How to Survive easily with Cancer

mark00hallApril 24, 2009

Cancer the most deadly disease which is nearly impossible to cure, but every question has a solution and hence, there are also some simple that can help you to survive with cancer. People usually think that once they suffer from the cancer they are going to die within a short span of time. But, I can surely assure you that if you follow these simple steps you can combat cancer and live for more years, even like a normal man. Yes, it is quite difficult but now impossible. Here are the few steps with the help of which you can survive with cancer.

1. Have a Balanced diet

Balanced diet is the best way to combat any of the deadliest disease. Balanced diet is found to be as a very useful component that can help the cancer patients to fight against the improper growth of cells. Balanced diet increases the human immunity and enhances his power to struggle against the cancer. Try to include the fresh fruits and vegetables more and more in your diet because that will increase the levels of the proteins and other vitamins in your body that will surely help you to combat cancer. Even the intake of yoghurt on daily basis is found to be anticancer. Also, include the green tea in your diet that will develop your immune system in order to survive with cancer. It has proved by the study that cancer patients who always take the balanced diet are found to be surviving for more years, whichever cancer they may be suffering from.

  1. Do exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is best fitness trend that helps the cancer patients to improve their overall health status. It also helps in declining the irregular growth of cells that is root cause of the cancer. Doing exercise on habitual basis also improves your immunity of the cancer patients, which helps them to combat with the other disease that cancer promotes. By regular exercise, I dont mean you have to go to gym and start lifting weight, but I want to bring it your notice that even a daily walk for about 10 to 15 minutes can help you a lot. Daily workout sessions for about 20 minutes help the individual to improve his fighting stamina against the symptoms of cancer. Please remember that before starting any of these exercise routines please confirm it with you family physician.

3. Drink lots of water

Water is up course the most easily available anticancer component that helps all the impurities in the body to be thrown out helps you build a resistant power against the ill effects of the cancer. Drinking a lot of water helps the nutrients in the cell to be washed out and thus the irregular growth of the cells is retarded. Drinking water also improves the other body functions and simultaneously improves the production of the antibodies in your body that help you to fight against the cancerous growth of cells. Sometimes even the small tumors caused in cancer can be washed out of the body with the help of water. It also helps in the purification of the blood in the cases of the blood cancer.

4. Get yourself engaged

The best psychological blend that can help you to combat cancer is to keep yourself engaged in some activity like reading books or your daily routine work (if possible). This will help you to forget about the cancer problems and that will help in the psychological cure of the problem. Keeping yourself engaged will up course let you a good feel that you are not having any problem and that will surely help in the treatment of the cancer. Also, ensure to avoid the excessive stress otherwise this may lead vice versa.

5. Take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor

Last, but the most important thing that you should always keep in your mind is to take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Fix the same time for the medicine and try to follow this routine always because this will ensure the perfect cycle of the medicines that will surely help to treat the cancerous growth of cells. Please follow the recommendations of the doctor about what to eat and what to avoid so that medicines can show the best results in the given time.

Thus, follow these easy steps and live a normal and healthy life in accordance with cancer.

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