Help!! 3-5 hours of sleep

legs44April 21, 2011

Anyone experience this? I got to bed at 10. Wake up at 1. Make myself (hard to do) go back to sleep, then wake up at 3 or so and can't go back to sleep? I've always gotten by on 7 my whole life. I'm 44 and going through some other (manageable) symptoms of premenopause. About the time I started working out every day, was when I started the weird sleep patterns. Funny thing is, I'm not tired at all during the day. Worried the small amount of sleep might be harmful to my health though? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.. Jamie

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hi legs44 i have a similar problem i wake up virtually every hour of the night sweating profusley having very weird dreams i often feel tired and listless cant be bothered to do anything i have become very lazy my blood pressure is now higher than it should be my general health i would say has become poorer than it was b4 perimenopause some days are better than others i just cant wait for this time of my life to be over it could take years im told if i didnt wake up so hot i might have a good nights sleep i began peri at 45 im 47 now if it wasnt for the dreams and the sweats i might get some sleep i know this probably doesnt help but you r not alone at least you are doing some excersise thats good

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I am exactly the same. Go to bed at 9:30pm and am awake at 1:00. Can't get back to sleep no matter how hard I try. My mind races and jumps from one thing to another.I think about stupid stuff I did 40 years ago, then I jump to things I said or did last week. Then I sweat profusley, toss and turn, and dose off 5 minutes before my alarm goees off. I too dont seem to be too sleepy during the day. I am actually going to see my doctor on Thursday to see if she can do anything for me. I am tired of not sleeping. I have been like this since I started menopause in 2006.

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I had the same problem. My sleep disorder is getting much better with the help of organic progesterone cream, 10 to 15 to 20mg daily of pregnenolone under my tongue in the mornings, Lady's Mantle and oat straw herbal tea (brewed from organic dried herbs). At bedtime, I take 3mg instant dissolve melatonin. If i get up in the middle of the night, i take another 3mg to help falling back to sleep.

It takes awhile to let pregnenolone break into your system, in the beginning you might want to take it early in the day to avoid being excited and restless in bed.

Progesterone and Lady's mantle herbal tea will help decreasing your night sweats; pregnenolone and progesterone will get you out of depression and anxiety; Oatstraw can reduce blood pressure and has a calming effect. I also pray before bed time to leave my worries to God.

I aviod coffee in any type.

By the way, i know that Mexican wild yam root (about 800mg daily) is also a good herb for reducing high blood pressure. It has diosgenin, a good stuff to balance your hormone too.

All above information can be found online. Please do some search on them. Best luck to you.

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