red itchy skin???

ponderinstuffMarch 19, 2003

I have always been somewhat blotchy red on face and neck. I was told my estrogen level is now low. I have noticed that in the last couple months my skin has been really dry,itchy and more red than normal, in fact I had to change makeup it was so bad. Has anyone else suffered symptoms of this? My dermatoligst told me the last time I saw her that the red wasn't rosacea. I'm sure getting red and blotchy though. Worse sometimes than others.

I wonder if I take HRT if it will help. Yes, I know all the risks.

I'd love to hear from any of you that have had this problem.

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Hi ponderinstuff,
I don't have reddened skin, but I sure have problems with dry skin. I had it on HRT, and it's getting much worse as I am weaning off my patch. The inside of my nose is getting incredibly dry too. Also, areas on my thighs above my knees are getting bad to answer your question.....I'm not sure what your reddened face really means, but I think that if your dry, itchy skin is due to low estrogen, that HRT will help it. I'm afraid that might be over-kill, so to speak, though. Perhaps there is another way to try to moisturize your skin? Maybe one of the vitamins, in particular? Good luck. I feel like I may turn into a prune at any moment! ;)

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I'm taking a half tablespoon of a flax/borage oil 3 times a day and it has done wonders for my skin. My elbows were so rough my clothes would catch on them. My feet were so dry they caught on the sheets as I got into bed, but not after a month of the oil regimen. As an added benefit, I dropped two inches from my waist.

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where does one buy flax/borage oil? Do they always come together? Does that oil do anything to digestion? I have IBS and wondered if it might upset my gut.

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well, I buy my oil at a natural foods market, but it is also sold at my local grocery store in the refrigerated section of the natural foods department. It doesn't always come together. It is much easier just to find the flax oil. Fred Meyer sells the flax oil alone but doesn't have the flax/borage combination. GNC carries some, but I don't think they refrigerate so I wouldn't buy theirs. I have also been told that it doesn't taste good. It is easy to find it offered on the internet. You can buy oil from the Dr. Udo site and except for shipping it isn't any more expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr. Udo

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I forgot to say that I very much doubt that it would add to your IBS problem. It seems very neutral to me. I have problems with acid reflux - and it is no problem there. If you decide to try it though, start with a half tsp maybe. Do you eat egg whites? People I know with IBS have given that up along with some other things and experienced some relief.

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