I want a Wii!!

renee_flFebruary 2, 2013

I am thinking about buying a Wii for fun and fitness but I don't know the first thing about them. I don't think I have ever even seen one before. Any advice, comments, thoughts or recommendations?

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we don't have one but our kids do! dd1 and her girls "dance" almost every night...when we go to ds1's dh loves playing golf...it really depends on IF you'll use it and the attachments...the kids are really careful to get "active" games, ones where 2 or more can play at once...even the golf game you stand and "swing" (a control unit)

some games are harder than others...what i'd do is check with friends as to which they like and use daily...

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We Love ours..sadly since I have hurt my knee I have stopped playing like I used to,I really need to start back on mine..I miss it! We have bowling, tennis, golf, fishing, the Just Dance and a couple of brain games...We didn't buy the *extra* like the tennis rackets.. We just use the remote that came with it. Since we have wireless internet, we have it set up to stream Netflix. It is a great form of exercise
IF you play it!

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I have one but I let my daughter use it and I don't have the heart to get it back from her. She uses it in her classroom for a reward system for the kids. I thought that was a great idea. What better reward than a fun game along with a bit of exercise. So for Christmas I bought her class a new dance game. They love it. She also uses it at home for netflix. I've thought about buying myself another one but I don't see the point since my DH wants nothing to do with it. It's no fun playing it alone but that's just my opinion.

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If you want something that is really good for fitness games, an xBox360 with Kinnect is head and shoulders above the Wii. The Kinnect uses a little camera to check your whole body's alignment and make sure you are actually following the instructions in the game. The Wii with the balance board can only sense balance, weight and hand movement, but not the position of your whole body so it has no way of knowing if you are actually doing what you are supposed to. The xBox is a little more expensive, but you can get some neat fitness stuff for it. There is Zumba, yoga, aerobics and dance games. Most of these exist for the Wii as well, however, I think they are better executed on the xBox because of it's ability to check your form as you go.

In the end, though, it really comes down to how much money you want to spend. And keep in mind, a used system and games can save you a lot of money and be totally worth it if you buy from a reputable dealer.

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DH and I have the Wii with the balance board. I try to keep a routine of doing at least 20 minutes every morning before I get cleaned up for the day. (You need to *sweat* a little to get any benefit.) There are several activities to relieve the boredom. Our DGS has the X-Box at home, so he enjoys the different Wii games at our house.

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My daughter and her friends use it quite a bit.

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personally I would get the Kinect. I have a Wii and use it a bit, I used to use it alot LOL now I go to a private trainer Thrive Fitness & a separate gym, Diamond Fitness here in Longwood. The Kinect is much more sensitive than the Wii and there are some games only on the Kinect including a meditation one & a yoga one. Wii has yoga games but not this multi-series higher level game, can't remember the name but the Meditation one is Depak Chopra. Wii has the same meditation game but all of it's functions supposedly don't work on Wii like they do on Kinect. You can also get games on Kinect that you use your own treadmill, elliptical and spin bike for... ~ liz

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Thank you all for your responses. I have been asking coworkers for advise as well and there is no clear winner - in fact it is split almost 50/50 between Wii and xBox. To make matters even more complicated, there are rumors that a new version of xBox may be coming soon. Argghhhh!!!

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