I think I'm going down that road...

erina_2008April 1, 2008

I am so glad I found you all here; strange how you never give any thought to 'the change' and then all of a sudden there you are!

I know you may have all answered these questions before but please, I need some reassurance...

Am 45 have five kids and JUST when I was pining for just ONE more reality starts to dawn on me.

I have had that 'buzzing' in my head, like a constant wavering TV signal since Xmas, sort of like cicada's. And sometimes I wake up with that 'whooshing' in my ear. When I wake up in the morning and my ears feel 'blocked', actually this feeling lasts all day at the moment - no wax probs though.

My nipples feel like they do when you are early pregnant - as if they are sunburned or something, very sensitive though it only happens now and then.

Being the mum of five boys I get cranky anyway so no difference noticed there...

Periods now last two days rather than five. Basically thats it right now... so okay,I can handle the truth...is my body 'moving on with life' or am I going crazy like my mother warned me would happen if I didn't stop after two kids?

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Welcome erina. "Being the mum of five boys I get cranky anyway so no difference noticed there..." That cracked me up!
It's nice that your periods last two days instead of five.

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