You know you're menopausal when.....

Barbara__z7b_VAApril 26, 2002

I couldn't find the original post to add to it, but I thought it was time to interject a few laughs....

You know you're menopausal when....

the highlight of your day is writing nasty-grams to all the companies/organizations that REALLY tick you off.

[no joke, I'm writing at least one a day!!! I think it is keeping my loved ones safe though...better a nasty-gram to an impersonal than a nasty remark to the people you actually love!]

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Hmmm. I see the humor but I've been talking to my over 40 friends, and as a group we've come to the conclusion that assertiveness comes with maturity for women. I'm still polite, and while I don't give people sh!=++, I won't take it anymore. I don't write a letter a day to companies, but if something got me riled, I wouldn't hesitate to speak up.

So, I don't think it's so much menopause that's driving my assertiveness as it's the confidence and (dare I say it) wisdom that comes with having lived a few years.


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When...the wrong side of the bed whaps you upside the head first thing every morning!

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Like that one that was my mothers famous saying did you get out of the wrong side of bed again
Mine is ..when you start to wonder how in the h---the 100 year old women feel...It has to be like I feel now..

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When you tell someone something and they look at you like you're nuts because you've already told them--at least once. when you can't tell if you dreamed it or if it really happened...

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