Flooding, no fibroids - 'normal'?

2ajsmamaApril 8, 2010

I did a search on flooding, seems like it's common with fibroids, but I had an u/s about 3 yrs ago when my midwife thought my uterus was too large (DD was 3 by then and I wasn't pg). Nothing.

I did get pg in Nov 08 (posted here b/c I was late, thought I had skipped a cycle), mc'd, this could be another one but even though it's not been too bad the past couple of months, over the past 2 yrs I've had enough cycles where I've soaked through pads in an hour or 2, had "gushes" and also had surprises like the time I was on day 4 or 5 I think it was, light flow, figured it was about over, went to the library without a spare pad and by the time I got home I'd soaked the seat of my new car.

My period started about noon yesterday, not heavy at all. Last night I woke up about 4am and changed the regular pad(not soaked) I had had on since about 10pm. At roughly 5:40 (didn't look at the clock til I'd cleaned everything up and it was 5:50). I felt the trickling creeping feeling and just had the feeling the overnight pad I'd put on at 4 was soaked, held myself on the way to the bathroom and made an awful mess when I pulled my pants down - threw away everything panties and all there was no way to even get the pad off or try to wash the underwear. Held a pad to my crotch and went back to bedroom to get underwear, then back to bathroom (in hall - we haven't finished the master bath yet!) to put everything on and clean up. DH pretended to be asleep through all of this - he was right up at 6 when the alarm went off (and then I could turn on the light and see if I'd left a trail - I didn't).

So should I call my GYN (that I've seen once since we moved to new state)? I haven't been back since Nov 08, though I did have my mammogram early this year. It's just so hard to schedule an appt when I really don't know when I'm going to have my period - always was regular 28 days but now it's sometimes as little as 25 (was 26 this last time - I really wasn't expecting it til tomorrow or Sat).

Or is this "normal" since I seem to see so much discussion about it? Is it occurring in women without fibroids?

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How old are you? Some times, women in primenopause stage may have this kind of issues. My period is alway very light-to the point sometimes, I hope my should be heavier. So I can't immagine your floodings. If I were you, I would vist a OB doc. to find out more...

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I'm 46, and while I had heavy periods when I was in my 20's it was nothing like this! Those were always predictable - light spotting, then heavy for a couple of days but manageable (sometimes I'd call in sick b/c I was cramping horribly, but flow wouldn't keep me running to the bathroom, now flow is heavy but I don't cramp), then taper off. The past couple of years I've started with red (thank goodness not heavy), can vary by a few days though cycles in general seem to be getting shorter rather than varying short - long or getting longer at all (except that one time it turned out I was pg), but then the first *full* day is heavy, I really can't leave the house for long even if I don't flood just b/c I need to change pads every 2-3 hrs minimum and I'm *afraid* of flooding, and then there are the surprises (the car time was the first but not the last) when I think it's over, it's practically down to spotting only to get a gush when I've got a pad I've been wearing for hours (like when I was at the library) and maybe isn't as absorbant as a fresh pad or is not an "overnight" pad and it just can't handle the sudden flow. I also have nights every month when I'm up every 2-3 hours to change pads, whereas when I was younger those nights were occasional, most of the time it seemed to slow down while I was asleep and maybe I'd be up once, it was heavier during the day when I was moving around.

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I am 45 and was told this is the so called pri-menopause stage, where you still have periods but start seeing some "irregularities."

So the hormone level gets up & down. For some women, the periods may get lighter, like myself (I am alway on the light side). For others, like you, the bleeding gets heavier. As long as, no fibroids growing inside, I wouldn't worry.

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I'm going throught menopause. However I have fibroids and I have flooding every month sometime two or three times. I take tow herbal remedies but still Have flooding How do I get rid of it for good? It is annoying and embarrasing to say the least?


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