, so the back lip will be very visible. Thank you in advance for your help.

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I've had a Kohler cast iron sink set on tile countertops for nearly twenty years.

I think your underside is probably enamel if you say it looks like the inside of an oven.

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Thank you for the response needinfo1. I guess they don't sell 33X22 double bowl sinks made of this material anymore. At least I've not been able to find it.

Good to know on your cast iron sink.

I would love to see pictures of the Blanco Diamond top mounted in one of the colors I mentioned. And thoughts on which of those colors people who have seen them might have in regard to the colors I have.

Thank you :-)

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Sounds like it's an enameled steel sink. You can still get them but there are better choices.

Mrs Mortar Mixer posted a link yesterday for a killer deal on a Silgranit sink. Around $70 with free shipping but limited color choice...if the sink will fit and you can use white, biscuit, biscotti or truffle, you can get the deal of the year!

Blanco Performa Silgrait Sink

Here is a link that might be useful: Crane Enameled Steel Sink

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We've had the Kohler cast iron for 27 years and it's just now showing signs of age. They are very durable sinks. Having said that though, we are currently re doing counter tops from ceramic tile to soapstone, and are going with a Silgranite in Anthracite. I think one of the Silgranite's in a color would look good with your tile, maybe one that picks up the darker tones of your tile sort of like your switch plates. They have a color "Truffle" that might look good, in addition to the Biscotti or the Cafe. edit ~ oops... I just read ci lantro's suggestion of Truffle, I'm a slow typer...

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How does silgranite look in comparison to the procelain enamel? We have a more vintage look kitchen and are planning to replace our tile counter top with soapstone. I want a look in a sink that is still appropriate for a more period kitchen. Thus, I also want white.

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ha! I read that deal on the silgranite sink last night. Went to the website too :-) The only issue is it is an undermount, which I can't have and also it was 33X19 and I need 33X22. But I sure wish it would have worked because that was a GREAT deal!!

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Email Blanco and they will get samples right out to you. The Biscuit is like a chalky white. Biscotti would almost be a match to your tile colors, so I think it would be a bit boring, unless you prefer a monochromatic look. I don't recall Truffle, but I know it didn't work in my kitchen with similar warm colors as yours. If you have any dark elements in your kitchen, I'd consider the Cafe Brown. Maybe a chocolate paint color in place of the raspberry could tie it together.

Biscotti in Caesarstone Buttermilk counter:

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needinfo ~ our kitchen is semi vintage as well, very casual knotty pine some would say rustic-ish kind of. Also quite small, 10'x10-6" I have just torn out the white ceramic tile, and have not yet templated for the soapstone. We chose the anthracite to "go away" in the soapstone sort of how our white sink blended in to the tile. I realize Silgranite might look more contemporary, but I am hoping the Anthracite will look sort of like a soapstone sink ...we'll see

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Mayflowers, thanks for the idea of tying in a new paint color with the darker cafe brown sink! That picture is 4 years old and I'm getting tired of the red, so definitely a great option I hadn't thought of. Every picture I can find of the cafe brown sink is in an undermount installation. I'd love to see it in a top mount installation, because I think that will be a pretty huge visual difference with the darker color on top of the counter.

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Here's a photo from Houzz of a Blanco drop-in sink in truffle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco truffle sink

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Thank you for all the comments and pictures. I finally decided. After having a new white dishwasher installed there was no doubt in my mind the sink had to be white. I would find the single bowl sinks in white cast iron with the offset drain only to find the model had been discontinued. Kohler had one (cape dory), but reviews on it warned that it would NOT fit a standard 33X22 cutout. Since I'm not replacing countertops, that one was out, too. So I got the Blanco Diamond Super Single silgranite in white. Fortunately for me, Home Depot didn't carry it in white. I say fortunately because I found it online at one place ( for $293/free shipping, and every other online store, including HD, sold this model for about $390. Ordered it on a Tuesday, it arrived on Thursday, installed on Saturday. I'm very pleased. :-)

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Gracie - that looks fabulous! Wow!

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