Does your dining/kitchen set really have to match? (pics)

haley_cometJanuary 26, 2011

I have for a long time been wanting to get an antique harvest table for my dining room (which is our main kitchen eating area).

Right now I have a 3 piece set which is not really my style but I don't want to replace the whole set. I like the feel of having 3 pieces in there.

Would it be 'all wrong' to just replace my table and keep my buffet and sideboard? Most harvest tables are a darker wood so the coloring would not match.

My gut is thinking maybe it is a no-no but thought I would ask in case I am just being over picky with the matchy-matchy! lol

Types I like

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The styles flow effortlessly. I think it will look great. If you do have worries though, how about painting your side pieces (as in the last photo) which would really set your table off fabulously.

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I love the idea and like your choices. Pretty room!

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Igloochic said exactly what I was going to say. Have you seen the hutch juddgirl painted?

Where did the last picture come from? I've been helping DD2 find a hutch.

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The harvest table you like seem to be very similar to what you have from what I can see. My first thought was to paint also. Have you seen the work of Annie Sloan? She is a decorative painter. She has done beautiful transformations of several pieces. Maybe her site can inspire you.

Here is a link that might be useful: painted furniture

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I have thought about painting the pieces although it is a little intimidating to me for some reason.

What would you think if the table I found would lean towards a cherry color with my other too pieces being honey colored?

Allison this is the website I got the last photo from:

Here is a link that might be useful: Table

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I'm anti-matchy-matchy...and I think your proposed changes would be fabulous. In my anti-matchy-matchy mindset, I think a new table (and chairs) would be the right thing to do.

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Your home is lovely, Haley.

No they don't have to match. If you look at the Dining Rooms photo thread in our Gallery, you will see some unmatched sets that will give you a feel for how it would be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dining Room Eye Candy

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As kmcg said, your table is similar to those you are considering. You might think of painting your table instead of the two pieces - it might be easier. I've seen many tables with the legs & apron painted & top in wood, & vice versa.

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Thanks - food for thought.

Its true I guess the tables are a little similiar. Perhaps it is the chairs with the table that I have an issue with....they seem kinda 'country'.

I would if I could just replace those? Maybe that would look wierd...? What style and color would work?

I am actually thinking now paint may do the trick. Maybe paint or restain the top of the table?

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Can anyone suggest any chair styles I would get away with if I were to just replace my existing country style chairs because it is true...its not the table I have issues with..its the chairs.

And what about color (another match question on a different aspect) but what about if the chair color and the table color aren't the same. Like a dark cherry or black with a honey wood table?

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What about the classic Windsor chair, like the black one you have in the corner? You can generally find those on Craigslist.

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I also think your change would improve your dining room-----lovely table!

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I agree with you that it is the chairs that look country to me I would change those out instead of the table.

I had an oak table and chairs that was a honey color similar to yours which felt country to me. I sanded down the table and first applied a rosewood stain which I didnt like so I resanded and then applied a walnut stain. It turned out fabulous. I replaced the chairs with parson chairs. With so much wood in your dining room, you might consider chairs upholstered chairs.

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I love windsor chairs. I think they would work. Are you ok with no padding? I am thinking of doing the same thing in my DR, replacing the chairs, but mostly because I want more comfortable chairs.

Very pretty room!

I love that big plant/tree. What kind is it?

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Love the windsor chair idea.

It is an excellent point about the amount of wood and I do really like parson chairs but with 4 kids unfortunately I need to stick to the wood.

Thanks Boopadaboo - funny about that plant I bought it at my local grocery store 10 years ago for $1.99 and it was about 4 inches tall and just kept growing and growing. Actually now it is touching my ceiling...yikes..

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haley, can I hijack your thread to ask what your beige/green/trim paint colors are? You have a beautiful home!

Regarding matching, it looks to me like you already have a few styles & wood tones in that room, and they're playing together nicely. :)

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Just a note to say I love the tables you posted, particularly the last one w/ the white hutch. That's what we're looking for to furnish the DR in our new home. We have young children (3 under age 7) and will probably use windsor chairs with ours. We have some lovely windsor chairs in a deeper mahogany type stain (not sure if we'll refinish or leave them as they are) that are family heirlooms. We need to find more if we go that route (only have 4 currently). I love the non matchy matchy and think it is a great look.

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I recently "traded" my dining set on CraigsList. I say that because I bought a table, chairs & sideboard for a little more than I sold my table and chairs. You might check out your local CL to see how active the furniture listings are, and to get a feel for how much your table and chairs would sell for. I think you might get a better price by selling a whole set than just the chairs. I also notice one big difference in the tables. The one you have has a scalloped apron, while the harvest type have a straight apron. Personally I prefer the straight lines, but others might not care about the difference.

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Jessica - thanks very much! The green in the dining room is called Caraway from Behr - took me a long time to find this green and I love it! Its not too yellow based not too grey... The beige in my kitchen is Latte by Sherwin Williams. My trim is straight ol' "ultra white".

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I have a harvest table in oak that is a honey colour. I do have the windsor chairs but they aren't the high back windsor chairs and I think thats what makes the set look too countryish. The price of high back windsor chairs is expensive and can't find any good used ones. Was wondering the same thing if maybe parson chairs would look okay. Don't want to change the whole set as I have a hutch in same colour.

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