imchangingApril 27, 2007

Okay Ladies, I went to my Doctor and there was a study done here on the hot flashes and night sweats. The help we need is Omega 3, 1000 mg a day. this test is not even in print yet. Also cut out the caffine and spicy foods. I have had severe hot flashes and night sweats. Along with these she also put me on antianxiety and antidepressants sense I truly thought I should be locked up in a mental hopsital somewhere. I finally got a good nights sleep and that has worked wonders. I am starting to feel like myself again. I am in control again! I am happy again!!!!

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I am glad those things are working for you. I have trouble with no caffiene, but I know that approach works cuz I did that for awhile. There were times when I wish someone had left me alone in a hospital somewhere. Control is sometimes a good thing! Altho I have realized CONTROL is just an illusion. Good luck, and take care of yourself

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