tinnitis in menopause anyone?

jeanMarch 31, 2001

I am 39 years old and am more than likely pre-menopausal (hopefully only pre-). I have had hot flashes over the past few months, have lost much, much more hair than usual over the past year, felt more anxious, had short 1-day periods, doubled up periods in a month, etc., etc.

I recently developed severe tinitis which virtually incapacitated me for over a month. My ears literally roared at one point. Now I get crickets, frogs, buzzers, extremely high-pitched bells, etc. I am on various drugs to help me sleep.

I will be undoubtedly forced to change my life, including job in the near future.

I was diagnosed with Tempromandibular joint dysfunction at the same time. Extremely painful at times; only sore other times.

I don't believe weight plays a role in tinnitis. I'm 121 pounds 5'2."

I'm trying B complex, and have also read articles that said zinc and magnesium play roles in inner ear health.

Unfortunately, tinnitis seems to be fairly ignored by the medical community. Probably because it doesn't kill people outright.

The drug lidocaine has been found to temporarily stop the problem, but the drug is too dangerous. (Personally, I'd probably take the risk.) According to the American Tinnitus Association literature, there is currently research underway to find a drug with the same effects that is more safe.

Hopefully the drug companies will realize how much profit it could make by developing a drug to relieve tinnitis for the again baby-boomer population.

Till then...I've found lots of hot baths and chamomile tea help to soooth on bad nights.

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I certainly can relate to you. I have had tinnitis for over a year, now, and it never lets up. I have read that the herb, black cohosh, can help with ringing in the ears. I am currently on it, in the form of remifemin. I have not been on it long enough to make a difference yet. I too, hope the drug companies find a cure for this. Until then, I will keep on trying anything that may help. Hang in there, you are not alone.

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Yes, to the tinnitis thing. Mine started about 2 years ago. I have been somewhat successful at ignoring it. Curiously mine also appeared at the same time as facial and jaw pain, it was quite excruciating. The pain seemed to get better at the same time I had some dental work done, but the ringing is still there. I'm pretty tired of trying to figure out how one thing plays into the other. I do think the ringing gets worse with aspirin use.

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I just returned form a visit to a ENT doctor who told me the line that I've been reading everyone during my tinitis internet search "Can't do anything about it." June Lynn, you mentioned facial and jaw pain and dental work. I asked the doctor if there was any relationship between poor jaws (ot TMJ) and tinitis and he said no, but I'm not sure I agree. Have any of you more experience about that relationship? (I have loose jaws and have had lots of dental work lately.)

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Hi Kathy - What do you mean by "loose jaws". Mine click ?when I open my mouth wide and maybe we are talking about the same thing. I also have ringing ears - nothing terribly noticeable but just "there".

I'll be interested if anyone else thinks there is a connection.


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Oh Yes, all of the above complaints. TMJ since I was a teen, lots of dental work recently and 58yrs old so am in the Senior age bracket going through menopause and on Estrogen and Progesterone.This constant ringing/buzzing in my ears has been going on for 9 months now. Audiologist says there's nothing wrong with my hearing. But after reading further on the subject I'm next going to try upping my Vit.B12, BetaCarotene,Selenium and Potassium and see what happens. All of these vitamins have an immediate effect on "Tinnitis" ringing in the ears. If that doesn't help I might consisder being another "Van Gogh" (just joking)

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There is definately a correlation between tinnitus and TMJ. My TMJ got so out of control and was way overtreated...too many splints and too much physical therapy.

I did the whole ENT route also. The Speacialist I saw said the ringing in the ears was (in my case) related to my jaw. Fortunately that part subsided quite a bit and tends to be transient.

I know what you mean by the "loose jaw". My bite got so screwed up that now my teeth hit each other involuntarily a lot. In my case the only solution (if it could be guarenteed??)....would be very extensive surgery and braces. I would not subject myself to such trauma unless I koew for sure the outcome would be positive...sorry to get off the track..but the ringing in the ears can subside. That's the good news!

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Thanks Robyn

I have noticed the ringing ears come and go so that doesn't matter. The jaw I shall just leave because it has been the same for years and got no worse. I don't want to go down the specialist path you did because its not as bad as yours. I can't chew gum because my jaw would ache so much and I can live without that quite happily.


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I read on a web site that when a group of people suffering from TMJ pain were asked one year later if they still had pain, most reported that they did not. For some reason that helped me when I was going through what could only be described as excruciating, fall on my knees pain. It was bad The accompaning ear ringing was secondary to the pain. Well, good news is that the pain has left. I am sometimes aware of tinnitus but it can't be that bad because mostly I don't notice it. To this day the only think I can think got the whole thing started was undetected dental problems. When one of my teeth broke and I had it taken care of the pain of TMJ never returned. I just don't know. I also know that the last 3 years of menopause or perimenopause have been the weirdest 3 years I've ever gone through. Urinary problems, tinnitus, phantom periods of some kind. Unbelievable all and all. Anyway, things do seem to be easing slowly. I also sleep better lately

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Hi There
Please be warned that Lorazapam anxiety medication can cause
Tinnitis. I got this from a Hearing specialist. I was taking
it occasionally to help sleep. There are many meds that can
trigger Tinnitis; ASPIRIN, anxiety meds, antibiotics and some antidepressants. I have been suffering with ringing for several months, along with many premeno symptoms. I believe there may be a connection.

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I am 54 and was never bothered by tinnitis until I started taking blood pressure medication, at first Norvasc and most recently Toprol XL, which, unlike calcium channel blocker Norvasc, is a Beta Blocker - a more helpful medication for me since it reduce anxiety feelings alsong with blood pressure. Both of these drugs report a signifcant though small (less than 1 per cent) incidence of tinnitis side effects. I also take Ortho Prefest HRT so that might be the culprit! Toprol XL seems to be helping me but I'm wondering if the price I must pay is to tolerate tinnitis for the rest of my life. Ortho prefest seems to cause frequent (every 2 or 3 weeks) periods.Anyone else with similar experience or with suggestions?

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Lorazapam is the generic for Zanax and it does NOT cause tinnutis --in fact it dialates the blood vessels to actually helps it!!!Its the only thing that does. I use it for mine and you can even tell when it kicks in. My neuro-ENT prescribed it for me --He even uses it!!Tinnutus is a result of injury to the nerves and I have hearing loss --Lucky you don't.Tinnutus an be mild or severe Mine was like a train and it finally got less noticable after three years I had some electical stimulation therapy but it didnt seem to help all that much---DO NOT USE ANY CAFFIENE OR ANTIHIS/DECONGESTANTS ever as they will cause inner ear problems!!!!!!!Take my word fo it!!

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sorry I was speaking of Alprazolam!!!!-- what is the other one for

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I've had tinnitus for about a year as a result of fluid in ear and subsequent nerve damage and partial deafness in that ear.

I have been on Neurontin for a couple of weeks. It is an anti-convulsant but has a lot of off label uses. A friend with severe rhumatoid arthritis told me about it. It lessened her pain and brought her out of a severe depression in 24 hours. I noticed that my tinnitus was much more bearable after a day or so on 300 mg of Neurontin. I asked the doctor to let me increase the dose but got tired and depressed so I quit for a few days. Am now back on 300 mg a day and feeling good. the ringing in my ear is no longer distracting and I am functioning better at work and at home. My mood is brighter too. Tinnitus and hearing loss tend to make one feel withdrawn and down.

There is a lidocaine patch under development that may offer hope for tinitus. Lidocaine works IV and eliminates tinnitus in most subjects but has to be injected every 30 minutes so isn't a practical cure. If it works as a patch behind the ear that would be great.

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I discovered that my tinnitis is caused by arthritis in my neck (cervical spondylosis).

Good health

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Justine - hate to disagree with you but lorazepam is the generic for Ativan, Xanax's generic is alazapram (SP)

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I developed a ringing in my ears over 2 months ago when I began taking Lipitor for high cholesterol. I stopped my medication, but the ringing or buzzing is still there. I notice it mostly at night when I drift off to sleep. My sleep has been interrupted for many months now and I wake up a couple of times a night. That's when the ringing sounds are very loud. My doctor sent me for a hearing test a couple of weeks ago and there are no problems with my hearing according to the audiologist. I am 50 and think I am pre-menopausal. So many different things are happening to me that never bothered me before and I don't know if they're related to menopause or not. I'm glad I'm not alone.

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Hi jean, I think the problem is that when our estrogen gets low, our sinuses tend to dry out. Our mucous gets thick, and also our veins around our eustachian tubes get a bit engorged. I am having alot of trouble with one of my ears plugging up (inner ear)......which can lead to alot of tinnitus. I hate it. I've tried drinking tons of water, avoiding too much salt. It comes and goes. It seems to get worse around my periods (or whatever is left of them). What helps me the most is using a home-made saline spray, which seems to open up my eustachian tubes more than anything. My ENT also told me that he gets alot of menopausal women in with alot of sinus complaints. Bummer. What part of our entire bodies DON'T our falling hormones affect??? Good luck.......I know how totally irritating these noises in our ears can be. Try lots of water, low salt, and maybe some higher doses of guaifenesin (which is a pretty benign drug that thins secretions).

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Hi, everyone. Just want to share some info with you. My husband has had tinnitis for 43 years with one ear totally deaf and the other severe tinnitis 24/7. The good ear has only mediate/low pitch hearing left. Two weeks ago he started a herbal med from S. Africa found on internet
www.t-gone.com. To our surprise, his tinnitis starts lessening and hearing coming back a little. We did not believe anybody until we saw the results. Hope it will help all of you. BTW, his tinnitis is catagorized as Type 4, which is the most succussfully treated with T-gone med, according to them.

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Oh my gosh! I was just wasting some time on the computer and was reading through some of your posts. I just went for an MRI on my head and x-rays on my neck trying to find out what causing my neck, ear, and jaw to hurt! I'll bet this is it! I skipped a period last month and I'll bet I'm going through menopause too. (I'm 45) I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I've been worried sick thinking I might be dying!!! I am going to mention this to my dr. when I go back and see what she says. The tests came back on my neck x-ray and I have to go back in to see her because she said something about "degenerating bone" in my neck area. No word yet on my MRI.

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If all has failed you search out a hearing specialist who has expertise in adding to the hearing aid a frequency signal that nuls frequency you are sensing. There is a hearing company in Minn. "starkie" a large hearing aid maker who provides this service and probably knows people in your area who provide the service.

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