Homebuyer23's REVEAL!

homebuyer23January 12, 2014

Huge Thank You to everyone on this Forum & to whoever invented this forum! I am still amazed at the free help offered here, you are all wonderful!

We live in a suburban 1980s center hall colonial. We moved in 5 years ago and cosmetically updated the whole house. Then we did the bathrooms. Finally it was time to make a real change to the kitchen. I had absolutely no counter space. The kitchen was just too small for our growing family of 5, but we did not have enough space in our backyard to expand. It has always frustrated me that our kitchen was so small, yet we had a large formal living room in the front of our house which we never ever used. Here is our old layout:

I saw a picture of this kitchen on Houzz that was my inspiration for my layout. It was a long narrow kitchen and I knew our house could fit the same basic layout.

Traditional Kitchen by Mill Valley Architects & Designers Mahoney Architects & Interiors

We decided to take out a load bearing wall which separated our family room and our formal living room. We turned the formal living room space into our main family room. This allowed us to spread our kitchen out through the back of the house, using the space where our old family room was.

Using my graph paper sketch and the paint feature on the computer, I came up with this drawing and this is what we used to do the project. No architect. No designer. It was scarey and likely stupid. We had a couple obstacles along the way and it would've been great to have an expert in my corner as we went along. But it ended up working out Ok.

There were many advantages to this plan for our family & the way we live here. We have been using the space for a couple months now and just went through the holidays hosting many gatherings large and small, and I am relieved to say I am really glad we did what we did & its working out just how we hoped. Hosting large gatherings is a huge difference but also day to day we just have more room to spread out, and of course, we gained so much more room in the kitchen and I enjoy cooking way more than before. Its such a luxury to have so much counter space, a huge sink, and new appliances. Ahhh.

The fireplace & dining area still does not look how I’d like it. We’ll have to come back to it in a year, or in a few years. I want some sort of cabinetry on both sides of fireplace, a new mantle, new furniture and a new rug. We will see. I also want new furniture for the family room.

We plan to make our old formal dining room into an office/den, but right now its serving mainly as a catch all room which is driving us crazy.

I believe we ended up with a pretty functional layout even by GW standards. I became so obsessed with the guidelines/rules here for a while & it really stressed me out! In the end, I broke a couple rules but I am happy to report that it hasn’t ruined my life! We have a 12” overhang instead of the recommended 15”, and we don’t miss it one bit, even my 6’3” DH. The aisle between our sink & island is about 38”, 36 in front of apron sink. There was no way we could get any wider, and I’d never choose to give up my little island for a few more inches to scoot around each other. (That being said I fully admit when the DW door is open it is rather tight! If you can give yourself a wider aisle in front of DW, do so. Otherwise the aisle is not a problem.) We also have no prep sink and I don’t miss it. Having never had a prep sink, the huge sink is luxury enough for me and I don’t think I had the real estate to give to a second sink.

Sometimes I still look hard and wonder what I could’ve/would’ve done differently. I love my solid gray quartz counters for their function and because I like solid counters. However, I sometimes wish I picked a warmer color, and then maybe did a warmer backsplash. I had a hard time balancing my longtime love of warm earthy colors & furnishings I can’t afford to replace yet, with my desire to go with the refreshing cool white kitchens I kept seeing everywhere. I really wanted to end up with a white kitchen that was still warm and cozy. Most of the time I think I achieved that, but sometimes I have regrets & think it doesn’t look exactly like I wish it did. But I am queen of regrets & never being satisfied, im just one of those people!

In the end what really is important is that I have a new more functional space which allows me to enjoy cooking more and allows our family to be more comfortable together in the house and that’s all that matters. I am so grateful for what we have and I love using it! Thanks again to everyone on this forum for advice and support.

Cabinets - Oxford Cabinet shop, Oxford, PA. Custom beaded inset shaker style Maple painted BM White Dove. Island cabinet cherry wood with “coffee” stain

Perimeter counter - Silestone Gray Expo.
Island counter - Calacutta Vagli Marble, honed.
Backsplash - “Hamptons Cararra” marble satin finish subway tile from The Tile Shop.
Hardware - Amerock Westerly in brushed nickel
REF - Samsung counter depth
Dishwasher - Bosch 800 series
Wall Oven - Bosch 500 series
Induction cooktop - Bosch 36” 500 series
Hood - Broan E4 Evolution
Microwave 24” Sharp Microwave drawer
Garbage Disposal - Insinkerator 3/4hp batch feed from Home Depot
Sink - Kohler Whitehaven 36” w/ 9” apron ordered through build.com
Faucet - Hansgrohe Talis C in Chrome amazon.com
Undercabinet lighting - Sea Gull LED bars
Recessed lighting 4” LED CREE from Home Depot
Island pendant - Overstock
Dining Room chandelier - Quoizel ordered through Lighting Direct.
Floors - site finished Red Oak with Golden Oak stain
Patio Doors - Andersen 400 series sliding doors from Home Depot
Kitchen/DR/Fam Rm wall paint color - BM Revere Pewter
Foyer, powder room, mudroom closet color - SW Smokey Blue




Kitchen TV...Now you see it

Now you don't

Now you don't, even though you should...(ugh, this was discussed w cabinet maker and I was told the doors should go all the way back, maybe stick out an inch. They stick out 4", and I cant see TV while cooking if I wanted to. I'm still waiting for a solution to this.)

Thanks for looking!

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Wow! That's gorgeous. I'm so jealous....still planning for a more open space with my family and my white kitchen. Congratulations on a fantastic job.

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Love it! It's beautiful. It's all great, but I have some serious window envy, it's just stunning with the bump out and arched valance. We also used Westerly pulls, I hope they are working as well for you as they are for us.

So glad it's working as planned, you must be over the moon!

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It looks terrific!

My top three favorite things; your marble on the island, your backsplash, your kitchen helper!


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Wow, great way to use all that space in your house. Plenty of counterspace now, and still a whole room leftover! You definitely have the clean-looking white kitchen with many warm touches, probably the warmest being your little man! Too cute!

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The colors are technically cool, but the overall feeling is definitely warm! What a beautiful job. It looks like a great family space now. And your helper looks pretty happy!

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What a beautiful space and such a difference from before. Don't second guess your decisions. I think your kitchen is sophisticated and I like the way the marble and counters work together and the wood floor really warms the area up.

I too second guess some decisions but the difference between what I have and what I had is huge and three years later I still walk into my "new" kitchen and marvel at how much I love working in it.

Enjoy. Your space functions really well and is perfect for a family.

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That's quite lovely! Your entire family will enjoy your new space for years.
About the tv - You might want to consider an articulating arm so you can swing the tv out of its little hidey hole.

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Congratulations! Love the marble, the cabinets, your cubby and the little man.

I second sippimom's recommendation on the articulating arm. Simple, ease solution.

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I'm so happy for you, that is a gorgeous transformation! The window is all the more fabulous for the marble and woodwork you chose around it. Love the pulls and lighting, too. Well done!

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Oh, my. Now I am seriously regretting not moving my window and making it larger! Yours looks spectacular and is just what I had envisioned! If I had seen this before and after before I ordered my cabinets, I may have reconsidered. We have almost the same before layout (range corner sink) and I opted to get my dream range rather than move the window and sink further from the corner. I sure wish we could afford to have it ALL! Nice job!

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WOW, how beautiful!! I love the warm floor with the cooler marble, and your child is adorable!

Good job!


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Beautiful and more functional. I especially love your cabs, back splash, island counter and little helper! Enjoy!

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Really nice. It seems like you just started posting about the space and now its all done. Looks great.

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Oh my goodness, what an absolutely gorgeous job! Especially love your cabs, island and that sink window!! I would thoroughly enjoy doing dishes there ;) Congrats and enjoy your beautiful new space.

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You know that we all melt seeing your little happy helper in the kitchen. :) Your kitchen looks very inviting and beautiful...and even though in a "cool" tone, it's still "warm".

I have serious window envy. You did exactly what I would have loved to do - enlarge the window and run it down to countertop level. But difficulties dealing with our brick exterior and budget wouldn't allow for that.

I love that you mentioned your narrow aisles...that's something that we will have in our new kitchen. Reading on here, and all the cautions about them, I worry. And worry. And worry. But, for me, the island was necessary for the way I want to work in my kitchen. We took out a non-load bearing wall, and would have loved to take out the load bearing one too, but that again went along the lines of the aforementioned big window. Eventually, the budget has to stop growing!!! Anyway, it's good to hear that the area for you hasn't been an issue.

Too bad about the retracting doors for your tv - we're doing those type of doors for our small appliance area and microwave. We were warned by our cabinetmaker that the doors would stick out...the one for the MW even more because it's an overhead retracting one (much like a barrister case). We opted to live with it because our alternative options didn't appeal to us as much. I wonder if it's possible to get an adjustable telescoping tv mount to put in the cabinet and that way you could pull it forward past the doors when you want to view it - I realize it wasn't your initial intention for it to be that way, but if you can't come up with a better solution to have the doors retract further, that might be a great way to make the tv work for you...realizing that it's another step (open the doors, retract doors, pull tv forward), but again, if it makes it usable for you, well worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to share your finished project. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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What a warm, inviting kitchen you built! I adore the window, backsplash, the beaded inset, great floor, and your little sous chef is just the best! Really lovely kitchen, congratulations, and wishes for years of good times in there.

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I quickly scrolled thru your pics at 1am but was too tired to take a detailed look & post a worthy comment. What I noticed then was how much I love your solid gray quartz (love the color), your marble backsplash, your gorgeous marble island & the cute little guy. This morning, wow, what a change! Love your sink window with all that space behind the sink & the new sliding glass doors. Even with the cool counters, you have a warm space. How wonderful to have a fireplace in your dining area (hearth room?). Your cabinets & island, very pretty. All your choices-perfect!
Edit: nice coat room!

This post was edited by romy718 on Mon, Jan 13, 14 at 10:26

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Nice job! Congratulations! I love all of your choices. And can't believe your new counter space--it quadrupled! Your family will enjoy so much time at that peninsula.

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Thank you all!

Thanks for the idea about the retractible arm, I will definitely look into that. The cabinet maker was supposed to look into making almost a shallow drawer for it to slide out on, but I believe he was having issues finding drawer glides shallow enough to fit in the 14" deep upper cabinet.

debark, ha! Im so glad it feels that way to you...I feel like Ive been harassing everyone here for advice forEVER!

Im so glad everyone likes the window. Funny thing is, the valance was never supposed to be there. We had huge issues moving the plumbing since I wanted the soffits removed. They had a plan that to put it mildly didn't work, so the cabinet valence was a solution I came up with to hide the pipes. I hate to admit, in the end I like it a lot, I guess more than I would have without it but Im not sure.

Also, I desperately need a window covering, for privacy and mainly because we get intense sunlight all afternoon. I need advice what to put there, may start a new thread, but...woven wood shade? Or roman shade in a patterned fabric? Its prob time for me to move over to Decorating forum!

OOTM & AndreaK trust me I know how you feel having to leave out major things due to budget. There's a long list of things we left out both in the kitchen and throughout house. Actually the window itself is one of my regrets, its just a vinyl window that in person looks plasticky and blue-ish white. My GC ordered it for me and the price was pretty high already so I couldn't consider other options, but I see other peoples beautiful wood windows and Im green with envy too!

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Kathy Rivera

So pretty!

I love the marble and the grey counter instead of the typical black! Makes the backsplash work perfectly. I also love that blue paint in your bench area!

And that window?!?! Swoon!!!

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I love the cabinets, cabinet white color chosen, the counters, the gorgeous backsplash, the hardware, the lighting, the adorable little boy in the pictures & all the light you have from the gorgeous window over the sink and patio door! Thank you for sharing.

By the way, how wide is the cabinet under your sink? What color grout did you use for your backsplash? Love your kitchen!

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Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! I love all the finishes, but most of all the huge changes in the feeling and flow of the space. Your window, with the graceful valance over it, is stunning. No bellyflops necessary to get to the windows? :-)

So nice to catch a glimpse of your sous chef -- the light in his eye eclipses the light from the window!

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lynn2006 - my sink is in a 37" base cabinet. The grout is "Snow White" from home depot.

However, my grout is in the process of turning an awful yellowy orange color! Im flipping out over it. I need to do some research and call my GC. Im just dreading what the answer might be.

Justmakeit! Thanks! Definitely a stretch for my short arms, but doable without a step stool or all out belly flop. LOL, I still get a funny mental image of that & laugh, one of the best chuckles I've had on gw! HOpe youre enjoying your beautiful kitchen, one of my favs :)

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Your little boy is precious!!!
Great kitchen transformation! I think we talked to Oxford for cabinetry too.(went with local guy) They did a beautiful job for you even with the TV deal. The arm would be the answer.
Absolutely LOVE the marble on your island. Where specifically did you get it. We are in Pa.
It seems like your house is new - just a great redo.

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Oh my, I love this reveal for so two reasons. One it looks great, and two it has many similarities to my planned kitchen and gives me a great peak at (hopefully) my future kitchen. Pardon me...I have lots of questions.

First I have to ask how high your ceilings are? Mine are 81/2' and I'm struggling with cabinet hight on my plan right now. Yours look great. How tall are the upper cabinets?

I think I have almost the same space you have on that wall where your cooktop and oven are. About 6 feet right? I so badly wanted a 36inch Bosch induction cooktop, but I told myself I didn't have room so decided to just plan for a 30" range. Looking at your set up I'm beginning to wonder again. Do you have more than 6 feet on that wall?

Which leads me to ask how you like the Bosch induction cooktop and oven combo? I was also worried about installing the cooktop over the oven like that but yours looks nice. Are you happy with both of them. Does the oven feel low at all?
That added cooking space seems great and I love the look of the Bosch. So wish they made an induction range.

I love the window above your sink. I think I may want to replace our existing dinky sink window and bring it down to the counter like you did. Also love the recessed space you have behind it for putting pretty pots and such. Looks great and opens things up nicely.

You should be proud that you did that all on your own.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me on my many questions and thanks for such an helpful reveal.

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Yes, head over to the home decorating forum, They will have lots of ideas. If you want to warm the space up take colour cues from the picture in your eating area with its yellows/oranges/reds and then you can add some of the same colour ideas in your open shelf space above the TV.

I believe you have seasonal plates in there right now.

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Beautiful, of course, as we have very similar taste. White cabinets, pale gray walls, darker perimeter couter, lighter island counter, oak floor and same sink! do you love it?

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Stunning! You new window took my breath away!

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Wow - what a transformation! I love the window and the valence looks so pretty! Coincidentally, we also used Oxford Cabinetry! We were basically happy, although we are waiting for them to come back and fix the microwave drawer (but they're already paid, so, ... well, I guess I have nothing to hold over their heads other than badmouthing them on the internet). When was your install? They may have been juggling us both at the same time.

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Love it!! I think your Valance would be an excellent example for not being outdated like so many people refer to valances. It really makes the kitchen imo.

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Beautiful kitchen. Your island is perfect with the open shelving. My favorite part of the kitchen you ask? That sweet little face of future master chef! Enjoy your new kitchen!

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ppbenn - We found the marble at Suburban Marble & Granite in Warminster. I hadn't seen anything like that marble at ALL the other places I had been, and I had been to a lot. I fell in love with the marble when I found it, the perimeter counters were then chosen to coordinate with it, and also to fit the budget, bc the marble was pretty expensive.

beanpiele - happy to be helpful!
My ceilings are only 8ft. My uppers are 42.5" from ceiling to bottom of light rail.

As for the 36" cooktop...it was one of my top 3 priorities to get a 36" cooking surface. My old layout had just over 75" of wall space there. We were able to squeeze a little more wall there by shifting the doorway to our coat area, so I ended up with 80". My counters there measure 78.5" I really wanted at very least 12" of counter space on the left side of cooktop, its also a drop area for the refrigerator. I ended up with 15" there and its just right. 12" would probably be OK, but any less and I don't think its a good idea.

I hope you find a way to fit it though, because it really is a huge difference from my old 30" range.

I am totally fine with the oven under the cooktop. It stressed me out too. But really its hardly different from a range which I've had all my life. I'm short and relatively young and relatively healthy. You do need to be careful installing an oven under induction cooktop to be sure you have the right clearances. There's a lot of threads about that on the appliance forum. I read them all, and psychotically harassed appliance guys and cabinet maker about it, yet I think I was still off by about 1/8". Kills me.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

marthastoo, no way really? I think we were installed toward the end of September. But then they had to come back for several things a few weeks later. Do you have a reveal thread? I may email you...:)

lyfia, thank you for saying that. I was originally quite upset about the valance, as I guess I was in the camp that they're ok but a little outdated. I must say the cabinet shop saved the day making that valance look as beautiful as it does, it really looks like it was meant to be there, and was worth the extra money we had to put out for it.
Still, Little Fishies window was one of my inspirations, I love hers so much and it has no valance so I think I'd have been happy without it too. But thank you for saying that, it makes me feel better.

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Thanks for the added info. Boy, every little inch really does make a difference. Too bad we can't move that door over like you guys did. We're stretching it at 6feet there so I think I'm going to have to resign myself again to the 30inch range. It would give me the minimal 12 inch counter to the left that you spoke of. I agree that's the minimum.

I can't believe you were hesitant about your window valance. I think it is beautifully unifying. I'm planning one as well. With simple classic lines like yours I don't think it's old fashioned at all.

I also really like the little lip on the light tale. Really softens the lines. I just might borrow that.

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Congrats....what a beautiful kitchen!

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What a huge improvement on both in quality and function!! The kitchen looks like a place you'd really enjoy spending time in. Love everything about the countertops...so jealous of how MUCH countertop there is, first of all, but I also love the shiny silestone being paired with the honed marble.

Do you love your faucet? I see you didn't have a pull down one in the previous setup. I have my first one now and I swear, I have no idea how I lived without it. It's the little things....

Where did you get the rug in front of your sink? It looks very homey.

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Beautiful kitchen! I love the lightness of it! And I would have broken the same "rules" that you did. :)

Other than the TV cabinet, were you happy with the cabinet makers? I live near Oxford & have been debating whether to look into having cabinets made. Yours look amazing.

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You have to be so in love with your new kitchen! It's beautiful!

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Your new kitchen looks fantastic. Glad to hear the narrower aisles are not a big problem. I, too, will have less than the standard, but I think it will work to keep people out of my zone. I really like your mud room bench and hope to do something similar with hooks above. I can't tell from the photo, but how long is it?

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magsnj...yes I love the faucet! Can't believe I almost didn't want to get a pull down. I've always hadthe separate handle sprayer & wasn't sure Id get used to it.

The little rug in front of sink is from Overstock.com

meddam - I was overall pleased with Oxford. The cabinets are beautiful and so well made. I did have a few other problems so it was not a perfect experience by any means. Message me if you want more info.

mgoblue85 - thanks, we had about 60" on the wall where the bench/open closet is. Originally I thought that'd be enough room for a small closet, plus a bench. But after he framed the 24" closet, the area for the bench looked like a dark hole, so we skipped the closet and did one long 60" bench. With 3 kids & cold weather its nice to have a dumping ground for everything when we come in. It is always messy though & I anticipate wanting to put doors there in the future.

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It looks beautiful...wonderful transformation! The dining room fireplace is just as I imagined, when you first started talking about your remodel plans. So happy for you....and your little helper is adorable :)

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The floor is stunning! Overall it is so lovely, good job!

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Not sure how I missed this - it's beautiful! Love so much about this but the contrasts between light and dark are especially satisfying. Don't you love the microwave? Really like your counter stools, light fixture and how you added a cabinet under the overhang (we did this too). Great job!

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Simply fabulous! I love your floor, the sink and window, counter top and oh that backsplash. A true dream kitchen and congratulations!

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Your kitchen is beautiful! I love your new window and island!

My jaw actually almost hit the floor when I saw your after because our kitchens are almost identical, except my kitchen is still in the before phase and your kitchen has so many elements of what I want my after to look .like. It was like seeing my after before we touched anything!

Thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful transformation. I love the marble! I would love to do marble on my proposed small island but concerned with upkeep/maintenance/staining, so looking at quartzite. However, I see your beautiful marble (thanks for sharing source) and others and re-think, maybe I 'could' be okay with it. I would be okay with it, once it patinaed, but getting to that point is my concern. Again seeing yours, I'm back to re-thinking, maybe I could be okay with the staining and etching. (sigh)

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I've always admired that kitchen on Houzz and I love your interpretation of it. Very well done! Your little boy is such a happy kitchen helper, I couldn't help but grin.

How do you like your Bosch 500 series induction cook top? That's one of the contenders for our remodel. What made you decide on this one versus another brand or versus the 300 or 800 series model?

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I had to look again at your kitchen and I love it! I also love your BM White Dove painted beaded inset cabinets and your gorgeous backsplash! I love how peaceful your kitchen is but elegant and gorgeous at the same time.Thanks again for sharing.

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Now that was a kitchen that needed gone! HAHA! Your new kitchen is lovely! So much more space and function in the new one! I bet you felt like you died and went to heaven after your new kitchen was finished!

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I'm so glad your post surfaced to the first page on a day I happened to be checking in!

Your kitchen is absolutely perfect. I love the marble island, the quartz, the backsplash, the floor, the cabinets, the sink, the window, and all the little details. It's so wonderful to see it all come together so beautifully. Congratulations on a job well done!!!

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We put an underhung radio-CD-DVDplayer-television under our upper cupboard. Not an ideal product because I hate the button design and the lack of loud volume in t.v. mode--but it definitely fits the bill as a swiveling unit that can be seen from many places in kitchen and retracts when screen is not being used.

Not sure if this photo is our model...ours is now 4 years old...perhaps newer models are better?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ok, was surprised to see my kitchen on the GW sidebar this week. Kinda neat, but wondering why, when there's so many more unique and more beautiful kitchens on here, truly!

Anyway just posting bc now Im checking out my thread again for the first time in a while & wondering why my photos are suddenly not visible?

And does it have anything to do with the huge ad that just got posted above?

Mpagmom, thanks for the kind words...you were a huge help to me during the designing!

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