Do you recommend a soap dispenser for each sink?

Molly PhillipsJanuary 15, 2013

Our current one and only sink does not have a soap dispenser hole and I desperately want one to eliminate the necessary soap dispenser on top of the counter. That would make three holes in our future clean up sink.

Should I add a soap dispenser hole in the prep sink as well?

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I would. Are you going to handle raw meat there, dirty veggies, or wash up an extra set of gooey preschool fingers? All would be good enough reasons for me to put soap at the prep sink. Especially the raw meat. It's very nice to not have to pick up a soap bottle with bloody hands.

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I have a similar question... I have decided to do a dispenser at my main sink and prep sink in kitchen and use the never mt, but would any of you recommend doing the same in the bathrooms. I love the idea of not having to refill hand soap often, and I am not one to change scents often. Our plumbing rep advised against it, but I think it is a matter of personal preference. What do you think?

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I read something (not here) that made me think soap dispensers don't hold up well. Those of you who have them, have you found this to be true? I'd hate to have a special hole drilled and find that the item didn't stand up to wear.

To be argumentative, I definitely think built-in soap dispensers are convenient and help create a clutter-free countertop, but I don't see any difference in cleanliness. If your hands are bloody, you're either touching the soap bottle OR you're touching the built-in dispenser. Either way, you're going to have to wipe something down later.

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I have a dispenser at both sinks and would recommend it for sure. I have not experienced any trouble with either of the dispensers and they have received heavy use for over a year.

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We got one of the Simple Human sensor soap pumps that don't require us to touch it.

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We got one for each kitchen sink, as well as for the laundry sink/tub and love having them.

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Definite yes. Use a mild soap and you will clean your hands as you move from one prep chore to another; you will sometimes wash some items in the prep sink, either in order to re-use or to help in cleanup.

Anyway, definite yes detergent dispensers at both sinks.

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Yes :) I have soap dispensers at every (new) sink in the house, including our two master bath sinks. The kitchen and laundry soap dispensers are 6 years old and working fine. I haven't ever had trouble any soap dispenser...I use mild dish soap as Bellsmom mentioned in the kitchen/laundry and hand soap in the bathrooms. I love built-in soap dispensers :)

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I don't have one at the prep sink and often wish I did!

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Mrs. Pete, I'd like to clarify. I'm not saying you never have to wipe down a soap dispenser. But, it is easier to dispense soap from a dispenser by pushing it with the back of your hand if necessary, as opposed to picking up a bottle of soap, turning it upside down, and squeezing soap onto the other hand. I often use the back of my hand like this if I am ooey or gooey from something I've been handling. Can't say that others in the house follow suite, so yes, the dispenser pumper still gets swabbed down frequently, too. : )

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Yes to one at both sinks. I have a Waterstone soap dispenser at both sinks and haven't had any issues with them. Been using them since May. Both are hooked up to a NeverMT.

Laughable said exactly what I was going to say!

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Laughable: and to play devil's advocate from another position, I have soap dispensers that aren't built in and I still only need to tap the back of it with one hand while holding the other hand beneath it. I do rinse them under running water every week or two; there's usually enough soap on it to generate plenty of bubbles so I assume that's enough soap to clean it!

I don't worry about germs or bacteria on the soap dispenser itself because I figure that I'm only touching it to get soap on my hands. I'm more concerned about the faucet since I have to turn that off with my clean hands after tapping it on with a dirty hand.

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True enough, I was thinking similar thoughts using the pump dispenser in the bathroom today, Artichokey. Even before we had built in dispensers I used to put my dish soap in a pump dispenser just to avoid the whole bottle of dish soap issue.

I suppose you could put one of those fancy foot pedals in (Beagles might have one?) and then you wouldn't have to handle the faucet. I think they were out of our price bracket when I looked them up, but they'd be a great solution if the price point was right.

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Molly Phillips

Oh, jeez, ask one question and 5 more pop, what IS a NeverMT? Because I'm sure I'll find out I *must* have it. (sometimes I think GW helps me save money; other times I think I end up spending much, much more on cool stuff)

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Unquestionably yes. I have Elkay soap dispensers in my kitchen hooked up hand soap and had one in my old kitchen. I never had any trouble with any of them. I enjoy not having to play chase the drippy freestanding dispenser slipping around the counter game Plus, I had the hassle of trying to find a decent looking freestanding one that looked good in my kitchen. Lots of shopping trips and wasted time. Then, they wouldn't last long so more shopping trips. I like the visually cleaner look of the built-in. Less mess sitting around on the counter.

My prep sink has a Tapmaster so I don't even have to touch the faucet to turn it on and off. That, combined with a quick tap of the built-in dispenser makes using that sink a breeze. Love my Tapmaster.

I'm also happy I sprung for NeverMTs. They allow you to connect your dispenser directly into a giant bottle of soap (hand soap in my case) so you don't have to refill the little bottle that comes with your dispenser. You can go years without having to refill the soap.

Here is a link that might be useful: NeverMT

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Hi folks - for those who love your soap dispensers, did yours always come as a pair with your faucet? Or did you specifically pick them?

I'm SO on board with a Tapmaster - breezy or anyone, do you have the pedal model or a different one? Not going to do the floor b/c my kids will jump on it all the time. Do you have it on both your main sink and prep or just prep?

Also definitely on board with the Never MT - just have to make sure all of this fits in the back of the 21" cabinet to somehow leave room for a pull out trash situation.

Wow - what would I do without these forums to learn about these things. My contractor is amazed! :-)

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My old, cheap soap dispenser came as set from HD with my cheapy faucet and side spray. I loved it though! Most of the ones you'll buy from non-HD stores will be a la carte. Pick your faucet, then whichever dispenser you like. Mine aren't even the same brand.

I have the Euro 1775 Tapmaster, which I love! No foot pedal, just a lever hanging down from under the sink cab in the toe kick area. You'd never know it was there unless you lay on the floor. I'll link a thread below on Tapamasters so you can see a picture of my prep sink cab and read about various other models. Unfortunately, they aren't cheap.

My NeverMT sits in an 18" sink base with garbage disposal and Tapmaster. I still have plenty of room for my compost bucket.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tapmaster thread

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lovetodream, I know I am in a minority here but I did not put in built in soap dispensers in my new kitchen. I have pretty ceramic bottles filled with soap instead. I loved having a built in with my previous sink but I had three different ones break after guests would use them. I'm not sure if they were twisting them, bending them or what. Since we have lots of guests over I decided to keep it simple for them, and me since I was tired of replacing them. Someday when I am brave enough I may switch my airgap for one.

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thx, again, breezy. I've got a game plan now! If only you and the other gals would just come pick my sinks for me, I'd be finished! I really don't have a clue there and here I am picking out a Tapmaster. Argh!

This is awesome - thanks!

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Sinks? Sinks? I sure you've read all about silgranit here. If not, run a search at the bottom of the page. There have been several recent threads so they should show up. If not, try an Internet search. I am head over heels about mine in the metallic gray color. No chipping, no scratching, no black pot marks, no tinny sound, no water marks, easy to clean, pretty, no staining.....I could go on all day about how much I love them compared to any other sink material!

You're welcome!

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We only put one at our prep sink. At the main sink, I like to be able to pick up the soap bottle to squirt the soap where I want it. Our prep sink is also the place where people entering our kitchen wash their hands and where little kids get any clean up after eating and the soap dispenser is handy for that. Our prep sink is on an island. I think a fixed soap dispenser is nice on an island because it leaves more of the counter open and it doesn't wander around.

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Searching for silgranit now. Duh. With our granite (Crema Bordeaux) I could do a dark one or the metallic gray. Will search GW to try to choose a shape. Wow. I am SO naive!

I appreciate the thoughts on the soap dispensors too - when I install the Never MTs I'll think of you, breezygirl! :-)

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