Do you have watery periods?

cynschMarch 13, 2006

Two years ago I had a period from hell. Tampons and pads together couldn't contain it. I'd wake up in the morning and my bed would be soaked--it looked like a murder took place. I had an ultrasound and it indicated that I had polyps. After a D&C all was fine for a while. A year later the same thing happened so there was another ultrasound followed by 90 days of progestin. Since then I wear a pad continuously since I never know what to expect. One day I'll have a heavy flow and the next day nothing. The flow itself is always watery and sometimes only slightly pink. I mention this to my ob/gyn and he just says that things change in menopause. Has anyone had periods of mostly water? I've tried to find out about this on the web but haven't had success. Help! (I'm 51)

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Boy does this sound very familiar. I had years of of "gushers" (ultra sound, no polyps no meds) and now it seems I have my periods more often, but the last two have been a drop or two of red than on to pink and very watery. I just figured it's pretty much coming to an end. Which is just fine with me. It is a bit unnerving not really knowing what to expect or when to expect it.
I'm with you on the daily pad. I've been wearing one for years. Infact my last period (if you can call it that) that was all I needed.
I too have talked to my doctor, but she said it was pretty much different with each individual. My Mom has been gone for more then ten years, so I can't find out from her what she went through. Although I'm sure she would have been mortified to talk about it. Not unlike most of her generation. God Bless her. I do have a sister that's 8 years older then I am. I really need to give her a call. She's the one that told me about menstration. Our Mom never told her. Scared the heck out of her when she started.
I know this isn't much, but if you are like me it's nice to know I'm not the only one with watery barely pinkish "periods".

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