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elise909March 6, 2011

Gee its been a while since I posted here..probably 2 years ago when I thought I was going through menopause and here I am at 54 still having periods...BUT..I had my hormone levels tested about 6 months ago and I was very low in Testosterone. At the time when asked if I wanted to be refered to a doc that could help I said "no way" I dont want to grow hair on my chest! im fine...I'll get by"...but now Im really noticing the trouble and its no fun...mostly I just have no ambition..no zest or desire to look good,no desire to work out or diet..I know its the T-levels because I know when I ovulate and from the last day of my period til ovulation I feel great..and then boom ..I hit rock bottom! I just want to feel as good on the second half of my cycle as I do in the first half..I gain back all my weight and then some everytime I go into that dreaded second half! I have been looking into the testosterone creams online. I have seen some that claim to be natural for about $40.00 and one that is called andro-femme 1% for $80.00. Price is not the issue if it works! but I dont want to waste money choosing the wrong one...anyone have any experience with either of these choices? I cant stand living this way...just so uninterested in life...strangely enough I dont have any other symptoms that are associated with meno...no hotflashes, night sweats, headaches..etc.my estrogen was pretty high in the tests. Thanks to anyone that has any info/experience.

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Don't get the stuff from the Internet, which may or may not be what it claims. Find a compounding pharmacy and a doctor who will work with them. They will custom-mix bio-identical testosterone for you and monitor your blood levels of the hormone to make sure it's the right dose. You don't need to worry about chest hair, etc. The objective is to get your levels to where they are supposed to be for a woman, and at those levels, you won't get any masculine side effects.

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