Progesterone cream

Beti10March 11, 2012

Hi, I have been using progesterone cream for 2 weeks and my blood pressure since friday, march 09,2012 has been a little elevated. Does anyone know if my progesterone is doing this to my blood pressure?

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Beti10, I don't know, but I would recommend not using the cream everyday. Listen to your body, keep a journal if you have to, to keep everything straight. Only use the cream when you feel systematic. I've found the cream will kick in, in about a day, so I don't use it until I actually need it. Hope this helps, good luck!

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Is this an other the counter product, am curious if my wife may benefit from it, any dangers associated with using this product?

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Thanks, [b]kguise[/b], for your suggestion to not use it every day... about 2 months ago, I cut back to every 2 days, & now I'm cutting back to once a week...

Since I started using progesterone cream about 3 months ago, I've had a big increase in vaginal discharge... it's clear to slightly pink & very watery... I've read online that this is one of the side effects of progesterone... annoying, to say the least... I'm hoping by cutting back this particular problem will be alleviated...

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