Period after 4 years with none!

Carolyn407March 12, 2012

Strangely I'm kind of excited about this. My period ended early (I was 46) and I was sad about it ending, actually. Now I'm 50 and after four years, my period came today! Is this cause for concern? It doesn't look suspicious and isn't heavy, but it sure seems weird. I eased into menopause pretty smoothly and have had only mild and occasional hot-flashes and no night sweats. And now this. I would love to hear from others on this. Thanks!

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I personally would call my doctor. I know my mom had uterine cancer and that is what happened to her, stopped her period and 5 years later started bleeding again.
Be safe and have it checked out.

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Carolyn407, would you update us on how you are doing...? Not to be nosey, but woman always put whats going on but dont ofter follow up on how it turned out. It would be helpfull to know if you saw a Dr., and if everything turned out ok for you. Especially after what jtswife wrote.

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thanks for the comment and follow-up question. i did get checked out and have some things to address (nothing serious) and all is well. thanks again!

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