Went to see brain doc....

celeste_menoMarch 28, 2007

Hi friends,

I went to see my psych. and it seems that during all my confusion and crap from not sleeping and the crazy hormone change things, I filled my scrip wrong and was taking the wrong meds. Lovely, I just have to laugh at this point. Ok, so I'm back on the proper meds and he also gave me a scrip for a non-addictive sleeping pill. I have been taking it for 3 nights now and it does help. Last night I didn't wake up once. He also claims that stress is adding to my symptoms. I have two teens that I share 50/50 custody with their father. A couple of weeks ago I got full custody of my 16 year old daughter because of uncomfortable circumstances at dads house due to him and his wife. The thing that pisses me off is that they let me have her with little or no questions or emotions. She's a great kid. The light of my life. Good grades, goes to church, no drink, no dope, her step mom is just getting the third daughter out of the house and I don't think either of them have the patience to raise another girl. Ok, I'm rambling but so is my thought process. In the mean time, I'm helping my daughter with homework and mid term tests and she is aceing them. I dare anyone to ask me a question about WWII. Laughing...... Thanks for reading.

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What non-addictive sleeping pill did he give you? I just got one for Rozerem, but haven't tried it yet. Hope that I can get some sleep also. Life's a b*tch most of the time now!!!

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Hi zoezoe,
I will get the name for you today. I slept great again last night!!!!!! What a life saver. I'm not even groggy in the morning either.

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