Are fibroids the cause of an enlarged uterus?

MarionRMarch 6, 2002

Are fibroids the cause of an enlarged uterus? If not, what else could be the cause? My uterus is enlarged as though I am 15 weeks pregnant. I do have fibroids as well as an ovarian cyst. Several years ago a doctor told me I had an enlarged uterus, then a year later, another doctor gave said I had no problems at all. Now, a doctor tells me about my enlarged uterus and fibroids and cyst. He also said that I should be concerned if the fibroids grew this much in one year. Any comments?

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My uterus was huge when I had my hysterectomy at 37 (kept my ovaries). The surgery revealed that I had no fibroids - which surprised my doctor - they diagnosed my enlarged uterus as being caused by a hormone imbalance. All I know is that my life made a giant turn for the better after the hysterectomy. Good luck.

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i had a hysterectomy about 3 years ago. The dr said my uterus was very large. They did my hysterectomy vaginally. I think now they should have cut. anyway I had fibroids, I also had 3--10lb babies so i figured that was part of it,

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I had the same symptoms as you, but at the time I was 37. I had the surgery and he intended to leave the ovaries, but once he could visually 'see' them the cysts were larger than we thought and one had become part of an ovary. He managed to save one ovary but it was functional for only 2 years. In hindsight, I wished he had taken both as I always worried about possible cancer.
My body did feel the results of no harmones for a while until it adjusted but I did try every brand and form of HRT. They all had an affect on me.....from nausea and headaches to arthritic hands. After an Aunt developed breast cancer, due to harmones, I chose not to take HRT and feel great. As others have posted, everyone is different and it's usually up to us to do lots of research and find what works.
If you doubt your doctor at all, do get second opinions. My doctor was happy to see me get second opinions (I got 2). Some insurance covers second diagnosis, but at the time I had to pay out of pocket. They all confirmed what my Dr. had said.
BTW, I think your Dr. is right that the number of years left for your ovaries to function are few.

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I have been having nausea for about 6 months and the nausea is now getting worse. Went to urgent care where they said my uterus was enlarged. Now have to have an ultrasound to see what is going on this will happen Tuesday. Did anyone have nausea to the point of almost vomiting as a symptom?

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