any one tried estro-gel

nancybethApril 5, 2007

hello, i am new to this forum and i am looking for some new info. I am 48 and have bad hot flash's I am going to a doctor MD that does specialize in hormones and is a gyno. we have tried different types over the last 3 years. The patch, pills and I have been using estro gel for about a year.I have had some loss of hair, and now when i apply the gel within one hour i get hot flashes. She says its due to the alcohol in the gel. She started me on a anti dep drug called effexor for the hot flases. I have been on this for three days and hate the way i feel. I fell notlike myself and my hands are sweating like crazy. last night i was in a bed of sweat, and my room was at 60!! I know most of you are in this terriable cycle of what do you do? you read some much and then when you talk to the doctors say the news does not tell you all the facts. My doctor feels that estrogen for people who are not at high risk of breast cancer can take estrogen without fears. She says, Its not that i dont want to belive her its that you read so much that you dont know what to believe. Has any one found any thing that is safe and helps the night sweats? Also, if you are estro gel could you tell me what your thought are. thank you all, Nancy

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Hi Nancy,

I am also new here. I have been using Oestrogel for 2 months now. It has helped some with night sweats however, I am just hot all of the time. Like you 60 degrees is about right for me. What dose of the gel are you on? Maybe you just need a slight increase.

I would like to caution you about the Effexor. I read that it could help with hot flashes & asked my Dr for it. They told me that it is a nightmare to get off of it. I have since heard from others that are having a horrible time trying to stop that med.


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