HRT-weight gain-facial hair-time to get off?

eahh5621March 17, 2008

I have been on HRT for 15 years now. Ovaries-uterus removed.

I am also overweight and wonder if I go off the HRT if my body wont make enough of the hormone estrogen for me. I understand that fat will produce estrogen and I have enough fat ..more than enough. But my doctor just keeps prescribing the HRT...

Has anyone experienced weight loss when stopping HRT? And does anyone know if HRT causes facial hair growth?


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Hi - I don't know if HRT causes facial hair, but I do know that menopause can. I've lost it where I want it and gained it where I don't. So I guess it's called FEmale pattern baldness. As we age, our bodies produce more androgens (male-like) properties which may cause an increase in hair growth on our chin and upper cheeks. Just what I want - to shave as often as my husband - NOT! Increased testosterone and decreased progesterone. How much change can our bodies go through? Soy Isoflavones seem to help me. Over 40 million women in the US have unwanted facial hair. I think if we can get our hormones balanced we should be okay.

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