I almost wish I'd been born a man!

carla17March 25, 2008

I had Graves disease and that was why I was hot. I had my thyroid ablated (killed), had no choice. Now I can discern that I'm having hot flashes and irritable as I can be. I am almost ready to go on synthetic hormones, dangerous as they may be. Wouldn't quality of life be better than quantity. I know that sounds harsh, I am so over this &^%%(&*(&*()(* menopause!!!

Someone else want to vent, rant, or complain, go for it.


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Please consider bioidentical hormones instead of synthetic. They are sooooo much better for you. They come in creams, gels, patches and pellets. I have the pellets which are implanted every 3-4 months under the skin on my hip. They drastically changed my life for the better!

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