nearly 56 and damned tired of having periods

gandbbApril 15, 2003

This can't be normal can it? Anybody else out there putting up with this? Tell me there is relief in sight. I am glad not to be having hot flashes and all of that but gee whiz people think I am hallucinating when I attribute my zits to my periods.

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Have you seen a dr?I had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago love it,dont miss that at all.

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I had one at 43 and was the best decision I ever made. My doc recommended it.

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I don't know if I have this correct or not, but maybe you can get a procedure called an intrauteral ablation (or something like that)--it uses an electrical current and apparently destroys the lining of the uterus which would normally be sloughed off every month...don't know the "down" side of this, but I seem to recall "no periods!"

Ask your doc, I guess

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thanks Sooz, but April turned out to me my very last month woohoo!

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I thought July had been my last month .... until last week. What a disappointment. I've been putting up with this patiently for 39 years, but to have the end so close and have the glory snatched away from me ....!!!! If I still have it by the time I'm 56 - I'll be insane!!! I'm 50 now and patience is running thin.

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I started menopause early 40's. Was on hormones for 15 yrs. I asked for a hysterectomy and the dr laughed, but said the insurance would not pay for it. She told me I'd have periods as long as I took the hormones - for the rest of my life.... Yeah, right. When I quit the hormones, at about 57, I quit the periods... YEAH!!! Just replace the hormones with the natural things recommended!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Shouldn't your doctor do a blood test to see at what stage you are in menopause? Mine did a blood test for years and when I was 53, she told me that my counts were low and I should start on HRT (that was 7 years ago). The first year I still had periods and she thought it was someting else and did a couple of tests. She increased the progesterone part of HRT and my periods stopped. Now things are different, but still you might want to see if you need a natural progesterone or something. (Personally I go off of the HRT when the bad reports came out, but many of my friends still are on it -- a personal thing.).

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My wife come in tonight and told me the DR. said she would need a hysteroctomy. my wife is on the Estragin Implants.
She is having a period sometimes every 10 days in chunks.
Dr said she also had a tilted something which Ins pays to have done..
Some one explain me what happens. Does she still have orgasms?
Does the vigina still wet. What changes, sex wise?\
Are there mood swings? how do I need to help her during this.
Not to be weird I just need educating and I didn't want
to ask her quesions now.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Fat Daddy, You need to ask questions to your wife. She needs your love and support, so you should not ask a question in such a way that she will feel that she is disappointing you. She will go through many hormonal changes that her doctor can help her with. She needs to come to this board and ask questions herself. Sorry, but it isn't appropriate for you to ask questions for her. Your concerns should be addressed to your own doctor or perhaps to a support group for men. You really should address your concerns, but not here -- you are not the one going through menopause.

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