Is this the reason for our ovary pains??

catherinetApril 29, 2006

Hi all,

I was laying in bed last night thinking......

When our ovaries quit doing much, they get a signal from somewhere up above (our brains.....not the heavens..hahahaha) try even harder to spit out an egg. Well, as you know our FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels can get really high, in it's attempt to force our ovaries to spit out an egg. Well, doesn't it make sense that our ovaries might start hurting more, because we're being forced to spit out ovaries that didn't really want to come out on their own??? It sure makes sense to me.

I realize there's not much we can do about this.....but it might give us hope to think that eventually, this will stop. Maybe it doesn't stop until there are no eggs left.....I don't know. But, for some silly reason, it helps me to know this! Too bad we can't eat something natural that will fool the FSH, and it would leave our ovaries alone!

Just another one of my totally useless theories! :)

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Hi. Sometimes hormones do funny things when our bodies change..I have a wonderful product that through the company I work for that restores your hormonal balance of phytoestrogens..naturally. Its called Prolief, and there is one for menopausal women called PhytoProlief. I can get you those for $22.00 + tax and shipping. They are $30 retail. I have a verified paypal account:)

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well, I look at it this ovaries are addicted to the estrogen that we are no longer supplying so when they dont get it they cramp up like they are going thru withdrawal...I think at the age of say oh about 50 they should rot and drop out and be gone. This is one of my I hate everything days though. I never had cramps etc. until I started through menopause.

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You know, I actually had my left ovary removed at age 46 due to cramping pain in it off and on, plus really bad cramps in it during my periods. It did have a big cyst on it that had stayed there for months in spite of bc pills, so I thought that was the cause of my pain and so did my surgeon. Well, afterwards, I was surprised to find out that I STILL had pain in the region where my left ovary had been! By coincidence, I discovered that when I took a diuretic pill, the pain went away. I was the kind that always got a lot of pelvic bloat pre-period. I think the bloat pressed on a pelvic nerve, and that is what caused the pain.

I'm now menopausal and on HRT, so I still get pelvic bloat when I go on the progesterone part of my "cycle", and I still get pain in the "left ovary" region at times. Once in a while the bloat has been bad enough that I felt like I had to pee all the time even though I did not have a urinary infection. I would also have a feeling of numbness "down there". I discovered that a diuretic relieved all that, so it must be a nerve compression thing. I guess when I got older, the spinal disks settled down and created a narrower channel for the nerve to go through.

Now, I don't say that this is the cause of every woman's ovary pain, of course, but it might be for a few. Wouldn't hurt to try a diuretic to see if the pain is relieved, though.

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