Wow! That was FAST!

azzaleaFebruary 15, 2013

We just went to our accountant Wed afternoon, to sign our tax returns, was checking my balance this morning for something else, and our (fed) refund's in already!! What a surprise--have never gotten one back that quickly. I'm sure the state's going to hang on as long as possible, given our current situation, but at least one's back already!

If you've filed recently, keep an eye out!

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Yes from weeks down to days. Isn't it cool? Enjoy it!

No refund for me this year. I changed my taxes last January so I can have the money all year long instead. I might have to pay a couple hundred. Certainly worth it to have more money each month (until the tax thing expired).

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We have only gotten ONE refund in the past 32 years... and hope to keep it that way.

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Refund? There must be something I don't know. LOL

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When one qualifies for a refund of $1,200.00 ...

... it means that s/he loaned the gov't. $100.00 at the end of Jan., last year ...

... another $100.00 at the end of Feb. ...

... another $100.00 at the end of Mar. ...

... another $100.00 at the end of Apr. ...

... and continuing in the same fashion through till the end of Dec., at which time s/he'd loaned the gov't. the princely sum of $1,200.00.

Which the gov't. kept until required to pay it out as a refund.

And on which it didn't have to pay a cent of interest.

Surely you could have found a worthwhile use for the components of that $1,200.00, through last year?

And arranged to have a refund of ...

... ZERO, now!

ole joyfuelled

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Well, of course, that's true, OJ. But we prefer to get something back at the end of the year. and honestly? I don't think the extra $4.32 the gov't got in interest on that money, and we lost, is going to make much of a difference to either of us, do you? (although it's less than that, I figured the interest on the entire refund, but as you pointed out, they didn't have the full amount the full year).

Peace of mind, and a little windfall each year is worth more than that for us.

Granted, our refund was less than usual this year, since DH retired in the middle of the year and we're still adjusting things.

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Refund I wish. We delay our taxes to the last minute possible because of the check we must write, in addition to paying taxes all year long. I am so sick of supporting this government.

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But ... remember that tax cut that you (well, many of you) received a few years ago?

I heard that a while ago the U.S. govts. took in about 19% of your gross annual production ...

... and that, after the tax cuts, they were receiving only about 15% of gross annual production ...

... but that expenditures had risen to a substantial amouint over 20% of gross annual production.

That can't continue over the long term - and foreign agencies won't be interested in lending you more money, at the low current interest rates being offered.

Don't go deep into debt - interest rates aren't going to remain low over much longer term.

ole joyful

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Sleeperblues - I can totally relate. Same here.

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After reading this, I looked at our account, and our refund is there, too! I just filed, via one of the large on-line companies, this past Sunday! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Church takes a little out of my pension, from time to time.

Since I paid zero federal tax last year (but had to pay some provincial) I may get a refund, probably not, may have to pay some.

One only needs to pay directly by quarterly instalments if one has to write a cheque to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) for $3,000. or more per year at tax time.

ole joyful

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Hubby and I have to write a painfully large check (including self-employment taxes) each year as well. Next year will be even more expensive because congress refused to continue the tax cuts for the middle class.

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