Headaches,Dizziness, Anxiety! Help!!

gusta_of_4March 11, 2008

This is such a great forum! I am so glad that I found it. I have been reading some past posts but was hoping for some updates. Two years ago I went one month without a period.Two months after that I ended up in the hospital with severve vertigo! They ran every test possible and found nothing!! Sent me home and I was down with it for 2 weeks!! It went away, but started to come back faintly, after two months. It has been downhill ever since!! I have been to just about every medical doctor possible,having every test possible, and was finally told to live with it!! I even went to a natural doctor, but I couldn't afford it anymore than the few months of going, and they hadn't found anything! Four months ago it seemed to go away, as well as well as not having a period. But now it is all back! Plus I am having severe headaches. I keep waiting for the big one(vertigo) to hit again. I can't take much more. It is awful and I am so scared. Is there anything natural that anyone has taken for this? I will try most anything. I would appreciate any input from someone who has experienced this.

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Hi Gusta - I thought I replied to this the other day, but guess not - Menopause Brain! I don't know of the Vertigo thing but do know I was getting headaches and having brain function problems. I'm now taking Soy Isoflavones, L-Theanine, Turmeric and 5-HTP and things are finally starting to be a lot less foggy. I don;t know if this helped.
Bobbi -

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Try BONINE (motion sickness medicine sold over-the-counter). It is my lifesaver for vertigo; however, unless you want to sleep all day, break the tablet into 3-4 pieces and take it about 4-5 hours apart. Good Luck and feel better.

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Thanks so much for the info! Actually I have a regular prescription for the dizziness but I'm afraid to take it because I was taking it the last time right before I ended up in the hospital and I just don't know if it triggered it or not! I am so afraid to take anything because of it. The medical doctor even gave me a mild relaxer for the anxiety attacks that I was getting, and that too is still in the cupboard. One of the side effects was dizziness!! That makes alot of sense!! I just might have to give in and try it! I was also taking Black Cohosh until the headaches started and found out that even though they are natural, they can give headaches!! Listen to me, I sound like a hypocondriact(how ever you spell it)! Actually I believe in taking anything natural if at all possible.
Bobbi54, what is HTP? And how much of the other stuff do you take? Thanks ladies for your help, I really need it. Doctors are no help at all.

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Be advised that Black Cohosh can cause or contribute to high blood pressure! That could be the cause of a headache or dizziness!

Feel better!

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I'm interested in the 5-htp also. I saw it in the drug store today.

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