Breast Tenderness

tomato44March 30, 2001

Hi Everyone,

ANyone out there having continual breast tenderness as a pre-menopause or menopausal symptom? My breasts seem to always hurt even after a rare period, which used to relieve that pain and bloat. Now there is no relief! I have to sleep with a bra on and do not even want to think of intimacy as it is too painful. I even sleep on my back due to the pain. I drinks lots of water, eat no caffiene, so I assume it is a hormonal thing. I went through the Hot Flashes stage for about two years on and off, now that seems to be gone and I have this and rashes, not to mention what I call a "jello belly!" I guess there are all kinds of symptoms to go through. Anyone else have the breast tenderness and not on HRT? Thanks.

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Oh, yes! No hrt, or progesterone cream... very painful, large nipples, looks like swollen milk glands...very much like what I remember when I was pregnant... need new bras, larger sizes. When does it stop?! Is this just hormone imbalance?

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Hi Megan,
I have no idea when it stops, but I thought for sure after I got this last period that the tenderness would subside but no change! Some women I know who do take hrt say that one of the side effects is breast tenderness, so I guess hrt for us would not alleviate the problem either. My chiropractor told me to drink 12 glasses of water a day and said it would help ease some of the bloat. (???) I guess we have to ride it out. :(

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I don't know if this is the right forum to address this problem, but I'll try it anyway. My girlfriend has suffered from over-sensitive breasts for all her life. It's so bad she can hardly touch them herself, let alone letting someone else touch them. Does any of you have any idea what causes this, and more important: how to 'cure' this?


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I have had breast tenderness for many years as a premenstrual symptom. I have started menopause but am not taking any HRT. I am not sure what to do as the breast tenderness is extremely painful. Does menopause make it worse? Any suggestions?

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This post seems to really sum up what's going on with me...continual breast tenderness, bloating, and intense food cravings. I feel like I'm continuously ovulating, but I had my period last week and after it's over, I still have the breast tenderness and other symptoms. Every morning, I keep thinking it will subside, but it's been 3-4 weeks now.
Now, I see I'm not the only one.
I'm so miserable with this, but don't see anyway to relieve it.


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I had intense breast tenderness in Aug. before my period, during it, and for a few days afterwards. I'd never had any sensations like that before, and it was pretty awful. Dunno what to think about it all...the next period came after only 16 days so I wonder if this is the start of menopause for me???

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Could be the start.
My breast tenderness is continuing on after 3 weeks and a 5 day period. It's just day after day with no change. Still retaining lots of fluid and the food cravings are miserable.
I feel just like I did when I was pregnant.
I've been into peri-menopause about 8 years now, so this is just a new wrinkle.


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Just found this forum because I am experiencing exactly what you all are. I am pretty much fine throughout the day, but I notice my breasts are so sore when I first wake up in the morning and then again in the late evening. Seems to be getting worse, too. Started out as soreness like just before my period, now it is every day and is becoming more painful. Does anyone know of anything that will help>

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Hi WaCris, It's difficult to know what to say about your situation. You don't say your age or any meds/supplements you are taking. If you are in perimenopause and not taking any estrogen in the form of oral contraceptives or HRT, and are not taking any phyto-estrogen herbals, then you may benefit from taking some progesterone.

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Hi! I too have breast tenderness. I believe I am in perimenopause. Still getting periods. My breasts seem larger. One has always been a little bigger. Now it is more noticeable. It seems it is not only before a period but during and after. When I was on the pill they hurt alot. Now that I am off it (was only on it for six months) the tenderness is not so bad. I guess we have to grin and bear it.

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I expect Evening Primrose Oil has been mentioned many times before on this forum, but I just wanted to flag up that it was extremely effective for me when I had a lot of breast tenderness, when I was still having periods, and also for a few years after my hysterectomy. Breast tenderness seems to be a thing of the past now, so there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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Usually progesterone cream or sublingual progesterone helps with the sore boobs. For me, anyway, and according to stuff I've read as well (Dr. John Lee's books about pre-menopause & menopause).


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I was going to post a question as to whether breast get bigger as we go through peri- or menopause, but since you guys are all here, are you saying that your breasts are sore because they are growing or no? I read that women lose a cup size, but older women look mighty busty to me...

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Well, the more I read, the better I feel. I've been thinking I could be pregnant due to all the symptoms I've been having (an HPT and early period tell me I'm not)! My breasts are bigger (just all of a sudden!), and the pain is getting worse with each day! *sigh* Why couldn't menopause be minipause, happen quickly and be done?!?

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My breasts used to be tender right before my period, and would feel better after my period was finished. Now they're tender before, during and after!

Could someone explain to me why this is? My doctor says I'm in menopause, but still getting periods.

Is this related to fluid retention?

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I have been in menopause for at least 3 years. I do not use HRT or drink coffee. Within the last year I have developed continous breast tenderness. My doctor doesn't know why.

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Wow, I have been struggling with this problem for 6 months now. I have started back on HRT, but this definately hurts more when I dont have a bra on. I have never slept with a bra on, but if it helps I am considering it. I see my OBGYN tomorrow, maybe she will have an answer.

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What a relief to read others are going through the same thing. I still have regular periods (give or take a couple of days)... I used to always have the swelling and tenderness just before my period... Now, in a matter of 2 weeks, I've gone up a cup size and have constant pain.... I could be wrong, but mine doesn't seem to be fluid (water) retention since I've tried prescription fluid pills with no luck..... I think I've always been estrogen dominant and wonder if progesterone could help???

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YOu could try progesterone. It doesn't help me, I have just recently, in the past 4 months started getting the tender swollen breasts...
I take a serious diuretic, and they had to raise the dosage, not because of PMS, for another reason, and it FINALLY seems to have helped the PMS/MENOPAUSE water weight gain....

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My right breast has been feeling a little sore for weeks. i felt no lumps, nor did my gyno at my last visit. When I had my mammogram,a drop of fluid was squeezed out of the nipple. The tech said it was not unusual and the test was totally "unremarkable". So I'm cancer-free. It must be a menopause symptom.

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Just a follow up to my previous post. I got the pregesterone cream that I ordered from Sarati International (one of the brands that Dr. Lee suggested because of the type of progesterone used and strength... too weak or too strong doesn't enable balance) and, after 4 days of using it, my breasts aren't swollen/painful AND my libido has returned after more than a year of being 'lost'...... I really can't believe it...

Once before I had tried a progesterone cream from a health food store and it did nothing, but I chose this brand from a list of companies in Dr. Lee's book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause". He doesn't sell the cream he just listed acceptable brands.

Just wanted to add this to the information already posted in hopes someone else might benefit, too!


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I have very large breasts and have suffered terribly for the last 7 years with this. The pain would start at ovulation - swollen, heavy and hot inflamation for 14 - 17 days until I had my period. Advil helps a little.. I tried everything and spent thousands of dollars on hormone replacement and accupuncture and the only thing that worked for me was to go on a birth control pill called Loestrin. Nothing else worked and it took 2 full cycles to work but it worked... As soon as I quit taking it the pain returns - no exceptions...

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Mine are hurting now (they haven't for quite a while). I also have (I hope) water weight. I haven't had a period since March. Don't know if one is coming on.

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Still haven't had a period (March will be a year). I've been on HRT since November, and noticed my breasts are extremely tender this month, and I feel like I have PMS. Very strange.

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Mine too have been tender this month. Also my heart palpitations in my throat are back this month. I thought it was anxiety, but it could be a combo of hormone flux plus alittle work related issues. I have increased my caffiene alittle cuz I went back to work and am so tired. I know it isnt good for me, but it does get me going in the am.

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One of mine started getting tender last month, I kept checking for lumps. This month it was HELL with both boobs starting at ovulation. I even went out and bought a pregnancy test! I finally had the brains to google it and landed here. This is my first big perimenopausal symptom.
I wish I knew how old you other gals are. I just turned 47.

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I forgot to add that the breasts have also gotten bigger, and since getting my period this morning the pain has lessened. I love to hear from anybody who's got advice on what the heck I can do. ;-)

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I am 45 and I guess here it goes. I knew only time would reveal this ugly thing called

My breast have been very tender for about the past 3 weeks.
I wear a sports bra to sleep in and it seems to help.
I know this sounds wierd but when I am in the bath I also try and rub out the soreness and it seems to help. It is really painful at first but I guess after a few minutes it really seems to lessen the pain. Has anyone else tried this? I am glad I found this forum you ladies have been a huge help just reading your posts and finding I am not alone.

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Thank God I found this site. I thought I was going out of my mind. I had an ablation 2 years ago, due to heavy periods, however, around the first of the month, I start experiecing menstrual symptoms. Cramping, tender breasts, etc., but no period due to ablation. RIght now I feel like I am about ready to breast feed. And it is mostly the nipple, one week the left one, the next week the right one, and now the third week both of them. Normal mamaograms, normal gyn visits. I felt very releived after reading these posts. THANKS!!

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I just responded to someone else about this. I found that I was "estrogen dominant" and this tends to happen more often in e.d. women. We have a higher level of estrogen to progesterone. A good diet, nutritional supplements and stopping caffeine has helped me. You might want to get tested as it sure saved me from all that pain I was having.
Bobbi -

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I have also found a fanastic book by Dr. Christiane Northrup called "The Wisdom of Menopause" and it is so full of great information. It has answered all my menopause questions.

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I am 47 and have been going through premenopause for a few years now with numerous symptoms (anxiety, weight gain, headaches, depression and more!) My gyno told me to start on Estroven w/black cohosh which I did about a month ago. It seems to be helping a lot with everything, except now I have constant breast tenderness, pain and swelling. My husband says it looks like I had a boob job! I've been putting off scheduling my mammogram because I don't think I could tolerate the pain. Doc said that this is normal, but I'm going to try cutting down on caffiene and drinking more water. If that doesn't work, it's back to the doc to see about HRT. He isn't keen on that until, menopause actually starts, but.....OMG how long is this pre-stuff going to last???? I'm going to try Dr. Lee's book mentioned above and maybe the cream in another post. I am extremely uncomfortable. Any other suggestions???

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So I'm NOT alone after all! LOL...what a relief to find this thread. I'm two weeks shy of 49 years old. I, too, am suffering from the breast soreness. Beachgirl, I feel like I've gotten a boob job, too. I like the size, hate the pain and full-feeling. I've been sitting here all day researching natural remedies. I think I'm going to try a product called Macafem. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Thank Buddah I'm not alone!! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. Normal Mammogram etc.
The pain in the whole breast, particularly the nipple, is so intense that sometimes I can't sleep for days on end. Has the progesterone worked for any of you? Any advise would be very welcome.

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Good thing I came across this site. I am 45 yrs old on progesterone for a few years mainly because of my fibricystic breast.. I was doing fine until I got my period 5 days earlier.. I was convinced I was pregnant because I got an immense pain on my breast. Period came and went and my boobs are still hurting my right nipple looks like it has fluid it is so swollen. I believe it's all related but I'm seeing a doctor anyway... It doesn't help that I have implants for 20 years... I did a digital imaging and it was consistent with my baseline... Regardless it's nerve recking

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I am thrilled to find all this info! Then I looked up and saw it was a gardening site, LOL. Gardening and menopause questions/tender breasts are my main two issues lately!

I will be 49 in June. I have had very few signs of peri/menopause. I don't have periods because I went from DepoProvera shots to an IUD 3 years ago and the doctor said not to worry if I didn't have periods. Yay! I started to spot last August. The doctor said spotting could be brought on by stress (mom had just passed away, I was going through a divorce, started a new job, and had major ear surgery--What stress?!). So after a few months of that, no more periods again.

Then this week my breasts (one more than the other) started swelling, like when I used to breastfeed! The only comfort is assuming I won't leak milk during the night, but I feel like I need to pump to relieve the pressure. No hot flashes yet, will I get them? I wish mom were still around for me to compare my changes to hers. I never had many PMS issues, will that be helpful for what may lie ahead? I don't know about vaginal dryness, as I'm divorced less than a year and haven't had sex for over a year. Maybe that's one of my menopause signs and I don't know it.

I too feel like I got a boob job (or nursing), yet I hope the one side catches up with the other, LOL. Not too much tenderness yet, but I appreciate the ideas for what to do once I need to start delving further into that. So I wondered, will the size decrease as menopause sets in? Will we have to change bra sizes back and forth? That'll be fun!

Thanks for being here! ~~ Tina

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I am 51 and last week I said to someone "I feel like my breasts are going to explode" Great to know I am not alone.I too feel like I am ready to breast feed again. it kind of feels like it did when I had a breast infections years ago and just wanted to get in bed with my babies and nurse it through. I also have been having clear discharge for a few years now and normal tests.I read that if it clear and out of both nipples that it is normal.
I dont think I have ever been so aware of the breasts before :)My question is How long will this heaviness and pain last ?

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This is the most supportive advice I've ever read. Thanks to all of you! I have a hot water bag stuck to my left breast right now as I try to numb the pain. It's nice to know that we are not alone on this menopausal road!

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I am 49, started on the menopausal road the past few months, but just started with this breast tenderness this past week. Like others posted, feel like when I was nursing!! Didn't realize this was a symptom, and feel so much better to read these posts & realize I am not going crazy. Thanks

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So I'm 37. I had the novasure procedure done almost 4years ago so I haven't had a period in 4 years. My breasts starting being sore over a year ago. It just keeps getting worse. I do sleep with a bra when it gets too bad which helps a little. My doc says it just happens when you get older. Didn't give me any information. Don't drink caffeine and wear a bra at night. There's nothing else to do and its something I'm going to have to live with. Not okay. I'm 37. When my husband and I get intimate I want to scream when he touches my breasts. There has to be something out there to help.

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Try these and see which works for you:
vitamin E
black current oil or primerose oil (may take a couple of months to have an effect)
breast massage
lots of water
cold compress
vigorous exercise (sweating)
vegetable juice (including dieuretic vegetables like celery and parsley)
Good luck!

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I was worried too my breast seem bigger and nipples get really hard like I am getting ready to breast feed again. I am almost 43 and think it must be premenapause symptoms. I just got a mammogram, they asked for a 2nd screening but just to get additonal views they said it is nothing to be concerned with.

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I just turned 50 and I now have sore nipples . It will not go away and food cravings,bloating and weight gain this period has stopped in month no 3 of no period. I don't feel good and feel depressed.does and have the dame issues.what can we do to feel netters pleaded share.I don't have medical ins now and have to find over the counter treatment or relief.

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I am 46 years old . I don't think I realy have or know about menopause but I don't have my periods for more than a year . It just stop lucky me but now my breast is painful big swollen and have a gland on the right breast - I don't have breast but now I have it feels like to balls . I massage them with camphorated oil and have a bean bag that I warm up every night and place them on my breast it relief a little .How long will this painful breast go on ? Help ?

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I'm 24 and seem to be having these exact symptoms. I had my tubes clamped after my 3rd child in 2009. I have mood swings like crazy, hot flashes, at times I feel I'm neglecting my husband (not wanting to be touched at all!), breast tenderness, I can lose 10 lbs in 6 days and get on the scale on the 7th day and I've gained 14lbs(water weight?). Just started missing periods recently, my hair is thinning and I have NO ENERGY! Being a young mom of 3 kids...this couldn't be happening at a more inconvienent time for me. I researched the clamps they used in my tubal states they can be applied too tight and it cuts off all blood supply and your ovaries basically die. I'm beginning to think this is exactly what's happened to me. Can anyone give me advice or their opinions on my situation???

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I'm 51 years I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 35 years. This past 2 weeks my breast have been sore and bigger is it menopause.?

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I had my last period at 52 and a menopaused one year later 53.5.... im almost 55 now. Not too many crappy symptoms...occassional hot flash (I take vit E 400) a day.
My boobs are bothering me now..especially one side. I had a mammogram, new lady tech squished/pinched me so half expecting cancer next check up! Doc said take evening primrose oil for this...havent yet.
I have only one other bad thing where i wake up gasping for air at night, but not sleep apnea...who knows....
and my thyroid went a little wack...but i feel ok. On no hormone stuff....

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I've just missed my first period this month (I'm 55). The only other major issue right now is extreme breast tenderness, even aching pain. I'm glad to find this thread confirming what it going on. I am small breasted and even find myself wearing my heavily padded bra to bed in order to keep the covers off my breasts they are so sore.

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I am 50 yrs old and am menopausal - no period for 5 mths. I am now experiencing breast tenderness, very large abdomen (thick and jelly like) - I am understanding from reading the posts that this is all related to menopause? I also have fibromialgia and am on Cymbalta and one other anti depressant. I feel nausiated at times and I'm not sure if this is medicine related or if this too is part of the menopausal delight. Is anyone else feeling pregnant sysmptoms out there?

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I have been suffering with severe breast pain on and off for years and not that I am happy that others have this but at least I don't feel like a freak because I do not know of anyone else that suffers the way I do!!! I had a partial hysterectomy at 38 and I am now 49. I used to have the swelling at the most for two weeks but now it controls my life. I get crazy cravings for yellow mustard on bread and vinegar just like when I was pregnant. I also have nausea and the pain keeps me up at night if I move an inch. I also have fibromyalgia. I am scheduled for a Mammo and ultrasound in 4 days but I really don't know if I can go through with it due to the pain. I don't even know my bra size anymore and dont even want to date cause I am embarressed by the difference in size and large nipples and I feel so ugly cause of this and forget about if he would want to touch me with this pain!!!! Nothing seems to work. Just when I get used to being smaller for that one week and my shirts start to fit again they grow into painful huge hard cantelopes.Ugghh...Has anything helped anyone? Oh and my bloodwork came back as being normal!!!!

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I see no one has posted on this for quite some time but I was happy to find this forum as I've been having these exact symptoms for about a month now. I am 50-1/2. Ha ha and it seems like as soon as I turned 50 the menopause symptoms just came on like wildfire. Always had a very regular period and missed a couple of months so once did a pregnancy test which was negative. I did have a period about three weeks ago now which was brief but definitely not light bleeding. The breast tenderness seemed to stop then but just started right up again and now both are extremely painful just to the touch (exactly like everyone here is describing). I haven't felt like this since breastfeeding. Is anyone else who posted on here still actively writing on here?

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Wow! I'm really happy to know that I'm not alone! I'm 51 years old and experiencing streaks of pain and tenderness in my breast. I have to lye down on my back due to the pain in my breast. I've never taken HRT and I still have regular periods. Although, the period doesn't last as long anymore. I'm usually a 7 days gal but for the last 4 periods, I'm 4 to 5 days. My breast have always been tender before and during my period but goes away nearing the last day. Not so much, now! I am in pain all day everyday. What causes this? Am I experiencing premenopause and what can I do for relief?

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I, like many of you am so pleased to know that I am not alone in having very tender breasts during menopause. I have tried a number of herbal remedies and the one that seems to help me the most is Ginger. I take two tablets in the morning (just the normal travel calm type) and this gives me relief.

I have read that Ginger is believed to have anti-inflammatory qualities that may relieve swelling and pain - and I certainly have swollen breasts at the moment.

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I have had breast tenderness on and off. What helps me is vitamin e and Evening primrose a relief...

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I just turned 41 this last March, and my periods have been fairly light (3 days... With the usual Horrible Cramps, Tiredness, Sadness, Irritability, Cravings etc. forever now.) I just got over my last cycle about a week ago, and it was completely different this time. I had a heavy flow for 5 days, and spotted for like 3 days afterwards!!! The usual Breast Tenderness, Tired, Extremely Irritable this time, Bad Cramps, etc... I am now suffering from MAJOR Breast Tenderness on Both Sides, mainly on the sides where the top of my arms hit. I am so completely swollen on both sides here, that it actually feels and looks like I just had Breast Enhancement surgery... I am quite Busty anyway, so this isn't real welcoming!!! My Nipples are enlarged and just as painful as well!!! I've never been pregnant, and there is absolutely no chance that I am now. I've been completely Exhausted, and having major cravings for such unusual random things... Once Again... 100% sure that there is no Pregnancy!!! Where I am swollen, it's extremely firm and Lumpy!!!! This last period was so unusual this time, I'm wondering if I'm beginning Pre-Menopause, and what I should be expecting, and how to calm my Breasts down??? My Mom doesn't really remember going through anything like this while experiencing Menopause, so I'm glad that I located this Forum!!! I would appreciate any advice and Tips that you all may have.... Thank You!!!!

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Thanks to everyone for their input...I'm 49 & my husband was ready to walk out the door to go buy me a pregnancy test because my breasts also have been so swollen and painful to the touch for the past 2-3 weeks & I woke up this morning in panic mode that I must be pregnant...eeeek! Wake up every morning with them so painful that it hurts to move. I'm typically very small breasted so love the increase & firmness but hate the pain! I have had irregular periods off and on for the past couple years...i.e...4 months without, then will have it for 3-4 days and possibly go without for another 2-3 months or have another one in 2 wks, so feel like I'm in peri-menopause. However, still heavy ovulating throughout it all. But this breast stuff is a newbie.

I've also wondered if I'm not battling with candida, as constantly have bacterial vaginosis..fishy odor & now have white tongue (thrush?), have bad acne, & crave sweets & salty snacks. However after readings others posts of the cravings...maybe it's peri menopausal..?? Anyone else battle with this too? Thank you!

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If it helps at all, I've found that "lymphatic drainage massage" works. It takes a while to work through the clogs in the breasts and get things really cleaned out, but in the long run it does help.

My husband started this for me about 5 years ago. There were days (or sets of days when things were really painful). It did hurt a little early on in the massage but a few minutes of some pain gave me about 30% relief within 30 minutes. He diligently worked to massage them (every day around that time of the month and about once a week at other times). After about a year, ~80% of the pain was gone in general.

It takes some maintenance to keep things clean but I don't suffer at all like I used to.

I believe there is a guy called Vodder (Vodder lymphatic drainage massage) who had specific techniques. My husband looked at the diagrams and tried that. He worked from the edges of the breasts where the lymph drains out into the middle of the breast.

It is still common to find some clogs, but when those are released it really does clear things up.

Just a thought.

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Amazing information that has been talked about for years! I really appreciate the information and discussion about ALL this. I seriously thought something was wrong to the point it could be terminal. I'm one month into 41 and it seems I've become really curvy, busty and irritated by these changes (though my husband marvels at the breasts). I'm a heavy water drinker, avid veggie eater, and moderately active...that doesn't seem to be enough. I find warm showers and massaging relieves the breast pain temporarily, but it returns by the time I wake up. I have to rollover on my side, pause, and then slowly rise to bare the breast pain. What little stomach I have has become jiggly and unsightly. This makes me depressed. I'm struggling to lose the 6 pounds that have crept up on me since turning 40...more depression because it seems I'm fighting a battle that I won't win. I'm at the point of giving up, but I do not want to embarrass my sons and husband or feel inadequate. I'm so fearful of HRT, medicines, etc. But what am I to do? I will be visiting a new doctor soon and hope to get some relief & guidance. Because of this conversational strand, you all have convinced me to see a doctor and helped with so many of my questions. Truly grateful.

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