'warm flushes' vs. hot flashes

jennMarch 13, 2008

About two weeks ago I began having what I'm calling "warm flushes". I'm almost 52 and I'm expecting men 'o pause to knock on the door any day now (my periods started becoming very different early last year). I've always been cold-blooded and felt chilled or comfortable when everyone else felt warm. Well, about two weeks ago I started having moments of suddenly feeling warm, especially on my back, and I've been asking people if it's warm or if it's me -- and it usually seems to be me.

Nights are a little warmer but even without the 2 extra winter blankets I wake up feeling warm if the covers are close to my neck, so I pull back the top layer, then wake up later feeling cold again so I pull it back up, then I wake up again feeling warm.

It seems as though my heat threshold is simply lower than it used to be. I feel warm (and a little sweaty but not bad) if it's just a tiny bit warm in the room. A few times, I checked the seat heater in the car to see if it was on (it wasn't), and the inside/outside temp was around 71.

I don't feel hot and clammy when this happens, just warm for a brief moment.

I'm wondering if this is how it starts, and if they get worse with time or just continue at the same intensity.

If they don't get any worse than this, then I'll be happy!

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I've always felt cold, except for 2 periods in my life-1. When I was pregnant and 2. Now that I'm in mrenopause. My last period was January 2006. I go to bed with a thin sleeveless nightgown and a heavy wool blanket up to my neck. . I wake around 2 a m , sometimes 3 or 4, dripping in sweat. These are my "warm flashes". I change nightgowns, pull the blanket up to my neck and go back to sleep. Other than that,I am always on the cold side. In summer, in my air conditioned house,I go outside to warm up.

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Thanks Jannie. I'm really looking for answers about whether these flashes (whatever they are, warm or hot) get worse as time goes on, or if they continue at the same intensity with which they start. In other words, if the first flashes feel mild, do they continue that way or do subsequent flashes feel warmer and warmer until eventually I'm having really hot flashes? (I have yet to feel as if I'm dripping with sweat, thank goodness!)

Last night was cooler than it had been the past few weeks. I added an extra blanket yet I was cold all night and never woke up feeling the least bit warm. So, these "warm flashes" seem to occur only when the ambient temperature is a little on the warmer side... not necessarily warm, but not cool.

I guess I should get together with my girl friends and ask them. One of them recently told me she's "past hot flashes" now, which surprised me because the last time we spoke (just months before) she hadn't had any yet. So that leads me to think they last months but not years.

But again, I'm mainly wondering if they start out mild and get worse over the months/years. Just curious, that's all! :-)

I remember my mom going through this, and she looked red and sweaty. But her heat tolerance has always been lower than mine so I'm wondering if my experience will be different.

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I think it's hard to answer your question, every women is different. I am like you, very cold blooded. I'm taking an herbal hot flash medicine and still have mild hot flashes during the day and mild night sweats at night. I have noticed though that during the dead of winter my flashes almost disappeared but with the 70+ weather we have been having lately my mild flashes are returning. I'm starting to think it's not the hot flash medicine I'm taking but more to do with the colder weather and my core body temp that's controlling the severity of my flashes. I have never experienced the dripping wet sweats like some women talk about. I mostly just feel ill when I get them, that's why I'm taking cohash and natural progestrin cream to help ease the sick feeling. No one can really tell me how long this will last could be months or years. By the way I am 50 years and seven months old and hoping it goes away real soon so I can feel my self again. But somehow I don't think that will ever happen.


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Thank you. I think, mostly, I am just feeling a little warmer at temperatures in which I previously felt cool. If I start to feel warm, I feel very warm and don't cool off as easily as before. On cooler nights I don't get warm at all. I hope this is as bad as it gets for me!

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I have been feeling warm all the time and tired I sweat at night on my forehead and neck I took my IUD out 3 weeks ago and still feel like this. somebody help me

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