Sudden roaring in ears?

catherinetApril 16, 2008

Hi all,

I haven't had a period in 3-4 years, but continue to feel like my ovaries are occasionally spitting things out, which causes that cascade of yukky hormone fluctuations.

I saw my ENT last week for burning/pressure in my sinuses. I was concerned that my CPAP was causing it. He ordered allergy testing, which is tomorrow.

I had suspected that my hormones were acting up, since I seem to have a set of symptoms when that happens......sinus dryness, anxiety, trouble swallowing, fatigue, painful joints and muscles, etc.

After I left the ENTs office last week, my ovaries began to hurt really I KNOW its my hormones.

Anyhow, last night, I suddenly had the worst roaring in my ears I've ever experienced. I really couldn't hear much of anything else. It was horrible. This morning its a little better. But I was any of you get occasional roaring in your ears with hormone fluctuations? there anything that fluctuating hormones don't mess up???


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Hi Catherinet - I too had Tinnitus, the ringing and buzzing in my ears. I have done some research and found that it does happen in menopause but can also be caused by a condition known as Otosclerosis, which effects the middle ear. It has to do with bone growth on the tiny stapes bones in the middle ear. The bones prevent the middle ear bones from conducting signals going to the inner ear. There has been evidence showing that HRT can be a problem when it comes to tinnitus during menopause, among other things. Of course, it becomes more common the older we get also. Unfortunately I haven't found anything to take care of this but I thought this might be some interesting information for you anyway. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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Thanks Bobbi,
I sure can't imagine living with this happening very often. It was awful! I've seen a supplement supposedly made for tinnitus, but its probably useless.
I'm not aging very gracefully!
Thanks for your help.

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