Source of delayed fertility??

phyllis_philodendronMarch 8, 2003

I posted this on the health forum but haven't received a response yet...was wondering what you guys thought.

DH and I have finally decided to TTC. Due to some "internal problems," we have always used KY. I did a little research on the subject, wondering if KY would have an effect on a fetus if used while pregnant, and found that by using it you're not likely to get pregnant in the first place!

I wonder: do the majority of couples who have been TTC for agonizing months on end realize this? For some reason, there is a high percentage of couples TTC experiencing dryness - no doubt brought on either by the stress of having to "perform" or just part of their physiological makeup in the first place. I know that during my initial consultation my doctor/NP never even mentioned (nor does the TTC pamphlet they pass out) that this could cause problems. Basically the acidity levels of certain lubricants are almost that of spermicides, which I found startling. Within one minute of exposure to most lubricants, the sperm can die. I also wonder, what percentage of couples spend countless dollars on fertility treatments when this is the problem??

Anyone else out there experencing similar problems? I just couldn't believe the general population might not be aware of this. And of course most doctors are recommending the very products that decrease sperm motility because they're getting a kickback, etc. from using those products.

What do you all think?

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I think that you should check with your doctor. There are SOOO many myths and "stories" going around that it's hard to believe anything. Ask your doctor point blank if KY will cause problems with conception. I can't imagine that your OB/GYN wouldn't point this out to you...


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There are TONS of studies on the 'net, by universities, etc. and physicians that say this is actually probably one of the most destructive to sperm motility. I couldn't believe it. The fact that there are no labels or warnings on the packaging really ticks me off...otherwise couples continue to buy their products and not realize it.

I did actually find a link through where someone had posted this question. The physician answered that yes, it could be dangerous. The fact that I found this information just as we were TTC makes me feel fortunate that I have this knowledge on my side, so to speak, which could potentially save us time and money in the future if we can't get pregnant. A lot of studies are out there, just not in a venue or forum where they are most likely to be seen by the average couple. They are more on a "clinical" level that would likely be something a medical professional would read.

As far as asking my doctor, when I went for a preconception visit, the NP handed me a sheet of do's and don'ts. This wasn't even listed. I do think they need to update their list, however, because a lot of info on vaccines, etc. has changed. But this was something I found out through MY OWN research. I guess you have to be your own best advocate.

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Wow! I had no idea. Phyllis, I have 4 kids and have spent quite a bit of time over the last 10 years with my OB/Gyn (I take personal credit for her oldest daughter's college degree, I paid for it afterall...) I have never ever heard that KY jelly can be harmful to spermies. I have lots of friend who have had trouble conceiving and we have talked about it at length. I've never heard anyone mention this before. I agreee that it is something that should be more well known.

Folks who want to get pregnant and have difficulty should have all of the knowlegde possible on their side. This not only includes what TO do, but what NOT to do. I've heard of men changing the type of underwear they wear, taking temperatures, charting cycles, changing diets, sleep habits... shouldn't they know about this?

Phyllis, I still say bring it up to your OB, push the issue. ALWAYS use your best judgement and trust your instinct. You have done some great research and I belive that you have some hard facts behind your decision. (I assume you decided NOT to use the stuff...)

Let me know what the OB has to say. I have an appointment with my doctor in a few weeks, and I will ask her.

I suspect they don't say much about this because they don't want folks using KY as contreceptive. Although, they should people who DON'T want contreceptive know the risks.


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I had an interesting chat with the director of operations of a small company on the west coast that manufactures something called Pre-Seed, which is supposed to be 'sperm friendly.' I went ahead and ordered the stuff and thought, Why not? When I got to their website, I couldn't believe it - they showed two slides of sperm in most regular lubricants compared to theirs - basically nothing versus a ton of little swimmers. I asked him if the company planned on mass marketing the product (he said yes - basically they're just getting started) and if they were going to approach the other drug companies who make this stuff to put a label on their packaging! He said they were actually told to 'tone it down' because they could get sued by another manufacturer for basically proving their stuff wasn't as 'sperm friendly' as they say it is. I looked at the label on our stuff, and no where does it say anything. In fact, I really couldn't find any info on their website that said t hat either. The best thing they could tell was 'flip top cap prevents loss of cap'. Yeah, great!

I suspect for many couples the first step to solving their problems would be to try this. If that doesn't work, then obviously you would take more invasive measures. I just couldn't believe it myself. One woman wrote in and said after 19 months of trying, the only thing they did differently was use this new lubricant, and they got pregnant right away.

The next time I visit the dr will probably (hopefully) be in six or eight weeks when I am pg - but I'll be sure to bring it up!

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Amazing! Think of all the people who DID get pregnant while using KY Jelly!
I hope this small thing turns the tides in your favor and you are soon "infanticipating".
Linda C

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Wow! I had no idea! Now I am thinking back to the conceptions of each of our 3 children. The 1st and 3rd happened very quickly (the 3rd a little TOO quickly), but the 2nd one took quite awhile. Did I use KY? I cannot remember! I DO remember reading anything I could get my hands on. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I started standing on my head "afterwards." Everyone laughs at this, but I got pregnant!!! (*Blushing*)

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So what happened? We haven't been making any gallant efforts at this, but I think I'm willing to finally consider it. I haven't used birth control for three years, though we weren't "trying". However, we always use the lube. I want to hear more before I believe it.

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I would direct you to the company's website. However, if you do a search on most medical-related websites, you can find plenty of information. This company's website was a bit hard to read (may be my computer) but they do provide references to back themselves up.

I, however, never got around to asking my OB about it since we got pregnant - on the ONE occasion we didn't use that stuff. Could be coincidence, could be just the right time in my cycle. I guess we'll never know. If you want to try the product I was talking about, I did order some and never got to use it - the box is open (out of curiousity) but the prefilled applicators are all sealed - let me know!

Here is a link that might be useful: ING Fertility

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