Perimenopause starting?

misspebbles71March 9, 2010

Ok... I have a question. I'm 38, will be 39 this year. I had my tubes tied about 7 years ago. In all that time I have kept a solid diary of my periods and have never missed one or ever been late. Because of that, I can pin point my next month's period down to a 3 day window. Plus, I always get a very bad migriane 1 week before my period. Well, 2 weeks ago, I got my migraine and then my nipples became so sore to the touch. Last week...migraine gone, nipples still sore, but no period. Ok it's a week later, still no period, nipples still tender and now I noticed my ankles are swelling more often. I feel very fat and blobbish and feel like crying at the darnest times. Could I be starting PeriMenopause?

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Not to scare you, but could you be pregnant? It wouldn't be the first time a tube-tying went awry.
If you're positive you're not pregnant, then I would say its possible that you are starting to become irregular. Sometimes a woman can be late and get those symptoms, and then she has a bigger than usual period.....just a bit late.
It seems like the later a period is, the worse the PMS symptoms.

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Hi Cath. No, I'm 100% sure I'm not pregnant. Even when I was trying to get pregnant I had a really hard time. When I finally got pregnant with my 3rd child I was 3 months pregnant when I had a horrible miscarriage. The Doctor back then said I was full of 'empty' eggs and I was actually having a molar pregnancy. When I had my tubes tied, the doctor found large areas of Endometriosis. Most of it was removed but I still have a few areas that 'act up' when I get period cramps.
Thank you for your response though. I don't think I'm going to like this being 'irregular' idea. At this point I would rather have a lifetime of periods I can count on being on time rather than several years of ones that aren't... LOL!

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Hi misspebbles,
Seems like there is a huge variation when women go through menopause. Some do start in their late 30's. I started around 47. I would have been so perfectly happy to just forgo perimenopause. For some of us, it is filled with one surprise after another........and they're not the good kind of surprises!
I remember during perimenopause, having sore breasts alot of the time at first. I was sort of surprised at this, but I guess its fairly common.
My migraines got really bad during this time, but the good news is I don't have them anymore! I still have a couple of the visual auras a year, but no headache follows.
So at least you might have that to look forward to (getting rid of your migraines).
Good luck on your journey. Just make sure your seatbelt is fastened. :)

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I am 45 already and have some occasional "irregular" periods; and the pre-menstrual headaches sometimes are killing me. My period, which had been light, now have become even ighter in the past two years. With these subtle changes, I guess I am on the way to perimenopause. A friend of my suggest that I should buy the FSH home tesk kit to find it out.

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