Palpatations & Spiking BP

lga64March 4, 2012

I am 47 Years old and have been recently told that I have entered the Peri Menopause phase of my wonderful life!! Being a little sarcastic here... About 3 months ago I was awaken with my heart pounding and couldn't breath. I thought it was an anxiety attach so I took some medications and it got a little better but didn't go away. I ended up in the ER and they did an EKG and said my heart was fine and sent me home. 3 weeks later I was back in the ER with my blood pressure so high it wouldn't register on my home monitor and I had cold sweats and heart palpatations... Stayed overnight. Had the Stress test with imaging, CAT Scanof the heart, Thyroid blood test, Chest Xray, and blood work to determine if there was damage to my heart. All came back normal. Still having the Spiking bP about every 2 weeks or so and palpations are still there but not as bad. GYN put me on low does BC Pill and I don't see that it is helping much, Anyone else have these issues with Peri Menopause?? Very Tired of worrying and paying doctors to put me on Anti Anxiety meds and making me think I am losing my mind!!


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Just after I turned 49 last year, my BP out of the blue just started going off the charts and a week later I started having hot flashes, so I went to my family Dr, cause it wasn't time for me to see my GYN, he put me on a low dose of BP med, but still thru the summer I had slight hot flashes, had also not had a period since March 2011, I felt so much better by the end of the summer I took myself off the BP med, but within about 45 days, my BP started acting funny again so I started taking them again. In December I had a slight spotting, just once and then the month of February 2012 I started to feel like I was going to have a period plus I was on my last bottle of BP meds, so I scheduled an appointment and just before I went I started to have a spotty very minimal period plus I started having palpitations and a panic attack which I have never experience in my life, the next day I was suffered what I would call a mile anxiety attack, never had one of those either, both left me feeling like I could not breathe. That's been a week ago, have still been feeling a little anxious and heart palpitations, my doctor took blood to determine if I was in menopause thinks I am too young.......? Now he wants me to go have a sonogram on my uterus for precautionary purposes. Know how you feel, hate the feeling of the Palpitations and the feeling that something is wrong making me anxious.

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I know the unknown sucks!! According to my GYN and the GYN in the ER you are not too young for Menopause. My mother went through it at 42 which is early but they say you will always be within 5 years of your mother in one direction or the other. Panic attachs make life difficult because you think you are having a heart attack. I just don't want the doctors to cover up something serious with menopause as the reason just because of my age.

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Well I did the ultra sound on my uterus and it checked out, since I have been having the anxiety issues, my doctor did prescribe hormones and even wanted me to go on the pill, I refused both, he also gave me a prescription for the anxiety, which I also refused, as soon as I get moved I will start visiting my Chiropractor again, I have also began eating yogurt with different fruits mixed in with it and sprinkling flax seed on it as well, I eat a yam about once or twice a week, I am drinking green tea and ramped up my exercise and I can tell a big difference. My mother was 42-43 when she went thru menopause and my sister was around 48-49, so after they did my blood test they confirmed I was definitely in menopause, I too have been lucky with the hot flashes and no night sweats, don't want to be on the bp medicine for ever either. I am from north Texas and lived 17 years in SE Texas, but have been in Ohio the last year helping my fiance rehab his house, we are on our way back to North Texas in about three weeks. In Houston there is the Doctor Dr. William Hotze, he specializes in holistic medicines geared towards hormones, thyroid and such, I used to listen to his radio show and always said when I go thru menopause I will make a point to see this doctor, he has worked wonders for women all over when they were going thru peri and menopause, the weight gain, being tired, not being able to sleep, allergies and men with conditions they experience with thyroid and hormones. His web site is Hotzehealthandwellness. The only draw back is because of the medicine he practices, he doesn't take insurance, but now they will actually let you set up a payment plan. He is an amazing doctor, I have actually heard callers on his radio show that have come to see him from other states as well. Hope this helps anyone else who is going thru this time in their lives...

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I am soooo glad I found this sight. I too have made a couple of trips to ER and all results can back that I was fine. Could NOT figure out why. Glad to know I'm not alone. Does any one get the loud whistle in their ears before the palps and spiking? Scares me so bad! What can I do to stop these horrible things? Not on any meds and don't really want to be. Is there anything nautural I can do.......Help! I have already cut out all caffine, sugar and spicy foods. I don't smoke or drink. What's left?

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I came upon the menopause forum in this site and read the responses you had back in March. Ie heart palps, anxiety, and ringing ears. I too have the exact same symptoms. I am 53 and into menopause. I have elected to go ahead and try hormones as I am at my wits end. I have been on them just over a month and a short while I thought things were looking better but not so the anxiety and ear ringing is back. I have a call in to my Endo Dr.. While I wait for an appointment I was hoping to find some answers. Did any of you have any luck or find any thing to help? I hope you folks are still monitoring this forum as my symptoms. I have tried a few anti depressants/anxiety meds but the side effects are just too much for me to handle and quite frankly I do not want to be on these meds. I feel this is related to menopause - so there must be an answer out there. I have not had much luck with my PCP or GYN, they just look at me and tell me to get some meds and as I said earlier not for me tried them and don't seem to help. I just started with this Endo Dr (he prescribed the hormones) but he is very busy and my 2nd appointment is not until November I am trying to see him sooner with no luck. Any words of wisdom?

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