Premarin vs new Estrogel?

menomomMarch 28, 2006

I've been on Premarin for a few years and just found out it's made from Pregnant Mares Urine, this doesn't sit well with me and my doctor said I could try this new Estrogel, natural estrogen in a gel form.

He said you rub it on your arm after you get out of the shower. He said it's very popular in Europe. Does anyone know about this product and does anyone else have a problem with Premarin being made from urine?

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I'm not on hormone replacement (yet), but would readily use the Estrogel over the Premarin if it's chemically identical to human estrogen, and it sounds like it is according to what I have read. There are also small patches available that you can change weekly (I think a brand name is Vivelle Dot, or something similar to that). Do a google search on bio-identical hormones and you will find lots of info on homrone replacement available besides the well-known name brands.
Mrs H

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