Is this Perimenopause?

cheerful1_gwApril 25, 2005

My periods went from being regular (every 4 weeks) to every 3 weeks; one didn't come until 6 weeks later, and the one after that was 2 weeks later. I'm tired a lot, sometimes cranky; today I feel down. I'm getting recurring sinus and urinary infections. I'm 2 weeks away from my 50th birthday, which I'm not looking forward to. Can anyone relate? Thanks so much.

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It sounds like it to me. But I would be sure to keep up with your OB/GYN visits, to be sure nothing else is going on. Sometimes, if your thyroid is low, you can have similar symptoms (also if it's high!).
But being almost 50, I'd say you're a prime candidate. My major symptoms at first, when I was 48 were fatigue, sinus infections, depression, and irregular periods, with increased bleeding. It's amazing how many women I've talked to who have intense fatigue during this time. Good luck to you.

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My OB/GYN prescribed some bloodwork for me, which I did yesterday (blood count, thyroid and FSH). I will hopefully get the results tomorrow. I'm so tired of being tired, and anxious, and irregular. At the risk of sounding like a hypocondriac, I hope something shows up so I can get treatment and relief.

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Catherine, got my bloodwork back. Blood count and thyroid are fine, but my FSH and LH readings say I'm in menopause! I'm in total shock since I still get periods. My GYN will presribe something for me if my symptoms interfere with my everyday life. I'm going to delay taking prescriptions for as long as possible. I was hoping there was something herbal or natural I could try.

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