Incontinence after pelvic exams

catherinetMarch 24, 2006

I began noticing this about 4 years ago. For about a week after I have my yearly pelvic exam, I lose urine really easily. I know my bladder is getting low, but it seems strange that the doctor doing the bimanual, would cause incontinence. It's been really bad this time, and is still causing a problem almost 2 weeks later. Anyone else have this problem after pelvics?

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I don't... I have other urinary problems.. But, I was thinking, does he push on your skin in the bladder region? I know that with menopause, the bladder muscles get weaker, maybe his pushing is sorta like a massage, relaxing the muscles more? Just a thought.

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Hi Heathen,
Well, she used to tug really hard on my falling-down bladder and say "This is really falling down". DUH! I finally started telling her to be more gentle, but I wasn't paying attention this time, because we were talking, but I think she was a little rough........but I guess it doesn't take much. I've had urinary urgency and frequency for so long..........but last week, it was like every 15 minutes, or I'd be incontinent. Bummer!

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I've read about bladder training exercises where you don't allow yourself to empty your bladder until a specific amount of time has passed. It's as if the bladder gets lazy and expects to be emptied at regular (short) intervals, so the exercise is to train it to go without being emptied for longer intervals. You might try researching that and give it a try.

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Thanks Jenn,
Boy.....that sounds like fun (not!). But it makes sense. I guess I get alot of false signals......because sometimes I feel like I have to go soooo bad.....but it's barely anything. I've also noticed that a little caffeine makes it alot does salt. You'd think salt would slow it down, but for me, I have to go more.......or think I do! Thanks for that suggestion.

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