Polymenorrhea or too many periods!!!

elise909April 20, 2008

Hi, New here, but this place seems great so far!! I have read so much my brain is hurting. Ok, so I am having periods that range from every 22 days if I am lucky, to this present one that came 18 days since the last one. They are pretty heavy also. I was tested for anemia and was at 8.5. So I was given Iron and progeterone(mini-pill) but I do not want to take the mini pills. I have read a lot on the cream. Will this work for the periods, lighten them? space them further apart? I have heard of having trouble getting the cream in California. Also, I have been taking a supplement called 5-HTP. It causes the body to produce serotonin. It really helps with the depression and makes you sleep like a baby and wake up totally refreshed, HOWEVER, I think it makes the whole period thing worse. Has anyone heard of this and if it would make sense? Wouldnt you know? something that makes you feel so good has to be bad, right??

I have many of the other icky stuff but nothing bothers me as much as having a constant period. I can never seem to get into a groove of exercise and diet as I am always getting bloated and hungry up to my periods and drained after, and those "good days' are shrinking down to about 3 or 4 a month!! Thank you for reading and any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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Hi Elise 909,I too had very heavy periods every two weeks, saw three different Doc's, first two were men and the last was a OBGYN, which was a woman, and this was in the course of a year, did many different tests, sonogram, biopsy of my Uterus, very painful, and finally an Endometrial Ablation, which was suppose to either stop my periods, or make them very light, which it's done neither three years later, but at least I don't have periods every two weeks, I would find a Female OBGYN and beg for an Endometrial Ablation, it seems most Doc's want to perform a Hysterectomy when you have this problem DON'T DO IT, unless of course you have CANCER,I wish you well!

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I had alot of bleeding during perimenopause too, and had to have a D&C. During perimenopause, our various hormones get off-balance, and the cells in our uteruses get incorrect messages, as to what to do. This can lead to constant buildup of the lining, with no message to shed it. (usually from too much estrogen and not enough progesterone).
What happens is that it gets so thick and heavy, that it just lets loose, and ends up shedding all the time. Also, our cells can get so thin, that the actual uterine wall starts bleeding....which is usually constant.
Have you had an endometrial biopsy or a transvaginal ultrasound? Those tests would determine if your uterine lining is too thick. And you don't want to live with a thick lining for a long time, because it can become precancerous.

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I have been examined and doc just did a manual exam. He said the uterus did not feel enlarged or abnormaland since I do not bleed excessivly he just advised the mini pill. I feel when I am ovulating because there is a dull ache on one side and 2 weeks later I have the period so every period is due to ovulation. I dont really bleed very long. 1 day heavy 1 medium 1 light...so nothing strange just frequent! I have the progest and am axious to try it and see if this helps. I have also heard of a natural sup. called DIM. Supposed to reduce estrogen. If I could just reduce the frequency, the rest I can deal with! Thank you so much for your reply. I am on the right track I guess!

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Hi again elise,
You know, you just jogged my memory. My periods got closer together, before I started missing them, so maybe this is the beginning of things for you.
If you're not bleeding that much, did the doc say why your hemoglobin was so low?

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My anemia is thought to be a result of too frequent periods. Even though they are not excessivly heavy, they are still normal but coming so often I guess just doubles the problem, I also eat NO meat and did not take any supplements(mybad) but I am taking so much stuff now and feeling really good, only trouble is I am taking so much new stuff, I dont know what to attribute my success to. Still too soon to know if I will increase the length of my cycle but I have quit the 5-htp, which I think may have caused some trouble.

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Just want to share with all my friends something...Since I have been to the doctor more than I ever have in my life due to low iron and an abnormal mamo which I believe is because of the estrogen dominance. They decided not to biopsy but just "watch' it. Anyway, I decided to change a lot of things in my life, eat healthy, exercise, add supplements, I have been reading reading and reading and have cut out diet soda (which I loved) coffee, and sugar. I had gone 2 weeks with none of these things until today when I had 2 diet sodas and I want to tell you ladies...this stuff is TOXIC!!!! I feel like I have the flu and the big D! and I never get D!!! So I am just sharing this with you all, I am giving up that junk forever! I have read bad things about it and I am testament that it is truely..bad! Hope this helps someone. If this is what this stuff does after one episode, what is it doing to our bodies long term?? after we "get used to it" I think about when I go to a foriegn country and not drink the water, the natives are fine but it makes us sick...same symptoms....It is something I dont need and I believe is poison...just my 2 cents.

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Ok, it is a year later and I have finally figured out what helps my too frequent periods...I dont know if anyone out there needs the help but if I just help one other person out there it is worth it to come back and post the answer. It takes a while to figure it out because you have to wait a month or 2 to see the results. The answer is called chaste tree extract! You take a dropper full everyday. I now have 25 to 28 day cycles again! It regulates the pituitary gland which somehow stimulates ovulation. Apparently mine was being stimulated too much!
Only draw back is that it tastes horrible and so you may skip days...when I did this I went right back to a 21 day cycle.

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I'm 46 years old and in 2007 I had severe precancerous growth that was biopsied and removed. For awhile now my periods have been cycling about every 17 days or so. I'm wondering if this could be from perimenopause or from the surgery I had in 2007. I had my hormone levels checked at my last checkup with my family doc and all was well then, I've also had 6 month paps since the surgery and all has been well with them. Is my cycle coming so frequently something I should be worried about, or is this something normal.

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chrisg-63:I think it is from perimenopause. I am 45 now and haven't had any issues with my period. However, I sometimes get cold flashes before my period. I guess it is the leading edge symptom of perimenopause.

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hi everyone,
i am almost 21 and i have been having a full and heavy 7dayperiod every second or third week for about 6months now! its now got to the stage where i have one week on one week off obviously i am not old enough to be having any kind of menopause effects - i should have at least another 20years or so before that happens so i was wondering if you guys may have any kind or explanation or advice for me? i am booking into my doctors this week to talk to her about it but would anyone here have any advice like past experiences or know any supplements or anything that could help me?
i am taking the contraceptive pill which is supposed to regulate my periods but its (clearly)not helping. its making me feel really ill and tired all the time - like my whole body is exhausted and aching.i crave chocolate,sweets and caffeine when im on my period - like any other woman - but when im not on i hardly feel like eating at all and i feel so run-down.im just about to start my final and most important year at university next month and i cant afford to be feeling this ill and exhausted for then - i need to be able to work hard to get a good grade!!
has anyone got any advice for meat all? surely i cant be the only 20 yr old with this same problem?
thanks a lot guys

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