Pain much later after removal of ovary ?

ToothpickMarch 19, 2002

Hey ladies,

I had my left ovary removed 6 months ago.

Today I'm having pretty bad sharp pains there, similar to the pain I had during my first 2 periods after the removal. The pain started the day before I ovulated (from the remaining ovary), and this is now 3 days post-ovulation, with more pain there.

Has anybody ever experienced something like this?



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I had my ovary and tube on my right side removed years ago due to a tubal pregnancy. I have sharp jabbing pains on the lower right side every now and then. I haven't been able to establish a pattern. Had an ultrasound several years ago which revealed nothing. I have no explanation.

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It turned out to be a really bad UTI in the urethra !

xoxo JoJo

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