night sweats

goatladyApril 8, 2014

Good morning everyone. I am hoping someone can suggest something that will help with night sweats. I am starting to fall asleep at work. I have tried 4 different birth control pills and multiple herbal supplements. My OB/GYN has not been able to come up with a remedy as of yet. Also starting to have unpleasant dreams.

Thanks in advance.

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Nothing helps. I've tried everything. Nothing helps.

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Try the crushed flax seeds.

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I've been using rhubarb extract for over a year now. doesn't get rid of the sweats completely but definitely made a difference. I can recommend Estrovera by Metagenics. I get them from Amazon.

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I've started using garlic capsules (a dose of 3 capsules) every time I wake up with heat and it works - cools me down and gets me off to sleep again. I think it is phytoestrogenic, and it works for me, definitely improves the situation.

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I do take garlic too now but ordered Siberian Rheubarb Root 4mg and my hot flashes and night sweats completely stopped. Same day in fact. That stuff is usually sold as "Estrovera." and costs 30.00 per month but.....the capsules I bought were 14.00 for three bottles of 100 each. It works unless hot flashes only happen when you would normally bleed or ovulate. We'll see if they come back.

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I posted here just now about dr prescribed clonidine for me and that did it. I sleep like a clean sweet smelling baby now. No more sweating, no more waking up,it's heavenly!

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Someone suggested me to avoid caffeine products. I switched to decaffeinated coffee and avoid chocolate during those weeks. It seems to work, the sweat especially is very little and hot flashes are minor.

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