Holy Smokes - Did this happen to you?

cactuscatieApril 26, 2007

So my last period was May 18, 2006. It was just last week I started getting excited, jumping up and down, that finally I am finished. End date May 18, 2007 approaching. Then, surprise, surprise I get my period this morning. Has this happened to anyone so close to the "one year without a period" mark? Now I have to start all over again. I already had my Gyno checkup this year, should I go back?? Gosh, don't know what to do. I really thought it was over. Thanks for any advise and help.

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I dont have that answer. Even when our ovaries arent working, they still have sparks now and then. I wouldnt be all set to start over. Esp. if it was just a few days of bleeding.. Call your obgyn, she what she/he says

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That happened to me a couple times! But like shotzy said, ovaries can continue to hiss and clang and bing and smoke for quite a long time!
I wish docs didn't tell us that its abnormal to have a period after a year of not having them. I think its really normal. I would be more concerned if it started up a couple years later.

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Catie, my last period was also in May of 2006. I just turned 57 and thought it finally happened for good, but today, you got it, very light period started. My ObGyn said I'm also a very late bloomer (no kidding!) but after going through months with nothing, then a period, then months again for 2 years, I have faith this will one day end....and it will for you too! Someone else told me that May is the unlucky month.....(who knows)....good luck!

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When mine started to shut down, it went from monthly to every other, to four months, etc.,then a couple or three years of one a year. None for the past five years, but on occasion I still get the "feeling" that it would be the time. I did not figure I was done until about two years ago. But would be hard put to tell the date of the truly last one. But starting at age 9 and continuing as long as I did and as hard as it went, it is a relief.

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I haven't had a period for 3 years (I'm 57), but my ovaries are still shooting out blanks, and causing various PMS-like symptoms. No bleeding now though.
Nancy Nurse.........I'm always trying to understand things in life, and I've decided that when the weather turns nice, our bodies realize that it would be a good time to make babies, and maybe our ovaries are stimulated more in springtime. Maybe its a useless theory, but it makes sense to me!

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Yep! Been dried up for over a year then went ON VACATION(dang) and got full-blown happys days period..a whole 7 days of it. That was many years ago tho..and that really was the last one.
Stay Cool

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