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robbyrobMarch 18, 2007

Hello all, I am 44 years old. I had my tubes tied about 18 months ago. Prior to that I had been on birth control pills off and on for 20 years. When the dr did the procedure to tie my tubes he noticed that I had a slight case of endometriosis. Since then I've noticed that my periods are much heavier and I have bad cramps when I ovulate. This past month I also noticed a light brownish discharge when I was ovulating almost like what you see at the end of your cycle. My dr wants me to have an ultrasound to check for polyps and fibroids. Is this normal and should I be concerned?

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When I had my tubes tied 23 years ago, my periods also changed to the worse. It seemed that I'd bleed or stain for 3 weeks with 1 week off. Only after I found a doctor who gave me hormones did my periods get back to normal. Other doctors said it was my age which was 32 at the time, as though 32 was a magic number where your body goes haywire.

A doctor once told me when I mentioned that I get brownish discharge that it means dried up blood and something they like to know about. He never explained why. But at the time, nothing was wrong with me except a fibroid which I was told to watch and see if menopause would take it away.

BTW, because of how I felt after getting my tubes tied, I never recommend it to someone else.

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I had my tubes tied when I was in my thirties and immediately had problems. They don't tell you about any potential problems when you have it done and act like you are imagining the problems that follow the surgury.

One of the methods they use is to put in tiny metal clips that are there "sealing" the tubes. I had told them I am allergice to metal. I think they ignored me and put in the clips. I can't get a straight answer from them when I ask if they put in the clips. They just talk around my question.

The recovery time from the surgury is way longer than they tell you too. Plan on taking a lot of time off of work, especially if you work on your feet, and do heavy lifting like I do.

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I am 53, at 29 I had my tubes "banded" the bands are plastic. I havent heard about the metal ones. Thats about all I know about it. I had a four year old and if I had a problem lifting and standing on my feet it has been erased from my memory. Of course nothing seems to stay in my brain these days. I am going to google complications from Tubiligation.

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when my sister-in-law had her tubes tied a few years ago, her periods also changed for the worse, heavy bleeding and cramping. They thought it was fibroids, but the ultrasound was clear.

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