Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Chicago

gjblJanuary 3, 2010


Thanks to everyone for all their advice and input. I've learned a lot and this site has given me a lot of great ideas / information.

Question: can anyone recommend a good custom cabinet maker in Chicago? There are a lot out there, but I have no idea who is good.

We are looking for frameless cabinets with slab-style doors.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Wow. So am I. Frameless with slab. loves2cook4six has beautiful Amish made custom cabs, slab doors, made by Ayr Cabinetry in Nappanee, Indiana and she lives in a Chicago suburb. Her kitchen is probably shown on the finished kitchens blog. Do a search for 'Ayr' and her cabinets will probably pop up.

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Westsider40 - thanks for getting back to me. Where are you on the west side? I'm down in W.P./Ukrainian Village.

I saw loves2cook4six's kitchen - it is beautiful. I have a mail out to Ayr, but would like to get a few options. Let me know if you come across anything else... Thanks!

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Ha. Was born on the west side many decades ago. Moved to the north side, married dh1 and moved to Skokie, Wilmette. Married dh2 in 1975-moved from Wilmette to Northbrook. Been in this same house since April '77. LOONg time. And same good old dh. A keeper, good and nutty.

Some friends happily used Kitchens/Baths/unlimited in Glenview. Definitely worth getting a price from them. Look at their web site. I have several neighbors who have their kitchens. Google them and check their site

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well hello there, Chicagoland people!!! We were in Bucktown for about 10 years before moving this summer to Arlington Heights to our new home.

We used a custom guy out of Libertyville - I'm sure he would come to the city. He's a small shop guy, but beautiful work and timely. Would highly recommend his workmanship and pricing was very reasonable commpared to non-custom options I priced out.

Bill Adamczyk
Libertyville Cabinetry

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This isn't in Chicago, but if you go East on the Indiana Toll Road to Shipshewana, Indiana, you'll find Riegsecker's. They're an Amish shop, do fabulous work, and are great to work with. We lived very near there in Indiana, and had planned to use them for our Tennessee build. They did some plannning work for us and we were very impressed. As it turned out, we found something here that we were happy with, so we ended up not using Riegsecker's, but I feel very confident recommending them.

Also, Westsider recomended looking at Ayr in Nappanee . . . again, this was the area we lived in for many years, and Ayr has a great reputation.

Incidentally, both Shipshewana and Nappanee are fun little towns to visit in the summer -- both have great shops, plus Shipshewana has a huge, very fun flea market two days a week and Nappanee has Amish Acres.

Thus endeth my brief guided tour of Northern Indiana!! I'm feeling a little homesick this morning!

Here is a link that might be useful: Riegsecker's

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Nothing like kitchens to bring people in Chicago together... Apparently no matter hard you try, you can't get take the west side out of arlington heights / northbrook folks. Good to know!

I heard back from Ayr - they don't make frameless cabinets, but rather frame cabinets with a full overlay.

Having lived in Europe for a while, I am really set on frameless cabinets, so we will have to see. Poggenpohl / Bulthaup were almost(!) affordable there (o.k., who am I kidding, they were still expensive).

westsider40, hostagrams, and mairin - thanks for the tips. I will definitely check them out. Hopefully we can get some other ideas - its never bad to have a vetted list of resources. Thanks again!

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Thanks Mairin and Hostagrams. I will check out L'ville Cab today. Ayr and Riegsecker's do framed, not frameless. But Kitchens and Baths Unlimited in Glenview has at least one of their custom lines that is frameless. I, too, would like more options. Any others?

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no luck, huh westsider?? nuts. let me send a message to our builder and see if he has any other recommendations....

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Oh no, Mairin. Bill Adamczyk was at our house yesterday and he will give me an estimate by the end of the week. I liked him very much but he only guarantees his work for one year and Kitchen Baths unlimited guarantees for lifetime, I was told. I will check. Also, he does not gc-anyway to be determined.

In any event, I would like to have more than one estimate.
Thanks so very much. There is another post, 'Question for Mairin' where two of us asked you ?'s. I wanted to know who the gc was for your kitchen and whole house project. Thanks again.

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That's good to know. I haven't been able to dig anyone else up either, though Best Cabinets (see link below) claim to do a lot of custom, frameless cabinets with slab fronts.

I'm meeting with them tonight and will report back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Cabinets

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my dad is a builder & he recommended Pyramid Cabinets to me & they were supposed to come out tomorrow, but with the snow we are supposed to get tonight/tomorrow, we rescheduled for Friday.
I don't know if they do frameless, but as a company, they came recommended. They are much further south (Lockport/Orland Park) but are willing to make the hour drive north to come see me.

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You're welcome to come out and see my kitchen :)) We're in the Northwest suburbs near AH

While Ayr does only do framed cabinets, I can tell you that my cabinets are ALMOST frameless. That was one thing I wanted in my kitchen - frameless cabs with minimum storage loss due to "lipping" and I didn't want anything getting stuck when sliding it out the cabinet either.

I discussed in detail with Ayr and there is absolutely NO VISIBLE frame on the bottom of my cabinets and maybe 1/4" on the sides. For the quality, workmanship and customer service I received from Ayr I can totally live with that.

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Grabbed my camera - excuse the dust bunnies. This is the corner of my upper cabinet. There is almost no frame on this side. Made me go take a closer look and I see that wherever possible, they reduced the frame down to the thickness of the cabinet sides. Where there is a frame on the sides it is very small.

Almost NO frame on the side here...

And maybe 1/4" probably less on this side...

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Well hello westsider! We are using Brakur Cabinets out of Shorewood. I should have photos to post soon.... I don't know if they do frameless or not. Ours are combo of full overlay and inset. If you call, ask for Tommy.

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For frameless custom cabinets look to Dakota Kitchen and Bath.

Dakota is a fully custom shop, with state of the art machining and finishing. They have a lifetime warranty on all hardware and a 10 yr on finishes (I believe) They build both framed and frameless cabinetry.

They have several dealers in the Chicagoland area, but the only one I am familiar with is Biron Homes in St Charles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dakota Kitchen and Bath

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I didn't realize how many of us there were - we need to do a kitchen tour!!

loves2cook - sounds like you and I are very close!

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I saw the recommendations for Kitchens and Baths Unlimited in Glenview. I too would like to recommend them to you. They did the kitchen in my house back in 1991(through the prior owners), and it is still in perfect condition. I believe this is due to smart design and quality cabinetry. One of my family members just completed a kitchen with them (along with some built-ins), and is thrilled with them. His cabinetry is stunning, and the installation is flawless. He said they made the process extremely easy and the owner is a pleasure to work with. Additionally, he said they are very competitively priced. Their phone # is 847-729-1212.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens & Baths Unlimited website

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Not sure if you were looking at modern cabinets, but I am just finishing having my kitchen completely remodeled(been meaning to post the pics here) by Prestige Designs in Northbrook. They use an italian line of cabinets and I am very happy with the results(not completely done yet but almost there). Sorry for the quality of pics as some were taking with a cell phone.




Almost Done

fridge Wall

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Thanks for joining us lrlgor. What made you join Garden Web today?

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I happened to be googling Kitchens & Baths Unlimited for their new web address, and came across the posted recommendation about them. I thought I'd add my personal recommendation as well.

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Welcome lrlgor. I had promised to report back on some places I checked out, but my wife decided to go into labor... And now I have an awesome new son, so I think that is a pretty good excuse!

Anyway.. I am looking for eurostyle frameless cabs and would like to go local if possible. The only local, custom shop from whom I got a quote was substantially more expensive than mid-priced, imported german cabinets I priced out (e.g. Leicht and culina Blu )... I am not convinced that the price difference is warranted. So, 0 for 1 on the local custom route.

Any input on bill adamczyk's pricing?

I have a couple other places to check out and will report back.

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My electrian highly recomended this company. They are called Builders Supply Company. Their main location is inWrigleyville but they have a couple locations. He said they are great quality custom and he saved money cutting out the middleman. I loved my cabinet maker also but they are not frameless. They are Bridgeview Custom Cabinets

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom cabinets

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CONGRATS gjbl!!!!! what a wonderful distraction!!

I also went to Builders Supply Company. They were competitive, but not as good as Libertyville cabs, and weren't as 'custom' as you can get. but definitely worth getting a quote. I've been to the showroom in wrigley and park ridge (right off of the Kennedy).

we did our whole house through Bill (libertyville cabs) - kitchen and masterbath in walnut ($$$), 1 large bathroom, 1 small bath vanity, a large laundry room and large mudroom built-ins in paint grade maple. he does frameless and all the bells and whistles. The total bill was around 40K.

best wishes to you and your wife - get some sleep!

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Congratulations!!!!!!! Maybe you could arrange a playdate with Oliver, Meirin's new son, ca Dec 2009!

I, too, want Euro slab, need custom and was very impressed with Bill. The cab door company he uses is Walzcraft, so go take a look. He was the only cab estimate I got so far, but probably on the fair and low end. Getting a gc is my next hurdle.

Good luck and very best wishes.

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Hi Chicago folks!

Gjbl, congratulations on your new arrival!

My husband and I are renovating a house in Hyde Park and are closing in on the move-in date sometime in the next month or so.

We went and looked at Kraftmaid and Thomasville at Home Depot but were underwhelmed at what they had to offer. I found Builder's Cabinet Supply and met with Chris Klein at their factory on Western and Hubbard shortly thereafter.

From the first meeting I knew I wanted to go with them. When their bid for our L-shaped kitchen plus island, 6-foot-tall broom closet, pantry, and bookshelf came in $6,000 UNDER Home Depot, there was no question. The Home Depot brands couldn't even offer us a bookshelf at all, and we hated the paint options (we wanted a clean white with no glaze).

We expect everything to be installed late this week, so I'll report back on how it goes. But we've been happy with how Chris has handled everything so far -- she's been a joy to work with.

We're getting our soapstone countertops from Hummingbird Soapstone and Woodworks in Glen Ellyn -- if we'd found them first we might have gone with them for the cabinets, too. I don't know about their pricing, but their custom cabinets are gorgeous and amazingly well made.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird Woodworks

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I know Riegsecker Cabinet in Shipshewana now offers frameless. Not sure if it's on their website yet.
I know they offer it in Maple, Cherry or Paint. The nice thing is it's still an all wood box and not cheap furniture board.

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Another vote for Hummingbird. I only used them for my countertops but I was able to see their wookworks. Gorgeous!

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Hi all,

The first gc wanted an hourly rate;not a good idea.

Meirin's builder (gc) will come here Thursday. Thanks Meirin. Thanks everyone!

Saw three huge kitchens in Atlanta, up to the hilt with bells and whistles, on Bang for the Buck. These were huge, each looked to be 25-30 feet long and quite wide and they cost abt $50k.
She mutters, it's just a kitchen, just a kitchen, just a kitchen. Sanity is fleeting.

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I have used Best Cabinets located in Chicago and they have done a superb job both with a Frameless Kitchen I did and also an Inset Kitchen. They are offering totally customizable cabinets. They also use "Green Friendly" Products which was also a concern of mine.

They make all their own Solid Wood Doors and Dovetail Drawers. They even own their own sawmill and kiln.

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Kitchens

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Here is a kitchen photo of a kitchen Best Cabinets recently completed for a friend of mine.

They do high end custom cabinets frameless framed & Inset.

I think they offer the Best Quality in Chicago.

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Cabinets

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