Hello, I am new to this

carla17April 27, 2006

Someone from rose forum linked me to here. I have been yearning for someone to talk to about this stage. I heard a woman/doctor on Oprah say once that we should embrace the change. Not me, it's screwed up my life. While I feel fortunate not to have the night sweats, knock on wood, I am not sleeping like I used to. Hot flashes are unpleasant.

My main question here is are any of you staying up really late because you can't get to sleep?

Sleepless in NC

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Well, mine comes and goes... I ALWAYS had problems with sleeping with PMS, so it's not new to me. I don't embrace the change, but I embrace aspects of it... like I have become a darn hermit... don't like people too much anymore.... and I love it! :D It's probably unhealthy for me, specially since I have become so intolerant, but for some reason, I could care less. And I have met other perimenopausal women who feel the same way.
I don't enjoy the actual process of menopausing, but I wouldn't go back... every year, my life gets better...

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