Over-the-counter HRT working - then not

elizabeth_craigApril 2, 2008

I was on prescribed HRT which caused all kinds of problems for me, so I started to try some of the millions of Menopause aids out there on the market.

I have tried probably three different ones since August last year. They all work great for the first 6 - 8 weeks i.e. no hot flashes or night sweats, then it all comes back again. I dont know why this is happening. Each time I think I have found my cure for the sweating, and am so disappointed when it all returns.

Does any one out there have this problem, its almost like my body gets used to the meds and then they dont work any more.I am 55+ and still get periods, and fed up with this nonsense.

From what I have read in this forum, most of you girls have either periods or hot flashes, not both. I get both.

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I feel your pain. I've been in meno for about 8 years ....started in mid-30's. I've never tried prescription drugs but have tried numerous over the counter/naturopathic supplements. My naturopath said it's not that the pills are no longer working, but that your body goes through different 'strengths' of symptoms. She swears they will work again once that 'surge' has passed.....ya right. She can't convince me of that when I'm sitting at work, red as a beet, with sweat running down my back. I think menopause is just terribly unpredictable, not to mention inconvenient. Me and my 'newly' acquired 30 pounds just try to grin and bear it. Sometimes life just stinks... sorry...

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