HRT natural or synthetic ?

deege1April 7, 2009


I am 53 and just started HRT. I take Estradiol 1MG

and Medrxyprgst 2.5 MG.

Are these synthetic or natural hormones?

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You should ask your doctor or pharmacist. I ask my doctors about every prescription. What is this for? What are the side efeects? Do I have to take this for the rest of my life? By the way, I am on ten medications. A good pharmacist will know the answers.

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i have been researching a little on the hrt topic. mly understanding is that you can get the bio identical replacement which is a natural concoction as opposed to the chemical composites.
i am interested in finding more about estriol. i see it in all forms, for the face/body, vaginal creams, etc.
does anyone know if there is one does all approach to this and is it by prescription only?

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