How do you cope with hot weather and hot flashes

never-give-upMarch 31, 2009

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the hot flashs down or making them bearable when working outside in the garden when it is hot?

Thank you for any ideas you have.

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Lordy, do I KNOW what that is like...this isn't meant to be funnfy but I pretty much just melt. Fans help. I have three in this computer room, two ceiling and one on a stand.

EVERY night we sleep with a fan on in the room, even in winter! I wish men had to deal with this...there surely would be a cure then!

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This is a great question...I live in the hot & humid South and I love to garden too. The only thing I've done so far is just make up my mind to let the hot flashes come as they will, and I keep a dry wash cloth in my pocket to mop my face with...I wish I had a better solution, but I can't think what it could be.

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Wish I had the solution too. When my daytime hot flashes weren't so bad a couple years ago (as opposed to more recent night sweats), I kept homemade popsicles on hand all the time. Helped quite a bit with lowering body temp and just might be worth a try for you along with the other suggestions. During the hottest part of the day, I took a nap in the cool unfinished basement as well, and did in-house work at night.

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The only thing I have found so far is to soak my hair and head down with the garden hose. I have long hair so the back of my t shirt stays wet.

I have MS as well and heat makes me weak as a kitten. There are times that I have all I can do to get back into the house. I found some cooling products through the MS Society that I think might help in both counts. I am looking at the neck wraps that go down your spine a bit and the wrist wraps. I found at night that if I keep a gel pack on a towel on my bed that it helps just to put my hand and wrist on it. Also a wet face cloth. So who knows may be it would help outside too.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I bought those things that are made out of bandanas that you freeze then wear around your neck....OH GIRLS do they ever help! You can even make your own by doing research online. My aunt made me the first neck one I ever had and they are wonderful. When you live where it is humid they work well too!

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Keep a cooler handy with cold water in it. When you feel that hot flash coming on, take a long drink. I find it seems to cool me down from the inside. Taking a good phytoestrogen daily may also help cut down on the number and severity of hot flashes. Works for me.

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