Due to ultrasound, Dr. sending me for MRI

marie26March 15, 2007

I had an ultrasound done and it showed an elongated complex lesion on the right ovary. According to the explanation, it could mean an ovarian cyst, uterine tubal mass or an infection. So, I'm going at the end of next week to have this figured out.

Has anyone done an ultrasound and then sent in for an MRI? Should I be overly concerned?

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I had an ultrasound that showed a HUGE fibroid. At least, that's what they THINK it is. So my doctor wants me now to have a CT scan. I think an MRI is a little more accurate and shows more definition, but is also more expensive. I have not yet gone for the CT scan, as I now have a mass/lesion wrapped around my optic nerve in my eye, and have to go to USC to a neuro surgeon to have tests for that first. Right now, its the priority for me.

Do you have any pain? Bloated feeling? Heavy periods? The MRI should be very good at telling them what it is that you have. Until then, try not to worry. (I keep telling myself that!)


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Hi Marie,
I don't know much about MRIs for gyno stuff. I do know that my OB/GYN got an ultrasound AFTER the ER did a ct scan, saying that for what they need to see, the ultrasound is better. But I don't know how that relates to an MRI. Perhaps its good to differentiate the different layers of a growth??
Have you ever had an MRI before?
I'm only telling you this because the first time I ever had one, no one told me and I sure wished they had. In the regular MRI machine, you are fairly inside the tube. I have claustraphobia and couldn't go through with the test......but that was for my head. Since they're doing your pelvic area, your head might be out of it. I always insist on an open-sided MRI.
Like I said, I'm not trying to add to your fear....just to let you know what to expect.
Good luck Marie, and be sure to let us know what they find. Hopefully it will just be a silly little cyst!

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I had an MRI last year for my lower back and almost didn't go through with it because I'm short and my head doesn't go past the opening. The doctor didn't prescribe anything for me that time. The technicians told me that people take valium before having an MRI. The gyn prescribed 10 mg. valium for me to take before the MRI. The imaging place said they would be giving me a glucogon shot. The only time I've heard of this type of shot is for when a diabetic has a low blood sugar reaction. I'm assuming it's not the same thing.

A friend told me that 10 mg. valium is a lot for someone who has never taken it. Does anyone know if this is true? I do have a ride there and back.

Thank you, Catherinet, for the heads up. For someone who hasn't had an MRI, you gave a good warning of what it's like.

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Hi Marie,

Please don't worry about the MRI. I have had 9 MRI brain scans in the last 8 years. I had a brain tumor in 1998, so I have to get yearly checks. With a brain scan, I am in the machine from my head to just below the hips. I have had one for my lower back and was fully in the machine. For one of my scans I did an open MRI and with that, the sides are open about 12 inches. Some doctors find the image quality not as superior as that of a closed machine. I do take a valium as it does help relax me and keep me still, usually no more than 5mg and 30 minutes before the procedure. You are offered music to listen to and many times you can have someone accompany you in the room while you are in the machine, the tech or radiologist continues to talk to you and let you know how long each set of scans will take, usually each set takes between 2 to 4 minutes. There is a mirror that allows you to see the tech area and the room is usually well lit. Once in the machine, and the scan begins, it is very loud, but you will be given foam ear plugs. It sounds like very loud knocking and a jack hammer.

Check with the MRI facility to see how long the scan takes, many places now have newer machines that only take 25 minutes and that includes pulling you out part way through the scan, injecting a contrast/dye (no side effects), just a jab in the arm and taking a few more scans. If the doctor has ordered the with dye, it will say without/with contrast. If there are any tumors, they will light up when dye is injected.

I too am somewhat claustophobic and I do just fine. Please do not stress too much about it. I would worry about you taking 10mg of valium if you have never taken it before and remember take it 30 minutes before. If you find that 5mg is not working for you, then cut another 5mg in half and take that just before going into the machine.


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Thank you for all of your concern. Besides going for the MRI on Friday, I am having a root canal done on Wednesday. And this is because of a cavity that hadn't bothered me but was found by the dentist at a check-up. After the filling was done, I had terrible pain that wouldn't go away. So, now I need to get a root canal. Not a fun week.

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Oh, poor you Marie!
Are you going to an endodontist? If so, root canals aren't what they used to be. I've had a couple and they are no worse than getting a filling....other than it just taking longer. My endodontist's office is just great at making me feeling comfortable. You'll really enjoy getting rid of that tooth pain!
So try not to worry about that, okay?
Are you taking the valium by mouth? I dont think it will have much effect on you. I've taken xanax before for the MRI. Those types of meds are just supposed to take the edge off.
Just keep thinking of Friday evening Marie......when it will all be over!

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My dentist said it's not going to be a difficult root canal so the other dentist in her office will do it. He did one for me 2 years ago which everything worked out okay. I'm just upset at having to go through this again, and have to pay for a crown and a root canal when nothing was wrong before she filled a cavity that didn't bother me.

I am taking the valium by mouth. I assume I should take it about 1/2 hour before the MRI. Is this correct?

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Hi Marie - Yes, take the valium 30 minutes before the scan.

Sorry you are having to go through so much in one week, will be thinking of you.


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I had the MRI yesterday and the technician told me to take 10 mg of Valium 1 hour before the scan, which I did. They also gave me an IV to put contrast in as well as a glucagon shot (like the type diabetics use for low blood sugar reactons). They said this shot would stop movement in the area they were scanning. I slept through the whole thing. It was 2:00 when it was all done and since I hadn't eaten anything, DH took me to lunch. I ate just a bit and immediately felt nauseous. We ended up stopping on the hour drive home at a restroom in a convenient store where I ended up throwing up. I then got home and slept for two hours. I'm feeling much better today.

This MRI was different from my last one because they put me in feet first so I didn't experience going through the machine. The last time, at another imaging place, they did the opposite and put me in head first. Next time, I'll only take 5 mg of valium.

I see the doctor next Friday and will get the results then.

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Hi Marie - I've been thinking about you and was wondering how the scan went. Good that you had a little nap, bad that you got so sick. I did the 10mg a valium for one of my scans and was loopy for almost 24 hours, didn't remember much of the scan or the rest of the day LOL.

Glad you are feeling better and all this is behind you, I know it's been a stressful week and I am sure the report will come back fine.

take care,

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Thank you, Cheryl, for thinking of me. I really do appreciate it. Today, I got a notice in the mail saying that my pap smear came back normal so I'm hopeful that all this is just an over cautious doctor which I'm thankful for. On Friday, at my next appointment, the doctor wants to do a biopsy.

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Hi Marie,
I'm glad things went okay (except for the throwing up).
I'm glad your pap smear is normal.....that's something to be thankful for!
Sometimes, after people get a filling that is deep, it causes the root to start having troubles. I have alot of crowns, and it seems like after I get the crown, I start needing root canals on those teeth. Sometimes I seriously consider false teeth! I have a real dentist phobia, and when I think of how grand life could be, never having to go back, I seriously consider it. But then my dentist tells me how much chewing power I would lose........and I change my mind. I have about 14 crowns.
Anyhow.....let us know what the MRI results are!

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My mom had a full upper denture, never get a lower unless you just have too, not enough to hang on to on the lower. The upper denture covers the palate, your perception of hot and cold are way off. Taste buds are in the trash can as well. If you dont have a high palate it is hard to keep them in. If you dont replace them every 5 years, you loose vertical dimenson and get those lines around your mouth and your chin is scrunched up believe be as long as you can get those crowns. Dentist should give you some ativan or valium for the procedures. It bad enough to have hot flashes, but we should at the very least be able to eat what we want.

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I saw the doctor today and she did a biopsy. I'll find out the results sometime after Tuesday next week. She said that the MRI confirmed what the ultrasound showed which means that if the biopsy doesn't show something, I shouldn't worry about it. But the radiologists who did the MRI suggested I get another one in 4 - 6 weeks. Also, I've been on antibiotics and anti inflammatories because of my teeth and the doctor said that she would have prescribed these just in case I had an infection.

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